Align Your Spine and Crush Work All Day Long in These Top-Rated Office Chairs

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Courtesy of Herman Miller
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Working takes a toll, no matter what your job is or what field you work in. Long hours, constant to-do’s, endless calls and looming deadlines can all cause stress, both mental and physical, which can all cause negative health effects if left unchecked. Work stress can cause all sorts of ailments and maladies from anxiety and depression to hypertension, and when you add in sitting at a desk all day — the physical effects get magnified. Desk sitting is not the most natural position for human beings for extended periods of time. Prolonged time spent at a desk can weaken our gluteal muscles, shorten our hip muscles and put stress on our lower back. We’re built to stand up, move around and use our muscles during the day — so while the sedentary lifestyle is comfortable, it can be detrimental if we don’t take breaks to move and use the proper chair when we are sitting.

Using the right desk chair can make or break your workplace setup when it comes to comfort, productivity and physical longevity. There’s nothing that kills focus or a productive afternoon like lower back pain, knee discomfort or hip tightness. Standing up regularly is part of the equation, but with the right office chair you can work for extended periods of time without feeling the effects nearly as much. Your dining room chair or breakfast stool might be aesthetically-pleasing and adequate for meals, but when it comes to getting stuff done you need a chair that can keep up. We’ve scoured the internet in search of the best office chairs money can buy. Chairs with breathable mesh backrests, adjustable arm rests and ergonomic lumbar support. The world of office supplies ranges far and wide, so let us be your guide to the chairs worth sitting in.

1. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Office Chair


While prices vary wildly amongst office chairs, if you want a chair you’re going to feel comfortable sitting in all day it’s worth it to spend a hefty sum. This is one of the most comfortable office chairs I have ever sat in. It’s the only chair I’ve ever used where I didn’t feel the effects of desk work after 5-6 hours of solid sitting, and if you’re someone who’s going to spend years at a desk I truly believe it’s worth the cost. The backrest kept me cool throughout the day and the lumbar support was superb. It has three different recline positions to choose from and you can choose whether you want your seat angle “neutral” to the or set five degrees forward in “engaged” mode. The armrests are fully adjustable and the lumbar support pads can be adjusted to fit your spine just right. It honestly felt like magic to sit in, and the top-notch design is worth every penny if you can afford it.

aeron office chair, best office chair Courtesy of Amazon


2. SIHOO Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair


This is a much more affordable option that’s still high-quality and will offer the support you need. This ergonomic office chair features a ridge backrest to relieve spinal pressure and a lumbar pillow that protects the lower spine during the workday. The upper brackets support the shoulder and vertebrae, and the free rotating head pillow supports the cervical spine up top. It has 360° rotation and 125° back tilting available for those who prefer to lean while brainstorming during the workday. The back is made of strong net mesh cloth that’s breathable and the soft cushion seat won’t deform easily. It also has a high-strength alloy gas lift that makes adjusting the height easy.

SIHOO ergonomics office chair, best office chair Courtesy of Amazon


3. Hbada Swivel Desk Chair


You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a supportive desk chair that’s a step up from your dining room table chair or some other unspecified sitting device. This desk chair has a simple, adjustable design that goes to your mid-back, providing support where you need it without unnecessary height. If you’re working in a compact space, this chair is a great pick. It’s smaller that other options, but has armrests that can flip up to save space and a breathable mesh back that’s flexibly supportive.

Hbada office chair, best office chair Courtesy of Amazon


4. Steelcase Gesture Chair


The first chair in this round-up is definitely a splurge, and this is another option that’s worth the hefty price tag. This chair from Steelcase goes up to your shoulders and was designed with human body movement in mind. It uses an advanced synchro-tilt system to keep you aligned when leaning backwards. The seat rises slightly when you lean back to keep your feet on the ground, and it has a locking option for the backrest to keep your posture upright. The arm rests adjust easily to ward off shoulder and upper back fatigue, and you can adjust the width of your arm rests as well to your specifications.

steelcase gesture office chair Courtesy of Amazon


5. Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair


Ergonomic design is all about intuitive features that work with and support the human body in as many ways as possible. This chair is designed with ergonomics in mind and includes things like seven points of adjustment to improve alignment while you work. The cushion and backrest is made up of double woven mesh for a cooling effect, and the contouring foam of the seat can evenly distribute up to 300 pounds. The 3D armrests keep your shoulders and neck from doing all the work, and the chair has a synchronous tilt that responds to your body’s movements seamlessly. Proper posture and stabilization become intuitive, and you get ideal alignment without spending a small fortune.

Branch ergonomic office chair, best office chair Courtesy of Branch


6. Hbada Ergonomic Office Desk Chair


This office chair is great for people with longer legs and torsos, as it has more touch points for support and a longer seat to keep knees and hips aligned. Taller people can struggle with maintaining good posture and alignment, needing to look down all the time and hunch over to look at their computer. This chair, with its tall backrest and adjustable headrest is designed to keep your entire body comfortable. It’s adjustable from top to bottom, with levers you can pull at the lumbar position for back support, under the T-shaped arm rests and under the seat. The air-right structure seat allows air to flow and circulate to keep you cool, and you can recline to various positions between 90° and 125° if desired.

Hbada ergonomic office desk chair, best desk chair Courtesy of Amazon


7. AmazonBasics High-Back Leather Desk Chair


It’s a classic look for a reason, black leather screams professionalism and if that’s what you’re going for we recommend this desk chair from AmazonBasics. It’s soft, comfortable and upholstered in black leather with a pewter finish on the frame. The back and seat are padded for all-day support and it has a pneumatic system built in for the seat adjustment. The swivel is 360 degrees and the smooth-rolling casters won’t scratch up your hardwood floors.

AmazonBasics high-back leather desk chair, best desk chair Courtesy of Amazon


8. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair


There are some schools of thought that say kneeling chairs are the ergonomic future. They’re a little whacky — but some people swear by them. The kneeling position takes the pressure off your legs, hips and lower back and keeps your shoulders, hips and head aligned. They can put pressure on shins and knees after long periods of time, so like any office chair it’s important to take breaks and walk around during the work day.

This kneeling chair from DRAGONN is equipped with 3-inch-thick cushions for support and four castor wheels so you have freedom to move and adjust throughout the day. The chair distributes weight evenly across your buttocks and legs, and it’s height adjustable between 21″ and 31″ so you can find the position that works for you.

dragonn kneeling chair, best office chair Courtesy of Amazon


9. SMUGDESK Drafting Tall Office Chair


If you prefer to stand most of the day but need an office chair for those moments when you would like to rest your legs, this tall desk chair has the stability and adjustability you need. It has an adjustable seat height and a foot ring to rest your feet when they’re off the ground to improve posture. It has a durable nylon base to keep you steady all day and the built-in lumbar support will keep your back from straining and reduce muscle fatigue.

standing desk office chair, best office chair Courtesy of Amazon


10. Homall Gaming Office Chair


Gaming chairs are designed to be sat in all day, as that’s what gamers tend to do. They’ve got support and all the ergonomics in mind, which is why they also make great desk chairs. This one from Homall has over 22,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating for its comfort and flexibility for sitting for long periods of time. The high-density shaping foam of the cushion has stable resilience and the support you need to work without your body feeling the effects. The leather is skin-friendly and resistant to tearing. The rubber castors on the wheels roll quietly and the chair can stably rock back and forth with an easy adjustment of a knob.

Homall gaming office chair, best office chair Courtesy of Amazon


11. Steelcase Series 1 Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair


This office chair is comfortable, well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing without taking up a ton of room. It has lumbar support, synchro tilt, front-to-back adjustable armrests and ergonomic spinal support for long work days. It’s also made of sustainable materials and has a tilt lock so you can upright your posture when desired. It comes in a wide variety of cushion and frame color combinations so you can pick what compliments your decor, and at 23.5″ W x 27″ D it’s one of the most compact office chairs available.

Steelcase 1 ergonomic office chair, best office chair Courtesy of Wayfair