The Best Non-Perishable Foods to Keep on Hand

best non-perishable foods
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Even a couple of weeks ago the idea of a quarantine seemed far-fetched. Things certainly did not look that bad, but here we are, and social distancing and self-isolation are the new norm. But while that may seem bleak, there’s no need to panic. We’ve got this! And if the best we can all do is sit on our butts indoors and watch Netflix, well, we believe all of us are up to the task.

Whether you began preparing when news of COVID-19 first broke or have just come around to the idea of living at home, it doesn’t doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you’re prepared. With so much uncertainty as to how long the quarantines will go on for, we found it prudent to put together a list of the best non-perishable foods to keep on hand.

In the below list, you’ll find everything from pancake mix to peanut butter, turkey jerky to canned veggies, all of which will last for months on end. That way, whether you use it or not, you won’t need to stress about anything going bad. With that in mind, we also recommend keeping emergency kits in your home and car. You never know when you’ll need this stuff, so buy it ahead of time, just in case.

While we highly recommend keeping a calm and level head in a situation like coronavirus and resist panic shopping, it’s always wise to keep a stocked pantry. If you’re looking for the best non-perishable foods to keep on hand, read on for a list below.


1. Perky Jerky Original Turkey Jerky

For starters, you can never go wrong with some turkey jerky. High in protein, low and fat and boasting a shelf life between one to two years, it’s always a good idea to have a pack (or two) of turkey jerky on hand. We’re big fans of Perky Jerky specifically when it comes to turkey jerky because not only is their original flavor delicious, but they have a ton of tasty options. From “Sweet & Snappy” to “Pale Ale,” turkey jerky makes for a great snack and will keep much longer than any disaster or event.

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2. Extra Long Indian Premium White Basmati Rice

Another great option that will last a while is rice. Yes, rice is a bit on the boring side, but that’s actually why we love it. Unlike a lot of other options on our list, rice makes a filling and fantastic base. You can spice it up or down depending on your mood and let it adapt to the sauce or meal you pair it with. This bag specifically is a great buy to keep on hand as you can get 10 pounds of rice for less than $35.

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3. B&M Baked Beans

If you really want something that will last years on the shelf, do yourself a favor and stock up on a few cans of baked beans. Properly stored, these bad boys can last a few years before going bad. And that’s great news for you and any future issues or emergencies you may run into, which is why we highly recommend grabbing as many cans as space will allow ahead of time. This particular listing is great as you can get 12 cans of baked beans which should set you up for success no matter the situation. And on top of all the shelf-life talk, baked beans are high in fiber, high in protein and low in fat. They’re basically the best non-perishable food out there.

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4. Barilla Pasta

Similar to rice, it’s always good to have a few boxes of pasta on hand. Not only will pasta last a fairly long time on the shelf (over one year by some estimates), pasta is incredibly easy to cook. What’s more, like rice up above, you can pair pasta with just about anything to make it taste good. Heck, even something as simple as olive oil and pepper can take regular pasta and elevate it to world-class levels. This option from Barilla comes with 20 packs of Angel hair pasta which is more than enough to keep you well-fed for weeks.

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5. Kodiak Cakes Protein Pancake

Pancake mix? Pancake mix. What, did you really think we’d leave out breakfast? No, of course not. We’re not savages. Kodiak Cakes already makes our favorite pancake in a cup here at SPY, which is why we always keep a few boxes of this protein pancake mix in our pantry. As it stands, pancake mix will last on the shelf for about a year, which is plenty of time in case of disaster and issues like coronavirus. But most importantly, pancakes rule. Nothing can put a smile on your face like a smiley face pancake, especially one that packs as much protein as these cakes from Kodiak. Oh and don’t worry, maple syrup has a shelf life to rival that of honey (almost), so we recommend grabbing some of that as well.

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6. Wheat Thins Original Whole Grain Wheat Crackers

Want to know the problem with a lot of non-perishable food lists? They don’t account for snacks! Most only think of the major meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and totally neglect snacking. We’re big on snacks here, which is why we always pick up a few boxes of Wheat Thins when we’re stocking up the ol’ emergency pantry. Though they won’t last a full year, you can get a solid few months out of a box before they go stale. Everyone needs to snack, and there are few things in this world as satisfying as biting into a crunchy cracker.

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7. Organic Pitted Dried Dates

So far we’ve covered proteins and starches. Those alone will set you right but if you have any sort of discerning palette, you’ll want a bit more in your pantry, which is why we recommend dried dates. Dried fruits of any kind are a great addition to the non-perishable food list, but we love dates in particular because they’re so damn tasty. Seriously, dates pack enough natural sugar to be a dessert, except they also have health benefits. Yes, yes, we’d agree, they’re the perfect food. Delicious and rich in the likes of fiber, potassium and antioxidents, you’ll be glad you had a few packs of dried dates lying around, trust us.

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8. Solid Wild Tuna Steak

Though we already have one protein on our list, we thought it prudent to add another in the form of tuna. These tuna pouches make an excellent source of protein to keep on the shelf just in case. But more than just a healthy thing to have on hand, this listing specifically is a great addition to your pantry as the tuna is incredibly low in mercury and is 100% sustainably caught. If you want to add some lean protein to your pantry, look no further than Safe Catch tuna.

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9. NOOMA Organic Electrolyte Sports Drink

Why add a sports drink to our list? Well, should things go awry, you’ll want to drink something other than water. Also, sports drinks like this one from NOOMA offer added electrolytes which water does not. The NOOMA drinks are low in sugar and calories but will do well to help hydrate you. Plus, they have a fairly long shelf life of over a year.

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10. Evian Natural Spring Water

Even if you have a Brita filter or some sort of filtering system in your home, it’s always good to keep some cases of water on hand. You can really go for any brand, but we like that this listing for evian comes with 12 one-liter bottles. Not only will it ship to your door via Amazon from anywhere, the 12-pack also makes it possible to divvy up individual bottles up between your party. Bottled water also has a solid shelf life of one to two years, which means you can buy a case and leave it be for a while.

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11. Jif Creamy Peanut Butter

Another somewhat obvious choice, but it’s always wise to keep some peanut butter on hand. Everyone’s favorite sandwich spread can last on the shelf for just under a year before going bad, making it an ideal mainstay in your pantry. We like this listening from Jif because it comes with three 16-ounce jars in a single bunch, and that bunch isn’t all that expensive. Especially when paired with the crackers above, peanut butter is a tasty snack no matter the situation.

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12. Member’s Mark Green Beans

Another vital item to have on hand in your pantry is a can of vegetables. In this case, it’s actually 12 cans of green beans. Why green beans? Well, they have a stellar shelf life that sits somewhere between three and five years. Aside from that, green beans are a great source of vitamin C, fiber and calcium. Even when preparing for the worst, you should never neglect your veggies!

best non-perishable foods Amazon


13. Campbell’s Condensed Vegetarian Vegetable Soup

The final item our list is a classic, hot soup. Though you could really go for any type of soup, we like Campbell’s Condensed Vegetarian Vegetable Soup. We’re big fans for the same reason we felt canned green beans are a must-have, this stuff is healthy and it lasts. On top of all that, this listing is for a 12-pack of 10.5-ounce cans, which should last you a while. The soup is made up of carrots, potatoes, corn, green beans and peas in a tomato base. Tasty and nutritious with a great shelf life, that’s what we like to see in the best non-perishable foods.

best non-perishable foods Amazon


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