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SPY Guide: 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Delivered Online

Two decades into the web revolution, there’s not much you can’t take care of online. In fact, some of the coolest things to get delivered are the ones you’d never think of. We’ve rounded up the six best clubs and services you can join online. Check out the list and follow the links for more information.

1. All of Your Grocery Shopping

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Rather than spend two hours every weekend lugging through the supermarket, kids in tow, skip the store altogether and get your groceries delivered from Amazon Fresh. You can find everything there that you’d get at your neighborhood supermarket; there’s even a section for organic, local markets and prepared foods. Don’t want to sign up with Fresh? Amazon also sells hundreds of grocery and pantry items that you can get delivered like you would a regular Amazon package. With the added convenience of having groceries delivered right to your door, you can spend more quality time with friends and family–and less time on pesky errands.

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2. The Most Comfortable Underwear Ever

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If you like comfortable, stylish underwear, MeUndies is the online subscription for you. For only $14/month (women) or $16/month (men), you get your favorite cut in the design of of the month delivered straight to your home. The prints are always groovy, and MeUndies’ signature modal fabric really is the most comfortable thing your bits will ever experience.

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3. Crisp, Refreshing Summer Water

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Rosé may be gaining wide popularity, but the selection at most grocers and liquor stores is still abysmal. Most outlets only stock a few options. Fortunately, offers over a dozen rosé labels–all moderately priced–in addition to the great savings you can find on any other varietal you like to sip. The best part: they’ll deliver the bottles all to your door, so you can skip the lineups at the liquor store and stock up without worrying about how you’ll carry everything home.

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4. The World’s Finest Cigars

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If you love a good cigar, but have trouble finding the quality you demand from local tobacco shops, the Cigar of the Month Club at JR Cigar is the answer to all your smokey prayers. For $24.95/month, they’ll send you five handmade cigars from the best brands in the world. Perfect for a monthly guys night with friends.

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5. New Clothes Picked Just for You

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Online shopping is nothing new, but what you typically gain in convenience you lose in customer service. Five Four Club changes that by sending you up to three men’s pieces a month based on your personal style profile. It only costs $60/month with free shipping and free returns–plus you can cancel whenever you want. Rather than promote questionable trends, Five Four Club focuses on well-made staples that you can use to build out your personal wardrobe.

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6. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

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Caviar is the newest food ordering service, and it’s awesome. Rather than force you to take delivery and pay a hefty charge, it saves you time and money by ordering in advance and picking it up yourself. You’ll also find special $5 coupons on select restaurants, plus a curated selection of new and local eateries.

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