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Soothe Yourself to Sleep and Wake up With a Dance Party Using a Night Light With A Bluetooth Speaker

Night lights aren’t just for kids who are scared of monsters and older adults who need some extra light for nightly trips to the bathroom. They definitely are for those people as well, but night lights with added features are helpful to anyone who wants to create a soothing atmosphere in the home and play music through a small but powerful speaker.

Night lights with Bluetooth speakers are a convenient way to play music in any room in your home and beyond. The lightweight and portable units often come with a color-changing option that can cast a soothing glow over a room or amp up a gathering. For optimal sleep conditions, users can play a meditation app through their phone and the Bluetooth speaker while choosing a warm red glow. If you’re doing a workout class at home, pump up your playlist and choose a bright color to help get your heart rate up.

A night light with a Bluetooth speaker can be used in the bedroom, in the living room or kitchen, while on a camping trip, or in an office. Versatile and compact, these small but powerful night light and Bluetooth speaker combos are useful in a wide variety of settings and situations. Check out our four top picks below.

1. Shava Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

Light up your room with the Shava Night Light Bluetooth Speaker. Using convenient touch controls, users can stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth or use an AUX cable or SD card. The Shava also includes a built-in mic that makes it possible to use the unit as a speakerphone. Users can choose between three levels of brightness for a soothing nightlight or table lamp and five color-changing modes, which can be set to move to the beat of the music or remain on one color at a time.

Pros: Users can keep the Shava plugged into a power source via its USB connector or use it wireless thanks to the included Lithium ion battery.

Cons: The Shava’s speaker is not loud and doesn’t provide a high-quality audio experience.

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2. SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector

Create a soothing sleep experience with the SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector. The Soaiy comes with a red, green, blue and yellow light show that projects onto a ceiling, making this a great option for parties, children’s rooms, nurseries and classrooms. The Soaiy comes with a cover that enables it to be used as a traditional nightlight as well. Users can play their own music through Bluetooth or choose from the Soaiy’s collection of six built-in nature sounds, including white noise, ocean wave, summer night, thunder, brook, and rain. Three brightness levels are available as is a timer function that will turn off the noise machine and light display functions after a certain amount of time.

Pros: The Soaiy includes a remote control that enables users to adjust the timer function, light, white noise machine and soothing sound options from across the room.

Cons: The Soaiy is difficult to control if the remote is lost or stops working. There must also be an unobstructed line of sight between the remote and the unit in order to work.

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3. LFS Night Light Wireless Speaker

For a truly portable unit that can travel just about anywhere and fit in the palm of your hand, try the LFS Night Light Wireless Speaker. The small but powerful speaker comes with a lanyard to easily attach it to a bag or hang from a hook or off your wrist. The diamond design can change LED lights for a fun and funky nightlight. Using Bluetooth with a 33-foot wireless range, users can play music or use the LFS as a speakerphone. The lightweight unit provides a clear and crisp sound with less than 1% harmonic distortion.

Pros: Users can pair two LFS speakers at once for a stereo sound experience.

Cons: The LFS has a short battery life and only lasts up to an hour on a full charge.

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4. Pobees Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

For a versatile five-in-one unit that is great for the bedroom or the office, try the Pobees Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker. The Pobees can be used as an alarm clock, a Bluetooth speaker, a touch sensor LED light, an MP3 player and a hands-free speakerphone. Users can play music in 360-degree surround sound through the compact unit via wireless Bluetooth connectivity, with an AUX cord, a UBS or using the Pobees’ micro TF/SD card input. The alarm clock function includes a snooze option and a large, bright 12- or 24-hour display with sleep mode and a calendar. A soft, color-changing LED lamp has three levels of adjustable brightness and 48 lighting mode options. The Pobees is packaged in an attractive box that makes it an ideal option to give as a gift.

Pros: The Pobees has an impressive rechargeable battery that can last three weeks in standby mode or eight to 10 hours of music playtime.

Cons: The Pobees battery requires six to eight hours to be fully recharged. Setting the clock, alarm and lighting mode requires going through the entire menu and can be cumbersome.

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