Is This The Best Pillow For Your Skin?

MyFacePillow Anti-Wrinkle Pillow
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* Made with memory foam
* Hypo-allergenic interior covers, removable velour covers
* Small enough to take on a plane

In case you missed the memo, you’re damaging your skin and causing it to age prematurely when you go to sleep at night. To be more specific, it’s the pillowcases that are doing most of the damage. But fear not because we found the solution to your anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-acne needs in the YourFacePillow. (Yeah, we’re not too sure about that name either.)

Studies have shown that the constant pressure put on your face while sleeping increases the risk for wrinkles and acne, and generally just wreaks havoc on your skin. MyFacePillow purports to combat that with a design that comfortably supports your neck, while keeping your face from contacting or being pressured by the pillow itself.

But how exactly is your skin being wrinkled and riddled with acne while you sleep? It’s simple, really. The constant contact with your pillowcase over an extended period of time pushes and pulls the skin into what are called sleep wrinkles. Over time, those sleep wrinkles turn into real ones. The same goes for acne. Plus, the overall design of the YourFacePillow would seem to also help any beauty creams you’re applying before bed to actually do their job overnight rather than being wiped off on your pillows.

However absurd the YourFacePillow might seem, there’s no doubt that the design makes sense. So what’s keeping you from trying it out?

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