10 Gorgeous Plants You Can Buy on Amazon (No, Seriously)

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Amazon is an online land of wonders. You can seriously find everything from mango peelers to Star Wars underwear on the site. But did you know you can also buy live plants from the online retailer?

Both indoor and outdoor plants are available on Amazon thanks to its quick shipping methods, and that’s great news for you. Plants are a wonderful addition to any home or office. Not only are they pretty to look at, greenery has also been proven to relieve stress and purify the air, giving you a cleaner living environment. 

So, if you’re ready to add a few more plants into your life, add a few of these houseplants to your Amazon cart. 

(Just keep in mind that some states have different rules regarding the shipment of plants. Therefore, it’s important to read the fine print, especially if you live in a highly restricted state like California or Hawaii.)

1. United Nursery Ficus Lyrata


With its fiddle-shaped and shiny leathery leaves, the United Nursery Ficus Lyrata is a subtle yet effective way to give your home a dose of green. The plant is easy to look after. It only requires indirect but bright light and a minimal amount of watering to survive. The medium-sized plant is ideal for display on desks, shelves and other surfaces around the house in need of a new and relaxation-inducing look.

best plants you can buy on Amazon fig leaf Image courtesy of Amazon


2. JM BAMBOO Goldfish Plant


One easy way to give your home interiors or exteriors a whole new lease of life is by hanging plants around the place. With this JM BAMBOO Goldfish Plant, you’ll have a quick and easy way to add a splash of green to your home. This plant is easy to grow, easy to care for and can bloom all year round, too. Simply give it bright, filtered light and water (less during the winter months), and you’re good to go. It also comes with a four-inch hanging basket, meaning you can hang it up as soon as it arrives.

best plants you can buy on Amazon goldfish hanging Image courtesy of Amazon


3. JoelsCarnivorousPlants Venus Flytrap


If you’ve never experienced the wonderment of watching a plant physically catch its own food, it’s time for you to invest in the JoelsCarnivorousPlants Venus Flytrap . When you order this product, you’ll receive three individual flytrap plants mounted inside included three-inch net pots. The plants also come with a handy care sheet for your new pet and a potting diagram for when it outgrows the included pot.

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4. Black Coral Snake Sansevieria Trificiata


The Burpee Black Coral Snake Sansevieria Trificiata is the only plant on our list which is available in a choice of different ‘styles.’ This versatile plant comes in three different leaf color combinations, meaning you can tailor your choice to the plant type you think will suit your interiors best. All three options are incredibly easy to grow as they require minimal sunlight to survive while providing greenery to any home or office interior.

best plants you can buy on Amazon snake plant Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Nature’s Highlight Juniper Bonsai Tree


The Nature’s Highlight Juniper Bonsai Tree may be over five years old, but don’t be fooled into thinking you’re buying a sizable addition for your home. We are, of course, talking about the fascinating world of bonsai trees. These beautiful home additions remain tabletop size throughout their lives, which means by adding one to your home decor, you get all of the best things about having a tree in your house without giving up the room. This beautiful bonsai tree comes pre-planted in a Japanese Satku Bowl to complete the authentic look.

best plants you can buy on Amazon bonsai Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Costa Farms Clean Air 3-Pack Plant Collection


If your main reason for bringing a plant into your home is in the hope it will provide fresher and cleaner air, then the Costa Farms Clean Air 3-Pack Plant Collection could include the plants you’re after. NASA has proven that each of the plants in the set is adept at cleaning the air around you. When you order this pack, you’ll receive three randomly chosen plants from the available options which include a fern, snake plant, devil’s ivy, Parlor palm and dieffenbachia. The plants all measure between nine and 15-inches tall.

best plants you can buy on Amazon clean air Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Fat Plants San Diego Large Cactus Plants


If you weren’t born with green thumbs but still want a plant to adorn your home, it’s probably a good idea to pick a cactus. This Fat Plants San Diego Large Catcus Plants Collection comes in sets of either two or eight plants. Each plant is large, fully rooted and has been grown in a plastic grower pot. When you receive the cacti, you can re-pot them or arrange them around the house, safe in the knowledge you probably can’t kill them. In addition, the company guarantees that there will be no duplicates in the selection of attractive around-the-house cactus additions.

best plants you can buy on Amazon cactus Image courtesy of Amazon


8. DecoBlooms White Orchid Plant


Whether you’re heading to a summer barbecue party or a Christmastime get together, there’s never a bad time to gift someone an orchid. Not only are they a versatile decoration which can appear in an office, bedroom, kitchen or any other room in the house, their elegant appearance always manages to add a touch of class. This DecoBlooms White Orchid Plant will be between 16 and 30 inches tall on arrival.

best plants you can buy on Amazon orchid Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Plants for Pets 20 Pack Succulent Plants


If you’re prone to forgetting to give your house plants their daily watering, it may be a good idea to choose these Plants for Pets 20 Pack Succulent Plants . Not only are they easy to keep alive, there’s 20 of them, so you can display a few in each room or alternatively have a large plant-filled focal point. Furthermore, succulents are having a bit of a moment, so there are plenty of attractive pots available for purchase on Amazon.

best plants you can buy on Amazon succulents Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Brighter Blooms Benjamina Ficus Tree


Unlike the Bonsai tree on our list, the Brighter Blooms Benjamina Ficus Tree is a full tree. This ‘plant’ is ideal for bigger rooms with corners that need an empty corner filled. Upon arrival, the tree will measure three to four feet tall and comes in a plastic pot that can be nestled inside a wicker basket or replaced with something more attractive. Furthermore, this ficus tree only needs to be watered two to three times a week.

best plants you can buy on Amazon ficus tree Image courtesy of Amazon


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