The 10 Best Plants for Offices That Need Sprucing Up

Potted plant on a desk
Courtesy of The Sill

As humans, we’re always looking to connect with nature. Unfortunately, that can be hard if you spend your 9-5 in a cubicle or an office. That’s where indoor plants come in handy. These days, sprucing up your office or small business with a little greenery isn’t just for decorative purposes. There are also many health and wellness benefits you can reap when you bring plants to work.

Science shows plants can reduce stress, tension and anxiety. They can also increase productivity and potentially boost creativity. What’s not to love about that?


What Are the Best Types of Plants For an Office Space?

The types of plants you incorporate into your office space depend entirely on your office or small business. There are several things to consider before picking the best plants for your office:

Size: How much room are you working with? Could your space benefit from a floor plant or a smaller one that sits on your desk? And how quickly does the plant in question grow? Plot out how much room you actually have for your plant and proceed accordingly.

Light: Is there natural sunlight in your space? How much? Some plants need more light than others to thrive, so if you’ve got a cubicle away from the window or a reception area with dark corners, definitely opt for a plant that requires less sun.

Watering: Some plants require more water than others in order to thrive. Chances are if you’re decking out your office with plants, you won’t be around to water them every day. That’s where low-maintenance varieties are key.

General maintenance: Some plants require pruning, fertilization, humidity or other specific needs. So if you want to focus on creating a more zen-like space that actually allows you to focus on your work, it’s probably best to skip those types of plants altogether.


Where to Purchase the Best Plants for Offices


1. Chinese Evergreen


If you’re looking for a plant that actually likes a low-light area, Chinese Evergreens are your best bet. They’re one of the most popular plants for offices because they’re so low-maintenance and they only require watering every one-to-two weeks — whenever the soil is dry. It’s also a pretty plant, which makes it an all-around win.

Chinese evergreen plant Courtesy of Amazon

2. Peperomia Obtusifolia


This small but mighty plant actually doesn’t like a lot of sun, which makes it one of the best plants for offices with low light. They also tend to grow slowly so they can adorn your desk for a long time without taking up extra space. If you water yours well (whenever the soil dries out), you may even notice little white flowers beginning to grow.

Peperomia Obtusifolia plant in a pot Courtesy of The Sill

3. Snake Plant


These tropical-looking plants are also one of the hardest to kill, which makes them an office winner in our books. The snake plant can grow in dry air and with low sunlight, plus smaller plants only need to be watered when the soil gets dry. In some cases, that can mean every couple of weeks.

Snake plant in a pot Courtesy of Amazon

4. ZZ Plant


If you’re just getting into the plant game and need something pretty that’s low-maintenance and hard to kill, a ZZ plant is one of the hardiest picks of the bunch. It’s great for a cubicle or an office without a window since it can live without direct sunlight, but it’s also slow to grow, which means less pruning or worrying about it totally taking over your space.

ZZ Plant in a pot Courtesy of The Sill

5. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is a dead useful plant: not only is it a natural air purifier, but you can squeeze the gel from the mature leaves to treat burns or sunburns. The plant does need more sunlight than many on this list, but if you put it in indirect sunlight and give it water every two-to-three weeks it’s sure to thrive.

Aloe Very in a pot Courtesy of Amazon

6. Bird’s Nest Fern


If part of your daily grind involves dreaming about your next tropical getaway, consider this crinkly-leaved fern that instantly evokes that vacay feeling. Unlike those on the beach, however, this plant only requires indirect sunlight and little water — give it a drink every week or so and you should be good to go.

Birds' Nest fern plant Courtesy of Wayfair
  7. Spider Plant

7. Spider Plant


This common houseplant is beloved for a reason: it’s easy to grow, low-maintenance and it looks good. Hang one above in low-light or indirect sunlight to add a bit of greenery to your space then let it do its thing. You will need to keep the soil wet (but not too wet!), so plan on watering it once or twice a week depending on the humidity in your office.

Spider plant for the office Courtesy of Amazon

8. Monstera Deliciosa


If you want to fill out a bit of floor space or hide office equipment with a cool-looking plant that doesn’t require too much attention, the Monstera is it. It’s nicknamed the Swiss Cheese Plant because of the holes in its leaves, but it’s important to note that this one can grow in pretty much any space. If you want to keep yours in top shape, feed it plant food once a month and water it whenever the top half of the soil dries out.

Swiss Cheese plant in a pot Courtesy of Bloomscape

9. Lucky Bamboo


Looking for the best plant for your office that will also bring you a bit of luck? The lucky bamboo ought to do it. These plants can grow in water or soil and require very little care other than watering and the occasional pruning. Depending on how many stalks you have they can also bring you luck as per the Chinese tradition. Two stalks represent love, three stalks represent wealth, happiness and long life, and five stalks represent growth in business.

Lucky bamboo stalks Amazon Courtesy of Amazon

10. Succulents


If you’re looking for something small and minimal, you can never go wrong with a succulent. They come in a bunch of varieties and grow in small or large spaces, which makes them one of the best plants for offices in need of sprucing up. However, these guys definitely do better when they have light, so it’s best to place them near windows or doorways.

Succulent for the office Courtesy of Amazon