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Note to Self: These Page Markers Are Office Essentials

While most of our calendars and reminders are electronic, certain handwritten notes are irreplaceable. Classic page markers are a great way to organize your thoughts, keep documents in order or prepare for a meeting. But you don’t need to settle for a simple sticky note.

Today’s page markers are designed with functionality in mind. You can purchase these products in multicolor packs and various shapes. Some are thin and function as a simple label, while others are large with more space to write. When you’re buying, consider how much you plan to write on the tabs.

These nifty notes have plenty of uses outside of the office as well. You might mark up a novel, highlight events on your calendar or save pages in a recipe book. No matter your intended purpose, you’ll likely start using page markers for everything. Just be sure to stock up.

To help you get your notebooks and documents organized, here are some of the best page markers available online.

1. ELII Sticky Index Tabs

This 21-piece page marker set includes sticky tabs for every purpose. You’ll receive a set of two-inch sticky tabs in 10 colors, as well as half-inch sticky tabs in five colors. The set includes 500 page markers total. The tabs are made of BOPP label material, which is waterproof and easy to write on. These tabs will stick on paper, computers and file folders for total organization.

Pros: This page marker set includes a wide selection of colors, making organization easy. The two-inch tabs have plenty of space for notes.

Cons: The tabs might be on the thin side.

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2. Austor Pop-Up Page Flags

This set of page markers includes neon tabs in various sizes, ranging from 0.47 to 1.22 inches in thickness. The sticky tabs are made of durable PET material and  quality adhesive. Each set comes in a pull-out container, so you can easily use one tab at a time. You’ll receive a total of 15 sets with your order, and each will include two to five colors.

Pros: The tabs have a plastic texture and won’t tear easily. The adhesive can last through two or three uses.

Cons: The adhesive may leave a slight residue on the page. These page markers can be tricky to write on with a ballpoint pen.

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3. Post-it Page Markers

If you like to mark up a book or add notes to your work documents, this product is a must-have. Post-it’s sticky tabs are made of paper and are easy to write on with pen, marker and pencil. Each page marker is two inches long with adhesive halfway up the tab. You’ll receive 10 vibrant colors with your order, which are perfect for color-coding.

Pros: These sticky tabs are solid paper rather than translucent plastic. The adhesive stays in place.

Cons: The paper tabs might tear easily. The colors can fade in the sun.

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4. eBoot Neon Index Tabs

eBoot’s page markers are plastic and translucent, so you can use this product to highlight all of your documents. This set of tabs includes five neon colors, and you can write on the surface with a thin-tip marker. The adhesive stays in place without leaving residue behind. You can purchase a set of two or six dispensers.

Pros: These page markers are easy to move around and reuse. The colors are bright and easy to see.

Cons: The tabs may be too waxy to write on with a pen. The colors may flake off occasionally.

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5. Pengxiaomei Sticky Note Tabs

These page markers are mostly translucent white with a small color marking. While you may not be able to see right through the translucent portion, these sticky tabs won’t obstruct your notes completely. You’ll receive four sets of 100 tabs, each with five neon colors. The PET material is durable, but you will likely need a fine tip marker to write on them.

Pros: The adhesive stays in place. The four-pack is a great value.

Cons: Ink can smudge easily on these tabs, even after it dries. These page markers aren’t completely clear.

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