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Keep Pages Looking Like New With These Powerful Pencil Erasers

We seem to use our phones, tablets and laptops for just about everything these days, but some tasks are still best suited for old-fashioned pencils. In classrooms that either don’t have access to new tech or want to ensure students are not cheating, pencils are the preferred writing instrument for tests and exams. Artists, both amateur and professional, often enjoy drawing in pencil or using a pencil to create their outlines. Engineers and architects often draw plans using pencils and in certain offices, pencils are used for specific documents. One of the best things about pencils is that mistakes aren’t permanent, which is why we always recommend pairing your favorite pencil with high-quality and durable pencil erasers.

Much like shampoo and conditioner, pencils and their erasers are paired together, but one is typically done before the other. That’s why we like buying separate pencil erasers that can have a much shorter or longer life than their pencil counterpart. Whether you are correcting math homework, working on a new sketch or even need an eraser to get rid of ink (there are pen erasers!), there is an eraser for you. Check out some of our favorites below.

1. Paper Mate Arrowhead Pink Pearl Cap Erasers

Always have an eraser nearby when using the Paper Mate Arrowhead Pink Pearl Cap Erasers, which fit snugly over the end of a wooden or mechanical pencil. The erasers are smudge-free and latex-free, making them a great option for users with latex sensitivities. The erasers can fit over a pencils’ pre-existing eraser and the flat face of the erasers help to ensure that pencils won’t roll off desks or tables.

Pros: The box of Paper Mate erasers contain 144 units, making this a great option for classrooms, offices or busy students.

Cons: The erasers are stiff and therefore not well suited for children who may rip their pages while using the eraser.

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2. Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser

Erase areas large and small using the Pentel Hi-Polymer Block Eraser. The large white rectangular eraser is latex-free and is designed to not rip, smudge or leave ghost marks on paper. The block style helps users get into small corners and erase large areas. The Pentel has an extended shelf life that means it won’t crack or harden with age.

Pros: The Pentel comes with 10 erasers in a box and each has a protective sleeve that will keep the eraser from collecting debris that could diminish its efficiency.

Cons: The Pentel are flexible but will break in half if too much pressure is applied.

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3. Tombow MONO Sand Eraser

For artists and pen users, we recommend the Tombow MONO Sand Eraser. Made with natural rubber latex and silica grit, the two erasers included in the Tombow pack can handle any type of pencil markings as well as ink. Users can remove ballpoint, rollerball and some marker ink using Tombow erasers.

Pros: The Tombow are made with natural materials and are environmentally friendly.

Cons: The Tombow are the only erasers on our list that are made with latex and may aggravate people with sensitivities.

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4. TICONDEROGA Pink Carnation Erasers

The TICONDEROGA Pink Carnation Erasers are a high-quality and affordable eraser that students and professionals will enjoy using. The durable erasers are latex-free and come in a pack of three. Their bevel shape makes them easy to grip for younger customers and those with mobility issues. The Ticonderoga erasers are designed to not leave smudge marks behind or rip paper.

Pros: The erasers are PMA certified non-toxic, making them a great option for using in classrooms with small children.

Cons: The erasers leave shavings behinds.

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