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Lord of the Files: 6 Essential Accessories for Better Office Organization

* Organize your office with these helpful accessories
* Wall file holders help you save desk space
* Post-It flags and colorful file holders keep things neat

As summer progresses, that spring cleaning you did of your office suddenly seems very far away. SPY has gathered six items that will help you de-clutter and make the most of your space, while adding a pop of color in the process.

1. Post-It Flags

Color coordinate your office space with these removable tags. Featuring 280 flags and 48 arrows, it’s easy to write on them with ballpoint pen or pencil to quickly annotate, save or find what you need.

post it notes arrows


2. White Board

Keep track of tasks, meetings and messages with this office-sized dry erase white board. Magnetic, it comes with a cork board magnet and marker, as well as double sided mounting strips that make it easy to display. A number one best-seller on Amazon.


3. File Holders

In six fun colors, you can color coordinate your files while not making your desk space a bore. It comes with six adhesive labels, and is made of sturdy, heavy-duty cardboard to withstand multiple uses.


4. Wall Organizer

This design by Smead features six pockets that can hold up to 25 sheets, and a top loop to allow for easy hanging, saving you valuable desk space. Tear-proof and water resistant, it’s also made with acid and PVC-free materials. Great for storing files or seeing documents in one view for easy access. We like using it as a magazine rack, too.


5. Desk Organizer

Each of its six compartments is designed to have the appropriate dimensions for different items, so you can fit all of your pens, files and notebooks. The sturdy mesh metal has an ABS coating for durability, and four rubber grips to protect your desk.


Label Maker

Reorganization is easier once you know what and where everything is. This Label Maker by DYMO comes with a choice of five fonts and seven different print styles. The auto-off function helps you avoid running out of power too.

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