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A Package Drop Box Can Protect Your Parcels from Porch Pirates

Do you have a neighbor with sticky fingers? Or maybe you live on a busy street with lots of foot traffic, where any passerby can scoop up a package undetected? Until recently, there were limited options for stopping these so-called porch pirates, but there’s a new solution that can help deter thieves and keep your latest Prime delivery safe until you get home. We’re talking about package drop boxes, which are also known as porch and parcel boxes, package delivery boxes and package lock boxes.

No matter what you call them, these tools ensure that the packages delivered to your doorstep actually stay on your doorstep. If you’re a big online shopper but aren’t always home when deliveries typically arrive, then a package lock box should be your next order. 

What Is a Package Drop Box?

A package drop box sits outside your front door or garage. Delivery people — whether it’s UPS, FedEx, DHL, Amazon, a meal kit service, or another courier — can put your items inside for safekeeping until you can retrieve them.

Items are safely stored inside because the box itself can withstand the elements (like rain, snow or heat). And if you get a box with a locking feature, you can protect your deliveries from package thieves who can easily walk away with parcels left outside your door.

The most sophisticated package drop boxes feature an electronic smart lock, which lets you remotely monitor deliveries. This is still a relatively new product category (at least in the residential market), but there are a growing number of options available.

yale lock box

The Benefits of a Package Drop Box

Not sure if you need a package lock box for your home? Here’s why you should invest in drop boxes in the event you’re not home to answer the door:

  • Protection from package thieves
  • Privacy from nosy neighbors
  • Protection from weather, pests and sun exposure
  • Keep groceries and meal kits fresh

What to Look for in a Package Delivery Box

One of the most important factors in choosing a package lock box is size. It will need to hold a day’s worth of packages (or more, depending on how often you’re away) and accommodate the size of packages you typically get. If you’re ordering furniture — sorry, that’s just not going to work for a storage box.

Another important factor in a package delivery box is a lock — assuming you don’t want anyone to steal your deliveries. You’ll want one that can actually secure your items either with a key, digital keypad or an app.

Get meal kits often? If you mainly want to keep perishables intact by the time you get home, then an insulated package lock box would be your best bet.

Some modern lock boxes are actually quite innovative with lights, cameras, two-way speakers for communicating with delivery people, motion sensors and more advanced features. Below, we’ve gathered a selection of the best package lock boxes for sale in 2022.


1. Danby Parcel Guard Security Mailbox


Don’t let the “mailbox” in this product’s name fool you. It’s large enough to hold big packages, in addition to just mail. With Parcel Guard, you’ll be notified when you get a delivery. You can also lock and unlock the box from anywhere. An anti-theft slot lets delivery people drop off packages, at which point a camera will sense motion and record both video and sound. An alarm — and the fact that the box is bolted to the ground — also prevents theft.

Danby Parcel Guard storage delivery box


2. eufy SmartDrop Smart Delivery Box


This eufy delivery box is both high-tech and easy to use. In addition to getting notified by app when you get packages, you can also watch the HD camera from your phone in real-time to see what’s going on (it’s triggered by motion and also records audio). A two-way audio feature lets you talk to delivery people upon arrival, but SmartDrop will also greet them by illuminating buttons to guide them through the drop process.

We trust eufy smart devices, and this is one of the largest package lock boxes available to homeowners. The lock box itself weighs 44 pounds, and it can be bolted to the ground for added security.

eufy SmartDrop Smart Delivery Box


3. The DeliverySafe: Lockable Package Lock Box


Shaped a lot like a chest freezer, this lockable food box is perfect for perishables, groceries and meal kits. An insulated interior cooler will keep the temperature at an optimal level so nothing spoils. It’s built to withstand the elements (like the sun, wind, rain and snow) and locks securely with a keypad, so you can provide delivery people a numerical code just for them.

Editor’s note: Currently out of stock, but expected to ship the week of 5/16.

The DeliverySafe Lockable Delivery Box


4. Yale Smart Delivery Box


WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled, the Yale Smart Delivery Box with Wi-Fi and Smart Keypad is accessed using an app. Through it, you can remotely lock, unlock, share access, view delivery history and receive notifications from anywhere. Additionally, a keypad provides access right on the box, but you can also use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri to communicate your needs. If you want to use it for grocery and meal kit deliveries, you can upgrade your box with a cooler insert.

Unfortunately, this package drop box isn’t designed to be bolted to the ground, which is a definite drawback. On the plus size, it’s large enough to accommodate most deliveries and does feature a smart lock.

Yale Smart Delivery Box


5. BenchSentry by Genie Secure


We love BenchSentry because you can control it with a free app on your smartphone. It also automatically locks moments after packages are dropped off — no code necessary. You will need an outlet to plug it in, but it will stay on lock mode if you somehow lose power or it gets unplugged.

BenchSentry by Genie Secure


6. Penn Elcom Standard Green Parcel Box With Rear Door


Operating like FedEx and UPS drop-off boxes you may have used, this package lock box comes with an access door in the rear. Delivery people simply swing open a hatch at the top of the box to load the parcel. Once the handle is released, your stuff is safely stored inside until you retrieve it using a key. There will be some installation involved, but nothing too complicated. Keep in mind that while the lock box is made to withstand the elements, it’s not insulated, so it can’t hold perishables for too long. In addition, it’s lacking any electronic or smart features.

Penn Elcom Standard Green Parcel Box With Rear Door


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