Know Before You Go: These Are the Best Outdoor Thermometers for Your Home

best outdoor thermometers
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Do you enjoy knowing the exact temperature? If so, having an outdoor thermometer can be extremely helpful in keeping track of the weather outdoors so you can adjust your day accordingly. The best thing about thermometers is knowing the exact temperature even if it’s sunny out and you may think it’s hot. A blast of chilly air isn’t always welcome, so it’s best to know when it’s coming. Some thermometers give more information than others so in order to find the perfect thermometer for you, we did some digging into the best outdoor thermometers.

There are digital thermometers as well as analog thermometers. Each gives information in different ways, so it depends on how much tech you want. Some digital outdoor thermometers have backlit displays and tell you the chance of rain and sometimes even the barometric pressure. But however nice digital thermometers may be, they can have transmission issues when telling the exact temperature. Analog outdoor thermometers are therefore more likely to only tell you the temperature and other basic information based on a fluid inside a tube to give the reading, though you’ll miss out on other data.

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So gather your own necessary needs and pursue our list of outdoor thermometers. We have no doubt the best outdoor thermometer for you awaits in our round-up below.


1. AcuRite 00782A2 Outdoor Thermometer

This digital thermometer is a sleek, small design best suited for a place near an outdoor patio wall. It has a backlit screen and shows the temperature in Fahrenheit. A basic but functional thermometer for those who don’t need anything too flashy, it operates on batteries and can be placed anywhere outside where you need it.

AcuRite thermometer Courtesy of Amazon

AcuRite Outdoor Thermometer

$14.79 $15.99 8% OFF


2. Kalawen Weather Station Outdoor Thermometer

This all-encompassing weather station has nine functions: weather forecast, temperature, humidity, the moon phase, the date and time, among a few others. Sounds great, right? This mini weather station is a dream for a budding meteorologist in terms of information. There are so many functions that you could know everything about your entire week. At a reasonable size, this weather station is best suited for its own outdoor spot either on a table or mounted on a wall. It is battery powered and has four levels of brightness.

Kalawen Weather Station Outdoor Thermometer Courtesy of Amazon

Kalawen Weather Station Outdoor Thermometer


3. ThermoPro TP62

Looking for an indoor and outdoor thermometer? The ThermoPro has you covered with temperature readings, humidity display, levels of brightness and the time and date. With premium sensors, the range is incredible for daily humidity readings. Place this small but functional thermometer anywhere you like for accurate readings every day.

ThermoPro TP62 Courtesy of Amazon

ThermoPro TP62

$24.99 $29.99 17% OFF


4. Netatmo Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor

The Netatmo weather station wants you to understand your indoor and outdoor environment. But what does that mean? The Netatmo has some really interesting features, such as letting you know when it’s time to air out your home. It works by connecting to a smartphone or tablet and giving you accurate readings of data on temperature, barometric pressure, air quality and even indoor noise levels. Receive notifications about your indoor weather experience while you’re away and analyze the data to adjust accordingly. This weather station is all-encompassing and very detailed which is helpful for anyone craving all the data.

Netatmo Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor Courtesy of Amazon

Netatmo Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor

$120.10 $149.00 19% OFF


5. Taylor Precision Products Wireless Digital Thermometer

This easy to use digital thermometer gives accurate daily readings of the temperature in Fahrenheit as well as Celsius and even has a built-in clock for easy viewing of the day and time. The large digits provide at-a-glance readings and the device has a friendly interface. The wireless remote sensor transmits up to 200 feet and is battery operated. A great choice for anyone looking for a more back to basics option.

Taylor Precision Products Wireless Digital Thermometer Courtesy of Amazon

Taylor Precision Products Wireless Digital Thermometer

$14.82 $17.99 18% OFF


6. AcuRite 02082M Home Temperature and Humidity Station

With a brightly lit four-colored screen, this is the easiest thermometer to read. The monitors survey three sensors that you may place outside in your yard for accurate readings sent straight inside to the AcuRite. These sensors each have their own corresponding colored screen with a location name of your choice. This outdoor thermometer is a great choice for anyone seeking multiple sensors for the best weather reading possible.

AcuRite 02082M Home Temperature and Humidity Station Courtesy of Amazon

AcuRite 02082M Home Temperature and Humidity Station

$72.27 $79.99 10% OFF


7. La Crosse Technology Thermometer

This indoor and outdoor thermometer by La Crosse is a sleek digital clock that will give you accurate and timely weather readings. Along with the date and time, this simple thermometer will tell you the weather at all times of the day. It is battery operated and fits easily inside the home or outside.

La Crosse Technology Thermometer Courtesy of Amazon

La Crosse Technology Thermometer



8. Smartro SC92 Outdoor Thermometer

This digital hygrometer reads the temperature and the humidity in the room. As a magnet wall mount, this weather station can be positioned in any room: a wine cellar, a basement, a bathroom or a baby’s room for exact readings on the humidity and temperature. It is quick and easy to read with a large, bright display that has the outdoor temperature separated from the indoor. A great choice for those seeking relief from the humidity.

Smartro SC92 Outdoor Thermometer Courtesy of Amazon

Smartro SC92 Outdoor Thermometer



9. Logia 7-in-1 WiFi Weather Station

Another all-encompassing outdoor weather station, the Logia pulls out all the stops. From temperature to wind speed, this home system will make you never want to check an app again. With an easily mounted backyard sensor, the Logia will give you readings that will match any news channel. From the barometric pressure to rainfall, you’ll be prepared at any moment for any type of weather. The outdoor thermometer Runs on AAA batteries and has a full color LED display.

Logia 7-in-1 WiFi Weather Station Courtesy of Amazon

Logia 7-in-1 WiFi Weather Station



10. Baldr Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Thermometer 

This indoor monitor is an easy to read display with a backlit screen and large digits. Settled easily anywhere inside, this thermometer will give you accurate readings on the indoor and outdoor weather. The wireless sensor can be placed anywhere outside to give exact remote readings. A great choice for a basic temperature reading.

Baldr Indoor Wireless Thermometer  Courtesy of Amazon

Baldr Indoor Wireless Thermometer 



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