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Cables All Tangled? Keep Them Straight With Braided Sleeving

Tangled cables are among the most annoying household inconveniences. If you have a constant knot of wiring behind you’re desk or television, you’re certainly not alone. Fortunately, there are products available to keep cables organized and protected.

Polyethylene (PET) braided sleeving is a simple and affordable solution for all your wiring headaches. This expandable sleeving covers standard computer, audio and car cables. Once you run the cable through the sleeving, you won’t need to worry about them tangling. And the sleeve acts as extra protection against moisture, pets and general wear.

Many of the best PET expandable braided sleeving comes in a variety of colors, so you can easily color-code your cables. Just be sure to double-check the diameter and length of the sleeving before deciding on a product. You want to make sure you get a perfect fit to avoid further headaches.

To help you get your cables in check, we’ve rounded up some high-quality PET expandable braided sleeving to consider.

1. Alex Tech Braided Cable Sleeve

This expandable braided cable sleeving stretches 100 feet long, so you can cover multiple cables with your purchase. The PET material can withstand between -103 and 257 degrees Fahrenheit. You can choose from black, blue or red sleeving, as well as a number of lengths and diameters. The company recommends cutting the sleeve with a hot knife to prevent fraying.

Pros: This product is durable enough to prevent pets from chewing your wires. You can buy a larger sleeve to group multiple cables together.

Cons: The sleeving might feel stiff and tricky to handle. The diameters might not be completely accurate, so you might need to size up.

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2. Keco PET Expandable Braided Cable Sleeve

Available in five diameters, this PET expandable braided sleeving can protect most of your household and automobile cables. The material can withstand up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, and the diameter expands up to 150 percent. You’ll receive 100 feet of product with your order. Just be sure that you sear the ends when cutting to prevent fraying.

Pros: The product comes on a spool to prevent tangling.

Cons: The total length might not equal exactly 100 feet. Some animals may be able to chew through the sleeve.

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3. Electriduct PET Expandable Braid Sleeving

If you’re looking to bundle multiple cables, this is the right product for you. You can select from a list of sizes, and the largest diameters expand to three inches. This sleeving can withstand both extremely low and high temperatures. You can use it both indoors, outdoors and in your car to keep cables protected and organized.

Pros: With 200 feet of sleeving, this product is a great deal. The diameter is thicker than other brands.

Cons: Even if you sear the edges, it can be tricky to prevent all fraying. The sleeve comes flat and can be tricky to open.

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4. Braided Expandable Wire Sleeve

This wire sleeving is available in rolls of 25 feet, and you can select between one-fourth and three-fourth diameter sizes. The wire is resistant to extreme temperatures and expands up to 200 percent. Made of polyethylene, the product is halogen-free. This particular product is only available in black, but the company does supply other colors.

Pros: The black color looks subtle and professional in your home. The sleeving is generally easy to install.

Cons: The sleeving may fray and tear easily. This product is only available in 25-foot rolls.

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5. Seismic Audio Expandable Woven Cable Sleeve

You can purchase this cable sleeving in 25, 50 and 100-foot rolls, depending on your needs. The product is available in four colors, so you can easily color-code your cables for easy access. This sleeving is easy to install and remove, and it’s overall resistant to high and low ambient temperatures. Just keep it away from direct heat sources.

Pros: The sizes listed are generally accurate. The material is flexible enough to fit multiple cables.

Cons: The sleeving can unravel if you don’t sear the edges right away.

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