Sleep Better Knowing You’ve Got One of These Nightstands by Your Side

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The layout of your bedroom can have a big impact on how you feel when you spend time in the space. This includes how well you sleep, how well it works functionally and how it stimulates you visually. To maximize any bedroom space, one of the top recommendations is positioning your bed with space on either side. Not only does this bring a number of feng shui positives to the space, but it also gives you room to incorporate one or two of the best nightstands.

If you’re thinking to yourself that your bedroom is too small to accommodate a nightstand on one or both sides of the bed, there’s no need to worry. Nightstands come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, meaning there’s likely one to fit in whatever space you have available, even if it is only on a single side. One of the best nightstands is still capable of holding plenty of your bedside essentials. Here is a selection of the most common items people like to house on their nightstand/s:

  • Smartphone
  • Alarm Clock
  • Lamp
  • Medication
  • Jewelry
  • Plant
  • Notebook
  • Reading Book/e-Reader
  • Eye Mask
  • Headphones
  • Firearm
  • TV Remote

Below we’ve rounded up a selection of the best nightstands available to order online. There are options to suit all room sizes, bed heights and room color schemes. With one of these practical pieces of furniture next to your bed, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever slept without it.


1. Winsome Wood Henry Accent Table


The Winsome Wood Henry Accent Table is a great, go-to nightstand option for almost any kind of bedroom. This attractive furniture piece comes backed by over 3,000 five-star ratings from existing Amazon customers who love their bedside addition. It features a solid wood construction and incorporates a minimalist design, which helps it to seamlessly fit in with a wide range of bedroom decor styles. One thing worth noting is that this is flat-packed furniture, so it will require basic assembly on arrival.

best nightstand winsome wood Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Windsome Wood Claire Curved Accent Table


With a price tag of under $50 and around 2,000 five-star ratings, this Windsome Wood Claire Curved Accent Table is an ideal choice for anyone shopping on a budget. Its design blends together both modern and classic features to deliver a timeless design that can work well with a number of color schemes and decor styles. The design includes a lower shelf and a single drawer, providing plenty of space for storing your overnight essentials. Furthermore, the table’s smooth surfaces and rounded edges make it a safer choice for people who regularly bump into things or have small children running around.

best nightstand winsome wood Image courtesy of Walmart


3. Kvistbro Storage Table


The Kvistbro Storage Table’s smart design gives it a storage capacity much larger than most of the other nightstands on our list. Something akin to a basket with a lid, the bucket-like base is topped with a solid wooden lid which can be removed to provide access to the sizable internal storage space. Handily, the metal wire walls allow you to see inside the nightstand, making it particularly useful for storing extra soft furnishings, such as blankets or pillows which you may want access to on a particularly cold night.

best nightstand kvistbro Image courtesy of IKEA


4. South Shore Sazena Floating Nightstand


Vacuuming around furniture can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, but not when you have this South Shore Sazena Floating Nightstand mounted on your wall. This box-style nightstand has no contact with the floor and gives you a top surface storage space along with two lower shelves, all of which are great for storing other overnight essentials. The nightstand is also supplied with an anchoring kit for easier installation, although it is worth noting that it is a two-person job. Additionally, the nightstand is available in four different wood finishes and once mounted correctly, can withstand up to 25 pounds of weight across the three levels.

best nightstand south shore sazena Image courtesy of Walmart


5. awesafe Gun Safe


If you feel more comfortable with a firearm nearby as you sleep, the awesafe Gun Safe is a secure and reliable way to store it. While not a nightstand in itself, the safe’s compact design is made to fit inside a new or existing nightstand to give you a place to keep your firearm within arm’s reach. The safe is made from solid steel and comes in three different sizes, each offering room for at least one firearm with accompanying ammo. The design includes a reliable, high-strength locking mechanism along with a gas strut and LED lighting system. The portable safe also comes backed by over 9,500 five-star reviews and can be used as a travel safe or kept in a number of other locations around your home, such as a closet, an office or a basement.

best nightstand awesafe gun safe Image courtesy of Amazon


6. House of Hampton Claybrooks End Table


The House of Hampton Claybrooks End Table is covered in mirrored glass panels to give it a glamorous and eye-catching appearance. Each one of its surfaces reflects whatever is surrounding it. While fun anyway, this feature is ideal if you’re looking to add more natural or artificial light to your bedroom. In addition, the design includes a pull-out drawer, complete with a crystal knob to complete its classy appearance.

best nightstand house of hampton Image courtesy of Wayfair


7. Nordkisa Bamboo Nightstand


This Nordkisa Bamboo Nightstand sports a simple yet highly functional design, making it both stylish and practical enough to suit any average user’s needs. The nightstand features three shelves at various heights, including a lower one which is ideal for books, magazines and other reading materials. Furthermore, you’ll find a small cutout in the face of the built-in drawer which allows you to easily open the drawer and also store devices connected to charging cables at the same time.

best nightstand nordkisa Image courtesy of IKEA


8. Listerby Side Table


The Listerby Side Table has a lacquer finish which helps to protect its high-quality oak construction from general day-to-day wear and tear. It’s available in two different wood finishes, one lighter and one darker, so you can select the best match to your existing wooden furniture. Although this nightstand doesn’t offer any specific drawer or cupboard space, it does include two shelves with plenty of space for reading materials, a smartphone and other bedtime essentials. Alternatively, the lower shelf is an ideal display space for a potted plant or sculpture piece.

best nightstand listerby side table Image courtesy of IKEA


9. Everly Quinn Shaula Solid Wood Nightstand


The Everly Quinn Shaula Solid Wood Nightstand sports a modern appearance that has plenty of retro-inspired elements. The wood’s background color is available in either black or white, while the gold bar handle on the drawer and the four golden legs remain on both options. In terms of storage space, the nightstand features a large cubby hole under the top shelf with one spacious sliding drawer underneath. If you already use gold accents as part of your bedroom decor theme, this classy furniture piece is sure to fit right in.

best nightstand everly quinn Image courtesy of Wayfair


10. Corrigan Studio Haraway Drawer Bachelor’s Chest


Nightstands always look better when there are two of them. For this reason, investing in this set of two Corrigan Studio Haraway Drawer Bachelor’s Chests is a smart idea. Both nightstands follow the same design and feature two identical drawers, one on top of the other. Each chest is also mounted on top of four natural wood legs and comes in either white or gray. Handily, the drawers feature soft-close functioning, making it possible to open and close them without disturbing your bedfellow during the night.

corrigan studios white nightstand Image courtesy of Wayfair


11. Novashion LED Nightstand


This sleek white Novashion LED Nightstand features an integrated strip light that is able to provide a warm glow next to your bed. This mild illumination is ideal for navigating your room without needing your main bedroom light on. This is handy for unexpected bathroom visits or if you tend to sleep and wake at a different time to your partner. It’s also possible to select the color of the illumination using the included remote control. In addition, it’s worth noting this nightstand is wider than most, providing a greater amount of surface space for a lamp, plant and your other belongings.

novashion led nightstand Image courtesy of Walmart


12. Hex Tall Grey Cement Pedestal Table


If you sleep on a taller-than-average bed setup, you’re going to want an extra-tall nightstand to ensure your belongings are at a convenient grabbing height. At 34.25 inches tall, this Hex Tall Grey Cement Pedestal Table could be the answer you’re looking for. It’s both functional and surprisingly stylish. It’s also the only table on the list which is made from a mix of cement, sand and fiberglass. Each piece of this minimalist table has also been hand-sanded, meaning it has a slightly unique look. Plus, while not the most practical room addition storage space-wise, this nightstand is hard to beat in terms of artistic quality.

hex tall grey cement pedestal table Image courtesy of CB2


13. Sand & Stable Selah Solid Wood Tree Stump End Table


Bring the beauty of the outside into your bedroom with this Sand & Stable Selah Solid Wood Tree Stump End Table. The rustic design is constructed entirely from wood, with a complete tree trunk slice acting as the tabletop and several small branches arranged in a spiral, acting as the table’s legs. In addition, the table is available in either white or natural and, because of the wood’s natural variation, has its own individual and unique elements.

sand and stable selah solid wood end table Image courtesy of Wayfair


14. Irwin Black Marble Side Table


The Irwin Black Marble Side Table oozes class. It sports an attractive, minimalist style and has been constructed from premium-quality materials. The design includes a thick, circular marble top supported by a heavy-duty, metallic frame. Handily, the marble top, which sits 16 inches off the ground, is available in either black or white, meaning you can select whichever one is best suited to your existing bedroom decor.

irwin black marble side table Image courtesy of CB2


Class Up Your Bedroom With These Modern Nightstands