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Upgrade Your Game Room With The Best Ping Pong Tables

When you’re setting up your game room or patio, a ping pong table probably ranks pretty high on your wishlist. The great thing about these tables? They’re active without being too strenuous, and people at varying levels can play and still have a good time. Many people assume the only way to enjoy ping pong at home is to have a large backyard or a basement to convert into a game room, but that isn’t necessarily true. The best ping pong tables include compact folding options in addition to premium options for extra-large game rooms.

Many of our favorite ping pong tables have convenient features like wheels and folding frames, allowing them to be easily moved and stored. That means that whether your game room is a crowded garage or your patio is also your parking space, there are still ways to enjoy table tennis. And even if no one is around to play with, many tables can be folded in half for single-player practice.

In fact, finding innovative ways to play table tennis is true to the sport’s spirit, as it was first played using makeshift equipment in Victorian England. Its popularity quickly grew, and by the turn of the 20th century, it had grown into a serious sport with regulating associations. Now it’s a full-blown Olympic sport, and intense rallies between elite players will rack up millions of views online. Of course, you can embrace the game’s roots by playing it as a leisurely patio game with friends and family. We’ve rounded up some of the best ping pong tables on Amazon, including regulation-size tables and space-saving options.

1. STIGA Advantage Lite

This table may be lightweight, but its manufacturer, Stiga, is a true heavyweight in the world of table tennis. Stiga has manufactured table tennis equipment since the late 1930s. Their Advantage Lite table has a convenient design that makes it a great option for indoor use. It has wheels and can be folded in half for easy storage. The table comes 95% pre-assembled, meaning it’ll be ready to go shortly after you get it out of the box.

Pros: Lightweight and compact option from a trusted table tennis brand. Easy to store and assemble.

Cons: Playing surface is thinner than regulation-size for the sake of lightness.

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2. JOOLA Inside – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

If you take table tennis seriously, then this table from Joola is the way to go. Joola has been around since the 1950s, and has sponsored world table tennis tournaments like the Olympics. This table is regulation-size, including its thickness. It can be folded up for storage or single play, and eight casters make it easy to transport. The net attaches using a convenient clamp system.

Pros: Regulation dimensions, can be folded for storage or single play. Made by top table tennis brand.

Cons: Expensive.

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3. MD Sports Table Tennis Set

If you’re looking for an affordable regulation table, this pick from MD sports is a solid option. Like many of the top tier indoor tables, it has a foldable frame making it easy to store, and casters for rolling it around. It can also be folded for single-play mode. It comes mostly assembled; putting it together only requires attaching the legs and net.

Pros: Folds up easily for storage or single-player. Regulation size. Reasonably priced.

Cons: Not as durable as top brands.

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4. Barrington Fremont Collection Tennis Table

If you want a table that’s as stylish as it is functional, this option from Barrington Billiards is a great pick. It has stylish dark brown wood legs and rustic details that make it a great option for proudly displaying in your home. It’s also easier to set up than it looks — no tools are required for assembly. The table is made to regulation dimensions, so it’s also a good option for anyone who’s serious about their serve.

Pros: Stylish option. Regulation size. No-tool assembly.

Cons: Expensive. It doesn’t fold up, unlike many of the other tables.

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5. JOOLA Conversion Table Tennis Top

If space is very limited in your home, then you might want a conversion table. This option from Joola only consists of the tabletop, no legs are included. It’s designed to be placed on top of other tables, such as a billiards table or even a dinner table. The tabletop is regulation size, which means that you can save space without sacrificing your game. Included foam padding protects the tabletop and whatever surface you place it on.

Pros: Regulation-size conversion table. Space-saving design works almost anywhere, as long as you have a table.

Cons: Included net could be better designed.

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