Move, Repair and Ship With Confidence With These Durable Packing Tape Rolls

Packing Tape

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Whether you’re preparing for a move, shipping products for your small business, or needing to hold together a torn item, packing tape is always a great product to have on hand at home, at work, in your desk, in your workshop and even in your car. But not all packing tape is created equal and while going for the lowest price may seem like a smart decision, finding a tape that will keep the contents of your box safely inside is worth spending a few more pennies.

Packing tape can be your number one nemesis when packing to move, but high-quality packing tape, like the options on our list, is easy to load into dispensers, peels out smoothly and creates a strong and durable bond that can withstand moving trucks, storage units and years spent sitting in a basement, garage or attic.

For those who do a lot of shipping either in their personal or professional lives, having a packing tape that will keep your goods safe, whether they’re going to a loved one or customer, can reduce headaches and give a high-quality professional finish to your work.

For packing tape that will stick the landing, check out our top picks below.


1. Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape


Easy to use straight out of the box thanks to individual dispensers, the Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape is an ideal option for those looking for tape that can work with a group. A trusted name in tape and all household sticky products, Scotch provides an excellent hold even for heavy-duty boxes thanks to its solvent-free hot melt adhesive seal. The tape’s release coating makes it easy to apply directly to surfaces. The Scotch rolls aren’t as big as other options on our list, which are better suited to professional or warehouse settings, but for small jobs at home, this is a great pick.

Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packing Tape Refill


Made with temperature range performance adhesive, the Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packing Tape Refill is excellent for sealing boxes that will be kept in storage lockers or extreme climates, including both hot and cold. The Duck six-pack of tape refill packs an impressive 54.6 yards per roll, with the crystal clear tape offering the versatility of being used to hold together boxes and look professional enough to cover address labels. The Duck meets postal regulations for shipping, making this an excellent option for small businesses.

Duck HD Clear Heavy Duty Packing Tape Refill Image courtesy of Amazon

3. JARLINK Clear Packing Tape


If you need strong tape and lots of it, the Jarlink Clear Packing Tape is a great bargain that will stay sticky. The pack includes 12 rolls of tape that each measures 1.88” wide and 2.7 mm thick, which is thinner than many of the other options on our list but still provides adequate coverage. The total set comes with 720 yards of tape, making this a great option for anyone who needs help with a massive project. The transparent tape fits in just about any tape dispenser and Jarlink tape can be torn by hand if necessary.

JARLINK Clear Packing Tape Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Gorilla Large Core Packaging Tape


For projects requiring tape that won’t budge, crack or rip under pressure, Gorilla is the king of the tape jungle. The extra thick packing tape is tear and split resistant and will also resist moisture and temperature changes, making it an excellent option for tape being used in basements, warehouses, moving trucks and storage containers. The clear packing tape is easy to cut and fits all standard-sized tape dispensers. At 3.4 mm thick, it’s tough to find a tape that is, well, as tough as Gorilla.

Gorilla Large Core Packaging Tape Image courtesy of Amazon

5. U-Haul Moving Box Paper Tape


Give your boxes a professional-looking finish and stop fighting with tape dispensers, scissors and box cutters by using U-Haul Moving Box Paper Tape. The 55-yard roll of brown paper box tape is designed specifically for sealing boxes and is a great assistant for anyone taking on a large packing or moving job. The paper tape self-adheres and can be ripped by hand, which means no more sharing scissors when working in a group. We also like that the paper tape can be recycled along with the cardboard box it’s attached to when the job is done. Plus, unlike clear tape, it’s easy to write directly onto the paper tape with a pen or marker.

U-Haul Moving Box Paper Tape Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Pacific Mailer Acrylic Packing Tape


Whether you need tape for items that are going to be stored in freezers or in a hot warehouse, the black and tan acrylic packing tape for Pacific Mailer should be on your list of must-haves. The 3” wide, 2 mm thick packing tape is more resistant to temperature changes than traditional plastic or ‘hot melt’ tapes. Its chemical makeup means the tape can withstand extreme humidity and oxidation at a better rate, making it suitable for items that will have prolonged sun exposure.

Pacific Mailer Acrylic Packing Tape Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Davik USA Flag Packaging Tape


Who says packing tape has to be boring? The makers of Davik Packing Tape have created a line with fun and colorful designs there are great for presents, kids’ rooms and small businesses. Make your items stand out, easily differentiate between boxes, and make tape fixes look eye-catching instead of turning them into eyesores with one of the many printed packing tape options from Davik. The packing tape is 72 yards long and 1.88” wide and is finished with a special adhesive formula that ensures a reliable seal on cardboard, plastic, glass, metal and several other surfaces.

Davik USA Flag Packaging Tape  Image courtesy of Amazon

8. No Noise Quiet Clear Packing Tape


If you’ve ever tried packing during your child’s nap time or shared a workspace with someone who loves to add several extra layers of tape to their packages ‘just to be safe,’ then you know the importance of finding a tape that is both strong and quiet. Why is packing tape so loud? There’s a lot of science involved that frankly, we don’t understand, but what we do know is that the No Noise Quiet Clear Packing Tape is almost silent. Yes, a product that lives up to its name! The clear packing tape is 1.88” wide and 2.4 mm thick, making it a great size for securing boxes. The tape does have a bit of a sticky residue and may not have the same grip as some of the more heavy-duty, noisy options on our list, but it is a reliable tape that is — once again — quiet. That sound you don’t hear is us pretending to clap.

No Noise Quiet Clear Packing Tape Image courtesy of Amazon

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