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Keep Your Furry Friends Secure With These Pet Safety Gates

Who doesn’t love having a nice pup around? They’re a great source of energy, love and will keep you on a schedule whether you want them to or not.

They also vary in size and potential for mischief and because of that, you might want to keep them confined to only a certain area of your house. We get it, so we want to help you help your dog stay out of trouble and on your good side with these pet safety gates.

These pet safety gates can also double as a safety precaution for your toddler or baby around stairs and are safe and secure to use around both. They’re easy to set up in most doorways and will stay locked until you want them to release. Here are the best pet safety gates we’ve found available for purchase right now.

1. Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Walk-Thru Baby Gate

Regalo’s pet safety gate includes a door that opens and shuts for you to easily walk through. It stands about 30 inches tall and fits openings between 29-34 inches and 35-38.5 inches wide. It stays in place via pressure mount holds and includes a 6-inch extension kit you can use to securely fasten it to a variety of door openings. Includes multiple safety-lock features so it’ll only open when you want it to, and is both JPMA- and ASTM-certified.

Pros: Easy to walk through, durable design, good for small children as well.

Cons: Cannot be used in doorways between 34 inches and 35 inches.

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2. Summer Multi-Use Deco Walk-Thru Gate

This Summer Infant baby/pet safety gate is very tall, perfect for bigger breeds and older children. It’s very easy to install and includes a no-drill doorway kit for securely fastening it where you want it. It has an auto-close feature that makes sure the gate closes behind you and a hold-open feature that will keep the door open for convenience. The design is also stylish for aesthetically-driven homes, metal with a bronze finish. It’s 36 inches tall and can fit between openings ranging from 28.5-48 inches.

Pros: Tall gate, extra protective, pleasing design, easy to walk through.

Cons: Color options could be better.

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3. Safety 1st Décor Baby Gate

This gate from Safety 1st installs securely and has SecureTech functionality so you always know when it needs to be tightened for extra security. It’s durable, strong and can fit doorways ranging from 29- 47 inches wide. It’s got a door with a two-action handle that requires squeezing from both ends which is easy for you but tough for anyone else, paws especially. The pressure-mounted installation process requires no tools and the whole thing is JPMA-certified and meets ASTM standards for baby and pet safety.

Pros: Pleasing design, easy latch, pressure mount that’s easy to install.

Cons: It requires your index finger and thumb to close the gate as well as open it.

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4. Carlson Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door

This extra wide pet gate from Carlson Pet Products stands securely thanks to its sturdy metal frame and includes a smaller door for littler dogs to fit through. It stands 30.5 inches tall and is easy to set up quickly with a pressure mount system on either side. The small pet door is 8 x 8 inches and will let you smaller dogs through while keeping big ones out. It’s got an easy-close door feature for convenience and fits in most openings between 29-36.5 inches wide.

Pros: Sturdy design, stable, includes a small doggy door so small pets can easily get through.

Cons: Cat door may be too large for some.

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5. Safety 1st Eco-Friendly Nature Bamboo Gate

Safety 1st also makes a pet safety gate made of bamboo and recycled plastic materials that’s secure, affordable and environmentally-friendly. The frame is ultra durable and the plastic panels provide protection and an intricate design for your home. The bumpers on either side are non-marring so the wood in your home is protected and it’s a pressure-mounted gate that installs easily.

Pros: Environmentally-friendly bamboo design, fits in most doorways, easy to latch and unlatch.

Cons: Gate may be too high for some to step over easily.

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