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If You Don’t Have Space For a Pool, Consider Installing One of These Outdoor Spas Instead

When we think of relaxing, sitting in a warm and soothing hot tub is one of the first images that come to mind. But with hefty price tags, hot tubs and spas aren’t a realistic addition to our homes. Or are they? Thankfully, there are inflatable outdoor spas, which are strong enough to withstand the elements and lightweight enough to cut the price of an at-home spa in half. And then in half again. And one more time. Seriously, these things are really affordable!

Costing only a fraction of the energy bill required to run a full-sized hard bodied spa and with the added feature of being able to easily transport the spa to different areas, we love the versatility and economics of these outdoor inflatable hot tubs.

To accurately compare options, we’ve included three hot tubs that are close together in size and price. The spas we’ve included seat between two and four adults and take on average one to two hours to fill with the use of a garden hose. All four tubs can reach a max temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, with the ability to keep the tub at cooler temperatures when using in hot weather.

Having a cover for your hot tub is not only an easy way to keep out debris, like falling leaves and twigs, but it’s also an important safety feature, especially in homes with children and pets. The three spas we’ve highlighted all include covers, and while they aren’t strong enough to keep children and pets from falling in the water, they do act as a safety barrier. We still strongly recommend installing a safety fence and caution users to never leave children and pets unattended around a spa, regardless of whether it’s empty or filled with water.

The three spas we’ve included are designed for outdoor use, but to reach the maximum temperature of 104 degrees, the air temperature must be at least 50 degrees, making them tubs ideal for use in the spring, summer, and fall, depending on where you’re located.

If you’re ready to soothe tired muscles, step up your outdoor entertaining space, or just have a spot where you can unwind, we’ve got three affordable and easy to use outdoor spas that will turn your home into an oasis

1. Intex 77 Inch PureSpa

Using durable Fiber-Tech construction and featuring an easy-to-use digital interface that allows for water and jet control while seated inside the tub, the Intex 77-inch PureSpa comes with added features like an inflation hose and carrying bag.

Pros: With a capacity of 210 gallons, the Intex is our largest model and comfortably seats four adults. The spa includes a heating system that can be easily accessed while in the pool thanks to the attached digital control panel, two replacement filter cartridges, a three-way test strip, a floating chlorine dispenser, a thermal ground cloth to help protect the ground and keep the water in the tub hot, an inflation hose and a carrying bag for secure storage and transportation. A built-in water softener helps to keep your skin from drying out after using the spa and prolongs the life of your spa.

Cons: Customers note that turning on the bubbles can cause the water to cool. At 87 pounds, the Intex is the heaviest spa on our list.

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2. Coleman 71 Inch Portable Spa

Built with two handles for easy emptying and a digital control pump, the Coleman 71 Inch Portable Spa comes with two replacement filter cartridges and is built with a cushioned floor and convenient drain valve.

Pros: Easy to maintain and setup, the Coleman measures 71 inches x 26 inches and seats two to four people. The spa has two handles for easy carry when not in use and to aid in emptying the pool. The cushioned floor features a drain valve to help empty the water and the Coleman comes with two replacement filter cartridges as well as a cover for when not in use. Quiet and portable, the Coleman only requires a 110-volt outlet to run.

Cons: Like the SaluSpa, the Coleman has a large exterior pump that needs to remain next to the spa when working, which takes up space. It also must run constantly in cooler weather to keep the water heated.

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3. SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

Lightweight for ease of portability, the SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub can be used both indoors and outdoors and doesn’t require any tools for installation.

Pros: Built with a digital temperature control that enables users to adjust the water and the 120 bubble jets without getting out of the pool, SaluSpa comes with two filter cartridges, a chemical floater, and a cover to keep debris out of the tub. At 53 pounds, the SaluSpa is significantly lighter than the Intex (87 pounds) and the Coleman (73 pounds), making the SaluSpa the best option for those looking for a hot tub that is truly portable and can go with them on vacation and to a rental home or friends’ homes. The tub is made with TriTech material, which includes a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of laminated PVC for added strength and durability. SaluSpa has add-ons available for purchase, including a dual cup holder and headrest.

Cons: Customers note that the SaluSpa can’t maintain high temperatures in cold weather when placed outside. They also pointed out that the size is much more comfortable for one to two people than the first two spas on our list.

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