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Create Your Own Oasis With Outdoor Patio Curtains

When you’re relaxing in your backyard, the site of your neighbor mowing the lawn will easily ruin the vibe. Kids running around, people cleaning their pools, and cars driving by can shatter the illusion of your backyard oasis. Fortunately, outdoor patio curtains can fix this problem.

These versatile outdoor curtains shut off your patio, porch, or sunroom from the outside world. Rather than chilling within a distracting vista, you can enjoy a more secluded experience. And of course, you can leave the curtains open and use them as decor.

Outdoor curtains are typically thicker than indoor curtains, though some can function as both. These curtains may also have features like UV-blocking and light blocking fabric, as well as water and mildew resistance. You should make sure that the grommets are stainless steel or rust-proof.

We’ve rounded up some of the most stylish and functional outdoor patio curtains, so you can truly relax in your backyard.

1. Exclusive Home Outdoor Curtain Panels

These polyester curtains are made from mildew-resistant, water-repellant fabric. Your order will include a set of two curtains, and you can select from 18 colors and four sizes. Each curtain has four stainless steel grommets, which won’t rust in humid outdoor environments. The curtains are hand-wash only. You’ll likely need to iron them out of the box to remove wrinkles.

Pros: The sturdy canvas curtains are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces. The fabric is thick enough to provide ample shade.

Cons: The curtains aren’t weighted, so they may blow around easily. The color may fade in the sun.

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2. RYB HOME Outdoor Patio Curtains

If you have a hot and sunny patio, these curtains can keep the heat in check. This product is made of a polyester blend that blocks 85 to 95 percent of sunlight. The fabric also blocks wind and wicks away water, so the curtains highly effective in multiple weather conditions. You can machine wash and dry these curtains for easy care.

Pros: This product is available in eight sizes. The curtain material is soft and lightweight.

Cons: The grommets are plastic, rather than metal. The stitching and fabric may wear out easily.

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3. NICETOWN Outdoor Curtain for Patio

These durable polyester curtains are made with triple weave technology, which blocks sunlight and heat. The fabric is waterproof and the product may function as a shower curtain as well. These curtains include plastic grommets. You can choose from 11 sizes and six colors when purchasing. This product is machine washable and comes with simple care instructions.

Pros: The thick material blocks the sun and even some noise. The material is soft enough to use indoors or in a sunroom.

Cons: These curtains blow around in the breeze, so you might need to add weights. The fabric may pill easily.

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4. Sun Zero Woven Outdoor Curtains

These outdoor curtains will keep your patio cool and shady. The fade-resistant fabric blocks out some light and offers UV protection. You can also use this product indoors to filter out sunlight and increase privacy. The fabric is machine-washable, as well as water- and stain-resistant. You can choose from four colors and three sizes when purchasing.

Pros: These curtains let some sunlight in, so you can enjoy shade without sitting in the dark. The fabric will wick away rain and moisture.

Cons: The grommets may rust easily, which can rub off on the fabric. These curtains may not be the same color on both sides.

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5. PARASOL Outdoor Curtains

These curtains are made of a 100% olefin material and are available in seven elegant colors. The durable fabric blocks light and sound, while holding up to the elements. The grommets are rust proof, and the fabric won’t fade easily. Both sides of the panel are the same color. You can machine wash these curtains in cold water to remove dirt and grime.

Pros: The fabric is heavy enough to stay in place in breezy conditions. These curtains will keep their color in the sun.

Cons: The fabric color might not match the product photos exactly. You will only receive one panel with your order.

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