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This Weekend, Get This Table To Turn Your Backyard Into An Outdoor Man Cave

* Portable outdoor drink holder that stakes into the ground
* Includes built-in bottle opener
* High-quality handmade construction

Make backyard barbecues and outdoor hang-outs much more comfortable, spill fewer beers, and effectively turn your yard into a super effective place for outdoor drinking with this portable outdoor picnic table. Essentially, it’s a pair of beer (or soda) can holders flanking a central space shaped just right for holding a bowl of chips, pretzels or bar style peanuts so you can have an elevated outdoor night with the guys. You can also think of it as an ingenious cross between a bar and a tent peg. You can easily move it from place to place, and it does a much better job at holding your beer bottles and cans upright than grass does.

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Image Courtesy Uncommon Goods

At about two feet high, it stands just right to be at the side of a lounge chair or folding concert chair, or whatever your favorite form of outdoor furniture is. Made to last, it’s designed with Baltic Birch wood and hand crafted in Pennsylvania.

This portable beverage table is also a smart upgrade for beach trips, since you can plant it beside you in the sand and use it for your water, sunscreen and lotion. It’s easy to take apart and stow when not in use, unlike bulky plastic picnic tables, and it looks much cooler too.

Perhaps also as important, when going for that “manly” great outdoors vibe, you can carry it over your shoulder like an axe, and each time you set it up you can announce that you are “staking your claim.” Not to say that you should do this, of course.


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