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Measure Twice and Hang Once With an Easy-To-Use Picture Hanging Kit

Finding a picture or painting that you like enough to put on display in your home or office can be a challenge. Does it match your furniture? Do you and your partner both like it? Does it need a frame? Does it go with your other art pieces? Once you’ve selected the picture, painting or photograph and chosen where to hang your new masterpiece, the hard work isn’t over. Now it’s time to hang the item straight with (preferably) minimal damage to your walls.

That’s why whenever we need to hang something, we use a picture hanging kit. Available with a variety of options, picture hanging kits come with everything you need, including nails and hooks that can handle lightweight prints or heavy frames. Some kits include a wire that can be attached to your painting, while other kits provide ways to hang pictures without leaving a hole or a mark on your wall, perfect for renters.

You don’t have to be handy to hang a picture, but you do need the right set of tools to hang the picture so it looks straight and great. Find out which kit is right for you with our list of the best picture hanging kits below.

1. Hominize Picture Hanging Kit

Hang pictures big and small, heavy and light with the Hominize Picture Hanging Kit. The extensive kit comes with every nail, hanger, hook and screw needed to properly hang a picture or painting, with enough pieces to decorate a large home or office. The Hominize kit comes with a variety of screws and hooks in various sizes that can accommodate frames that are 10, 20, 30, 50 and even 100 pounds. The Hominize also has a wire that can be used to outfit a canvas for hanging. All the pieces in the kit (excluding the wire) are brass plated and made durable enough to last for years.

Pros: With more than 300 pieces included, the Hominize is the largest kit on our list and is rated for the most weight.

Cons: Customers will still have to purchase a hammer and level.

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2. Heco Assorted Picture Hanging Kit

Hang up to 85 pictures, prints and more with the Heco Assorted Picture Hanging Kit. The 220-piece kit comes with wires, nails, hooks, and hangers, everything you need for hanging artwork and more. The pieces are made to be long-lasting thanks to a hardened steel core, angled-nail design and notched hooks that will ensure your pieces remain securely on the wall for years. Like the Hominize, the Heco comes in a compact carrying case that makes it easy to keep your kit protected and organized.

Pros: The Heco built their kit so that hooks and nails are packaged together, meaning no more trying to guess or google which hanger or hook goes with which nail.

Cons: The highest-rated hanger in the Heco kit is for 75 pounds, which is less than the Hominize’s rating for 100 pounds.

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3. Qualihome Picture Hanging Kit

Decorate your small home or apartment with beautifully hung artwork using the Qualihome Picture Hanging Kit. The kit comes with 80 of the most commonly used hooks, nails and hangers for pictures, including a stainless steel wire that can be used on the back of a canvas or board. The compact and lightweight kit is ideal for travel, great for visits to a dorm room or a family member’s new home that needs pictures hung.

Pros: The Qualihome is packaged in a reusable carrying case that has a clear top, making it easy to see what’s inside. The kit also features dividers that help to organize the contents.

Cons: The Qualihome has less than half the number of pieces in the Heco kit but is only slightly less expensive.

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4. Command Picture Hanging Kit

As the Command ads say, ‘Do. No Harm.’ If you need to hang a picture and aren’t allowed or able to make a hole in your wall (renters, college dorm dwellers, and people with cement walls –– we’re talking to you), then you need the Command Picture Hanging Kit. Don’t stare at a blank wall. Instead, use Command strips to safely hang your pieces, with the kit including three sawtooth picture hangers, two wire back picture hangers, five large strips, four pairs of large picture hanging strips, and eight pairs of small picture hanging strips. We also like that the kit includes 16 poster strips, which provides an affordable option for neatly hanging posters without purchasing an expensive frame.

Pros: The Command strips can be used on a wide variety of products in addition to frames. Mirrors, wall clocks, home décor and posters can all be hung with one or several pieces from the resealable kit.

Cons: The Command strips aren’t suitable for extremely heavy pictures. They also can’t be used on wallpaper or walls that have been painted within seven days.

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5. Monkey Hooks Picture Hangers

Need to hang a picture quickly and don’t have any tools nearby? You’re in luck. With the Monkey Hooks Picture Hangers, you can easily and securely hang a picture without the use of a hammer. The hanger’s self-boring tip allows users to pick their hanging spot and then penetrate the wall by twisting the hanger back and forth, with the shaft eventually sliding in and remaining in place with the self-locking feature, leaving only the end of the hook exposed. The Monkey Hooks have an impressive max weight of 50 pounds.

Pros: The kit comes with three different hooks that can be used based on individual projects. The kit includes 10 original Monkey Hooks, 10 Gorilla Grade hooks that can hold up to 40% more weight, and 10 Flush mount hooks that are designed for small items that must be hung flush to the wall.

Cons: The Monkey Hooks don’t work on drywall with a narrow space behind it, with studs, or if the drywall is over brick. The hooks can also be difficult to insert into thick drywall.

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