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Find a Place for Cushions, Hoses and Pool Products With an Outdoor Storage Deck Box

Cushions, tools, hoses and pool equipment that is designed to be used outdoors shouldn’t be left to the will of the elements without any protection. Sure, these items are often weather-resistant and made from durable materials, but to extend their life and keep your yard, patio, garden or balcony from looking the city dump, you should invest in an outdoor storage deck box that helps your outdoor space look tidy while protecting your belongings.

Outdoor storage deck boxes are designed to keep the sun, rain and snow off commonly used outdoor items, like cushions, which can become faded over time due to prolonged exposure. Gardening tools can rust, hoses can become dirty and unusable and pool equipment can deteriorate from UV rays. By using an outdoor storage deck box, your items are clean and ready for use right when you need them. No one wants to spend all afternoon cleaning the dust off their lounge cushions. Instead, the afternoon should be spent actually lounging.

Outdoor storage deck boxes keep yards and balconies looking tidy and neat and in some cases double as extra seating. Check out four of our top picks for storing and extending the life of your outdoor equipment.

1. Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box

For a durable storage option, try the Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box. The Lifetime is made using UV-protected, weather- and water-resistant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Steel hinges are powder coated for a long lifespan and the spring hinge design provides a gentle close every time. A lock can be added to the lid for extra security and interior dividers or shelves can also be added for convenience. Customers can choose from three colors and four size options, including 80, 116, 130 (shown here) and 150 gallons.

Pros: The Lifetime is sturdy enough to double as a patio bench, providing extra seating in outdoor settings.

Cons: The Lifetime comes with a big price tag and can be difficult to assemble.

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2. YardStash Outdoor Storage Deck Box

If you’re looking for a portable storage box or want one that can be stored inside whenever necessary, try the YardStash Outdoor Storage Deck Box. The collapsible box provides a portable storage option that has the durability of a more permanent deck box. The 150-gallon box is warp-, crack- and leak-proof thanks to its heavy-duty weatherproof tarpaulin material. Welded seams and an internal pole frame give the box its shape. A splash-proof mesh front vent lets air travel through the box, reducing the risk of it ripping or moving during a windstorm and providing airflow to decrease the chance of mold or mildew build-up. Eight buckles keep the lid securely in place and the YardStash is available in two sizes.

Pros: The YardStash weighs only 11 pounds, making it easy to set up and move.

Cons: The company advertises the set-up time of the YardStash at only 15 minutes, but it can be more time-consuming than that because of difficulty lining up the plastic joints and Velcro closures.

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3. AmazonBasics 22-Gallon Resin Deck Storage Box

Store your outdoor cushions and tools in a small but sturdy container using the AmazonBasics 22-Gallon Resin Deck Storage Box. The box measures 17 by 22 by 20.5 inches and is ideal for small gardens, patios and balconies. Like the Lifetime box, the AmazonBasics doubles as extra seating, which is ideal for small spaces. Designed with a contemporary feel, the box is easy to assemble and can be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Pros: The lightweight AmazonBasics box is made from weather-resistant, resin plastic and comes in grey or mocha.

Cons: The box is not as durable as other units on our list and does not keep water out.

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4. Rubbermaid Patio Chic Outdoor Storage Deck Box

Want to store your outdoor items without creating an eyesore in your yard? Try the Rubbermaid Patio Chic Outdoor Storage Deck Box, which doubles as an attractive decor piece. The stylish rust-resistant deck box, which doubles as additional seating, is made with weather-resistant materials that protect the contents from sun, rain and snow. The patio chic box is made with an attractive basket-weave pattern and is available in dark teal and black oak.

Pros: The Rubbermaid is designed to look like indoor furniture and function like outdoor furniture. Users can choose from a deck box style shown here, as well as a cabinet and cube design.

Cons: Unlike other Rubbermaid deck boxes, the style shown here is not dent or leak-resistant. The lid sits on top of the box and cannot be locked.

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