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It’s perhaps unsurprising that over years and years of having a human butt repeatedly sit, shift, adjust, wiggle and generally slide around, an office chair can look a little worse for wear. And while some people may simply replace their chair for a brand new one when signs of aging show, this can be a costly option, especially if your chair still functions perfectly. An alternative option is to invest in one of the best office chair covers and give a new lease on life to your daily office companion.

If you’re unfamiliar with office chair covers, they’re usually thin, stretchy pieces of material that have been designed to fit over a specific style of office chair. They often include zippers and elasticated hemlines to aid in the fitting process and give your newly refurbed chair a convincing and like-new appearance.

While wear and tear are some of the major reasons you may want to consider using an office chair cover, there are actually more advantages to using one than you may have realized. Some of the major benefits of an office chair cover include:

  • Preventative Wear and Tear Protection

Rather than dealing with the wear and tear after it’s happened, you can fit an office chair cover to provide protection and resistance to the daily friction and abuse your chair undergoes.

  • Pet and Child Protection

While wear is one thing that an office chair cover can offer protection from, another saving grace can be the protection offered from destructive pets or children. Cats or training puppies are especially prone to destructive tendencies which is why you might prefer to allow your furry friend to destroy your $20 cover rather than your $200 office chair.

  • Style

If you’re bored of having a plain black chair and fancy changing things up a little, an office chair cover is a great way to do it. Commonly, the covers come in mono-tone options, but some models flaunt more outrageous designs which can include alien, flower and geometric patterns.

Additionally, when it comes to finding the best office chair cover for you, there are some important questions to ask yourself. For example:

  • What size of cover is correct for your chair?
  • What material is best suited to your needs and comfort?
  • How much do you want to spend?

Once you’re clear on the right type of cover for you, check out the best 10 office chair covers below. We’ve got covers for every style of chair and in every design you can think of. Scroll down to discover them all.


1. Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Cover


With over 1,800 five-star reviews and a range of designs that includes one for every personality, the Deisy Dee Computer Office Chair Cover more than deserves its place at the top of the pile. The range of stylish designs includes everything from stars and flowers to waves and geometric patterns. The cover is constructed from 100% polyester which is durable, wrinkle-resistant, anti-pilling and, most importantly, soft and comfortable to sit on. Plus, it can also be machine washed with cold water and tumble dried on low heat for easy cleaning.

office chair covers deisy dee Image courtesy of Amazon


2. SARAFLORA Office Chair Cover


At under $16, the SARAFLORA Office Chair Cover offers an effective and budget-friendly way to restore or protect your office chair. It’s available in three different sizes and also comes in 16 single color options, ensuring there are colors and sizes for every chair and preference. The cover is made from a polyester and spandex blend which offers comfort and snugness, while the integrated zippers further add to this by increasing the secure fit. For ease of maintenance, this cover is cold water machine washable and iron-able on a low heat.

office chair covers saraflora Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Melaluxe Computer Office Chair Cover


If your office chair requires two separate covers for the back and the seat, the Melaluxe Computer Office Chair Cover should fit the bill. This polyester set comes in a range of different eye-catching designs, including ones with flowers, feathers and geometric shapes as well as simple, single-color options, too. For ease of fitting, each cover incorporates an elasticated hem which secures the cover in place during use. Additionally, the covers are machine washable, meaning it’s easy to wash them should any accidents occur.

office chair covers melaluxe Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Kadell Chair Cover


The Kadell Chair Cover is a solid choice for anyone looking for a single-color cover for their office chair. It’s available in coffee, black and red and will give your chair a new lease on life with its simple yet elegant appearance. For a snug fit, the edges are elasticated, while the built-in zippers further add to the secure hold. Furthermore, the cover, which comes in either a large or small size, is constructed from a high-quality material that is both stretchy and comfortable to sit on.

office chair covers kadell Image courtesy of Walmart


5. Seiyue Slipcovers Desk Chair Cover


With designs including starfish, spacemen and intricate, decal-covered options, it’s little wonder that the Seiyue Slipcovers Desk Chair Cover is so popular with users looking for something a little different. This well-reviewed cover also comes in three sizes, meaning there’s likely one to fit your chair. It’s constructed from a polyester and spandex blend which offers both in-seat comfort as well as a wrinkle-free, secure hold around the chair when fitted. In addition to the more eye-catching designs, the cover also comes in a range of monotone options, too.

office chair covers seiyue Image courtesy of Amazon


6. BTSKY Office Chair Cover


For the classic black chair look, there’s no better option than this BTSKY Office Chair Cover. This easy-to-clean and durable cover simply slips over an existing chair and secures via the integrated elastic hems which provide a snug and convincing fit. The cover’s all-black appearance gives any chair a classy and sleek look which will breathe new life into even the most worn out or pet-abused office furniture.

office chair covers btsky Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Smiry Stretch Printed Computer Office Chair Cover


If you’re really looking to stand out in the office, you’ll definitely want to consider the Smiry Stretch Printed Computer Office Chair Cover. This quality cover is available in some truly eye-catching designs, including colorful vintage (definitely worth checking out!), yellow lemon and green monstera. The cover is made from a polyester and spandex mix which gives it a soft and super stretchy feel while also being tough and machine washable. For ease of fitting, the design includes zippers and an elasticated bottom which allows it to fit the majority of office chairs.

office chair covers smiry Image courtesy of Amazon


8. CAVEEN Office Chair Cover


With its velvet option, the CAVEEN Office Chair Cover offers an easy way to give your chair extra durability as well as a classy makeover. This cover is dustproof and great for protecting your chair from scratches, too. It comes in a number of color options, including coffee, dark blue and black, and it incorporates zippers for easy installation. There’s also a standard fabric option if the velvety finish isn’t your bag.

office chair covers caveen Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Turquoize Office Chair Cover


The Turquoize Office Chair Cover includes both a main chair cover and armrest covers for comfort and security. The set is available in 13 different single color options, which include navy blue, dark cyan and burgundy red, to give your chair a classy appearance. Furthermore, the set is also made from a durable yet stretchy jacquard fabric which is machine washable and shows no wrinkles. You’ll find that the design incorporates elastic and zippers to deliver a snug fit around an existing chair for a convincing original material look.

office chair covers turquoize Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Aloudy Ergonomic Office Chair Armrest Pads


While these Aloudy Ergonomic Office Chair Armrest Pads only partially cover a seat, they sure make up for that with their hard-to-beat levels of comfort for your arms. The two-piece pads are made from premium-quality, super-soft memory foam which is surrounded by an outer velvet polyester cover and secured using invisible zippers. The pads come in either grey or black and, in addition to added arm comfort, provide an easy way to restore worn-out materials and prevent further degradation. The versatile pads are capable of fitting arms between six and 11 inches long and up to an impressive five inches wide.

office chair covers aloudy Image courtesy of Amazon


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