Pedal Partners: The 5 Best Bike Multitools for Cyclists Under $30

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* Everyday toolkits for the average bike rider or advanced cyclist
* Give your bike a tuneup or change a tire on the go
* Multifunction tools that won’t break the bank 

Tired of having to stop and fix your bike during a long trek? Maybe you’re looking for something to have on hand in case your gears run flush or your tires need a little tuning. Whatever the case, these multifunction tool kits are a must for everyday cyclists. You may have 99 problems, but with these compact tools, a broken bike won’t be one.

1. 16 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Kit

This insanely functional tool kit features 16 (yes 16) individual tools to help keep your bike in tip-top shape no matter where you are. Kit includes an Allen wrench, Phillips screwdriver, socket extension rod and more in one compact design.

16 in 1 Multi-Function Bike Kit Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

This multitool is proof that looks can be deceiving. At just 3.5 inches thick, you wouldn’t believe how many tools it comes with, which works with both tightening and adjusting your bike on the go. With seven different sized hex wrenches and Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, this tool is a must to have on hand.

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Bike Multitool MadWares

This ultra impressive bike kit from MadWares sports 24 included tools to help fix your bike or give it a much-needed tuneup on the go. Weighing barely more than 120 grams, this tiny tool kit packs a big punch. Plus, it’s extra portable for added convenience.

Bike Multitool MadWares Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Pro Bike Tool Bike Multitool

This eight-in-one tool kit sports a hex wrench, Allen wrench and much more for easy accessibility. What’s more, it’s only .3 inches long, making it one of the most discreet, portable and downright handy bicycle tool kits on the market.

Pro Bike Tool Bike Multitool Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool

What this kit lacks in modesty in makes up for in sheer accessibility. With 19 handy tools, this bicycle tool kit has everything you need to fix (or tune) your bike on the go. It may not be as small as the other items on this list, but it’s definitely the most robust.

Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool Image courtesy of Amazon


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