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Get Ready To Win Big With One Of The Best Poker Tables

If you had to put your poker game on hold this past year, you’ve had a lot of time to save up and strategize so that you can come back to the game better than ever. That also means refreshing your setup with one of the best poker tables.

Sure, you can use any old dining room or kitchen table, but that won’t give you the authentic poker experience you’ve been craving. You and your friends deserve that luxurious felt surface, a space to organize your chips, cupholders, and everything else that inspires you to win big. This can be achieved with a beautiful standalone wooden poker table that lives full time in your game room, den or office, with a folding poker table that you can store when it’s not in use, or a high quality mat that rolls out right on top of any table to transform it into the poker table of your dreams.

No matter your space or budget, there’s an option to give you the best poker table that will make your guests want to keep coming back no matter how much they lose. Transform your home into a makeshift casino by buying one of these before your next poker night.


1. Barrington Collection Card Game Table


If you’re looking for a poker table that’s compact and portable but also authentic with space for a lot of players, this Barrington table is the perfect choice. It seats up to 10 people with a cupholder for everyone. There’s no assembly required, you just unfold it whenever or wherever you want to play. The faux leather padded rails and black felt surface give it a luxurious feel that you wouldn’t expect from a folding table. It’s an easy way to elevate your game night, and it happens to be a number one best seller with tons of five star reviews.

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2. Koreyosh Poker Table


A slightly smaller option that takes up a bit less space, this foldable poker table is a convenient octagonal shape to perfectly seat up to eight players. Each side has a designated card space and a cupholder, and since you’re all angled in a slightly different direction, you don’t have to worry as much about your neighbor sneaking a peek at your cards. There’s also a padded railing to rest your arms and classic green felt on the surface. It’s a sturdy, reliable option that’s super easy to store.

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3. Texas Hold’em Folding Poker Table Cover


A poker table cover is ideal if you have a multifunctional game room or just want to use an existing table for your poker night. This poker tabletop cover instantly transforms your dining room into a casino with the high quality felt material, cupholders and designated chip trays. It creates a space for eight players, and when the game is over, you just fold it back up and pop it into the carry bag for easy storage or transport.

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4. Poker Tabletop Layout Mat


This roll-up tabletop mat is the sleekest, simplest option as far as poker tables go. You just roll it out on any table for a basic, no-frills setup. The non-slip rubber base stays firmly in place, no matter how forcefully cards or chips are thrown down. It’s by far the easiest option to take with you if you alternate who hosts the weekly game, and it can be stored in almost any space, no matter how small.

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5. Hillsdale Furniture Kingston Wood Game Table


Some amateur players may be dedicated enough to have a designated room for their poker game, which means it would make sense to have a permanent poker table. The ornate, hand-carved wooden pedestal and medium cherry finish will add a handsome and luxurious vibe in any space. The reversible surface can be used either for dining and non-poker games or flipped to reveal cup holders and chip trays for poker night. It’s worth the investment if you want to create the most professional at-home poker atmosphere.

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6. DA VINCI 2 Sided Casino Felt Layout


This affordable felt mat creates a casino-style layout for your game of choice on any tabletop. One side has the full layout for Texas Hold ‘Em, and the other side sets up an official Blackjack game with the players facing one way and the dealer opposite them. If you like to swtich things up for your poker night or bounce around to different homes, this is a perfectly convenient and versatile poker table option.

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7. Gorilla Gaming Stainless Table


For those that want to create the perfect poker table to meet their exact needs and preferences, Gorilla Gaming gives you the chance to select every aspect of your table. It’s a dream come true for serious players who have a particular vision depending on their space, amount of players or game of choice. It features foam rail with built-in cupholders and a stainless dealer section, with hundreds of different color and material options to choose from. It’ll be an investment to last you a lifetime/

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Courtesy of Gorilla Gaming

8. 48″ Compact Poker Table


This is a basic, good looking poker table that gets the job done without too many bells and whistles. You can choose the wood finish and the color of the surface felt to make sure it fits your decorative needs, and though it looks remarkably solid, the legs can fold for easy setup and storage. If you’re looking for something that’s simple enough for any type of poker or card game but still looks great, this may be the one for you.

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