Summer School: 6 Online Courses For Your Kids To Take During Your Summer Break

6 Online Courses For Your Kids
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* Summer school for kids doesn’t have to be boring
* They’ll stay entertained while learning new skills
* Courses to help them get ahead for school in the fall

Keep it light and fun this summer for your kid’s school vacation and treat them to one of the awesome online courses available from Udemy is a global, online learning platform featuring 65,000+ video courses taught by expert instructors that features a slew of great courses for kids (and adults) that can be done from the comfort of home.

Udemy is a great option in lieu of or in addition to enrolling them in a full-time summer camp and can help enhance their skills in a number of areas without the need of a specialized tutor. The beauty of online courses is that kids can learn at their own pace while you can be there to help, encourage and watch them enjoy learning in a comfortable environment. We’ve highlighted a few unique courses below that cover some valuable topics including coding, art and public speaking.

1. Public Speaking For Kids and Teens

It’s never too early to start getting your kids comfortable with public speaking. As public speaking is listed as American’s number one fear, it is a valuable skill set to start as early as you can when fear hasn’t had a chance to set in. This public speaking course will help build confidence in kids and teens by teaching them key techniques in writing and delivering speeches, while letting them learn at their own pace.

Public Speaking Course Udemy Image Courtesy Udemy


2. Drawing and Painting Course for Young Children

Another great fun summer course option is Drawing and Painting for Young Children. This course is designed with beginners in mind and gives you a total of 8 unique drawing and painting projects to complete. The course involves organizing shapes and lines together until a recognizable outcome is achieved. This course will give your kids the tools they need to begin their artistic journey into self-expression, reflection and creative thinking. And might just give you some time to yourself as well.

Drawing and Painting Course Udemy Image Courtesy Udemy


3. Kids Yoga

Get your kids moving during the Summer break with the Kids Yoga class. This yoga-based exercise program combines yoga, hula hooping and relaxation techniques in every class. Help build their self-confidence while keeping them active and healthy in a non-competitive atmosphere with this 30-minute class. By the end of the class, your child might be able to teach you a thing or two about yoga, some imaginative poses and even how to use the hula hoop!

Kids Yoga Udemy Image Courtesy Udemy


4. Beginner Coding for Kids

Its never to late to start thinking about their future. The Beginner Coding for Kids class might help turn your child into the next internet mogul. Coding is now a leading career that pays twice the national average of other jobs and one that might be too valuable and obvious to ignore as there will always be a need for coders. This beginner course will show kids how to code by adapting the material to their learning styles via animated lectures, informative screencasts and tests.

Kids Coding Course Udemy Image Courtesy Udemy


5. Learn to Read

Start your kids early with the journey of learning how to read. The Learn to Read course will provide 2 videos teaching your child the alphabet letters and sounds, 8 video books that will teach your child to read simple words and sight word flash cards for them to read and practice. This class will give your little one an incredible advantage when school starts again in the Fall.

Learn to Read - Stories for Kids Udemy Image Courtesy Udemy


6. Art Projects for Children

Another art-based course for kids is the Kids Collage Workshop: Art Projects for Children & Beginners. Your kids will learn basic collage techniques and apply them to complete each of the 8 fun and unique art projects. These collage projects are fun, easy and will keep your kids entertained for hours while giving them the skills to create masterpieces of their own. Along with the fun of painting, your kids will cultivate critical thinking skills, develop hand-eye coordination and learn about self-expression.

Kids Mixed Media Udemy Image Courtesy Udemy