These Are the Best Places To Buy Furniture Online

For many, shopping for new furniture is an exciting and enjoyable task. Whether you’re moving into a new place, buying your first property or even just giving your existing home a facelift, new furniture to sit on, sleep in or eat off of can give life to or reinvigorate any space. Handily, the days of having to spend hours going up and down store aisles are behind us. These days, browsing the web from the comfort of your soon-to-be-ex couch is far more convenient. To help you out, here are some of the best places to buy furniture online.

Deciding on the best style of furniture for your home comes down to your personal preference, the chosen color scheme, and of course, the opinion/s of the people you live with. In 2022, the most popular furniture style is modern, with the majority of pieces sporting a minimalist appearance. If that doesn’t appeal to your tastes, perhaps mid-century modern, outright minimalist or industrial-style pieces are more pleasing to your eye?

When you are furniture shopping for your home, it’s worth remembering that different rooms require different types of furniture. A large, social dining table is a great feature in an open plan kitchen, a comfy couch is a must for movie nights in the living room, while no entryway is complete without a sideboard to chuck your keys on as you get home. This room-to-room variation also means you can assign different styles to individual rooms for greater design variety throughout your home if you wish.

If you’re stuck on where to start with your furniture shopping, here are a few essential pieces of furniture that any home should have:

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We’ve brought together the 11 best places to buy furniture online. There are numerous stores to choose from, including both budget-friendly and luxury options. We’ve also included some specific niches, such as outdoor furniture and antique furniture, too. When it comes to furnishing your home, buy with confidence from this list of trusted retailers.


1. Wayfair


Wayfair is one of the world’s most comprehensive online furniture stores, offering a range of everything you need to furnish your home and then some. Rather than focusing on a specific product design, Wayfair offers quality furniture in a range of different styles and at a range of price points. For easy browsing, their website includes individual product photos which are accompanied by attractive room setup ideas to further inspire your choices. In addition, they regularly have items on sale, so there’s every chance you’ll find exactly what you were looking for at a price that is hard to ignore.

Image courtesy of Wayfair


2. Walmart


It’s hard to think of something you can’t buy at Walmart. It’s truly one of the best places to buy furniture online and has everything, including a great range of stylish yet budget-friendly furniture. When shopping for your new furniture pieces on Walmart’s site, you can choose to browse by individual product type or make use of their item breakdown based on the room of the house. What’s also great about Walmart’s range is that they stock a variety of popular brands, including Drew Barrymore Flower Home Furniture, MoDRN Furniture and Allswell mattresses. This is in addition to less well-known brands, too. To top it off, once you’ve found your new furniture piece, you can do your weekly grocery shopping at the same time.

Image courtesy of Walmart


3. Amazon


Amazon has an impressive range of furniture available to order among the unbelievable amount of technology, clothing, gifts and other miscellaneous goods you’ll find on the site. Although Amazon isn’t a dedicated furniture store, it’s still one of the best places to buy furniture online. This includes a range of product designs, styles and sizes. One of the best features of ordering with Amazon is that delivery is that you can usually see when your furniture is going to arrive. However, it’s worth noting that you’re likely going to need your own screwdriver and patience as most furniture comes flat packed without any assistance with assembly.

Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Target


Buying your first home is an exciting process, and furnishing it with your own style can be the cherry on top. A great reason to buy furniture from Target is their range of attractive pieces which are only available to their customers. Add into this the numerous accessories and appliances, and you have a place to deck your home out from top to bottom. Rather than shopping from retailer to retailer, you can buy the couch, tables and chairs as well as pots and pans for the kitchen, games for the kids, and just about anything else you might need, too.

Image courtesy of Target


5. The Home Depot


The clue is in the name with this one. The Home Depot is an online warehouse, full of all the furniture, accessories and appliances you need to take your home to the next level. Many online furniture stores stay within the safety of the items you’d expect to see such as beds, closets and tables. However, when shopping at The Home Depot, you can think about the traditional pieces as well as all the final touches, too. From egg cookers to blenders, coffee makers to dishwashers, you can order all your furniture and appliances and have them delivered straight to your door. Plus, it is possible to add assisted installation for many pieces.

Image courtesy of The Home Depot


6. Frontgate


Frontgate firmly believes that furnishing your home isn’t all about the indoors. Their outdoor selection of tables, chairs, outdoor couches and other outdoor furniture pieces makes it possible and easy to transform your backyard into a stylish oasis. Not only does Frontgate make it easy to create a gorgeous outdoor dining area or chill-out space, but they also suggest additional items which will allow you to keep your outdoor furniture in its best condition for years to come. You’ll find a whole section of their online shop dedicated to different storage options and covers for your furniture, as well as a range of patio heaters and fire pits to keep you warm in the winter, too. It’s no wonder Frontgate is one of our favorite places to buy furniture online.

Image courtesy of Frontgate


7. 1stDibs


1stDibs has a different approach to your average furniture shop, instead giving customers the opportunity to discover and purchase one-of-a-kind pieces. They source antiques from around the world and connect the sellers and buyers together in order to negotiate and exchange. With the same shopping structure in mind, they also offer a range of jewelry, fashion and other fine art products. If you’re looking to fill your home with truly unique furniture and discover a style of shopping, similar to eBay but with a first-class edge to it, 1stDibs is one of the best places to buy furniture online.

Image courtesy of 1stDibs


8. Ikea


Ikea is a Sweden-based company that famously revolutionized furniture shopping, using its fresh approach to home styling and customer experience. All of the items available from their site are designed with easy-to-follow, step-by-step assembly in mind. This makes it easy for you to put your new furniture together in the comfort of your own home, only using a few simple tools which are either included with or can be purchased at the same time as your furniture. Ikea offers a huge range of furniture items, styles and sizes, all within the realms of everyday affordability. They also offer accessories and appliances as well as some other more random goods, such as cuddly toys, candles, ginger and Dime chocolate bars.

Image courtesy of IKEA


9. CB2


If you’re aiming for a modern home with minimalistic furnishing, calming tones and a premium-quality feel throughout, CB2 is the best place to buy furniture online The website features mood boards and room setups to inspire your selection from their range of rather sophisticated products. The standout style and luxury feel of this retailer does come at a higher price than your average online store, but the unique styles, high-quality construction and durability make it more than worth it.

Image courtesy of CB2


10. Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters Home department has a certain look about it. This on-trend, slightly edgy and extremely stylish appearance may be more familiar through the company’s clothing line. However, it turns out it translates rather well to home furniture, too. Although you’re unlikely to furnish your whole home from Urban Outfitters offerings, a few of their carefully picked ornaments, soft furnishings or pieces of art can make a real impact on any space in your home. Their larger pieces of quirky furniture come at a cost, but they also have smaller furnishing options, such as shelves and wall hooks which possess the big price tags, too. Handily, their budget-friendly selection of kooky bathmats, vases, mirrors and other smaller items make brilliant gift ideas for any interior design-loving friends.

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters


11. Pottery Barn


To truly indulge in luxury furnishings, we’d recommend you look to Pottery Barn on your quest to find the best places to buy furniture online. They have a huge range of upholstered items such as couches, sofa beds and armchairs, as well as a premium selection of solid-wood tables, beds and closets. Once you’ve settled on your major furniture pieces, you can further explore the seemingly endless pages of cushions, throws, candle holders and other stylish finishing touches. When shopping at Pottery Barn, you can be confident in the quality and sustainability of your items as they’re all designed for long-term use and are ethically sourced, too.

Image courtesy of Pottery Barn


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