Procrastinating Too Much? Snag a Pomodoro Timer to Get Stuff Done

Pomodoro Timer
Courtesy of Amazon

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Struggling to keep focused when doing otherwise mundane and simple tasks? Get distracted when studying or writing papers? Fret no more, all you’re lacking is a Pomodoro timer.

What is a Pomodoro timer you may ask? Well, we’re glad you did. It’s a way to visually and mentally tell yourself it’s time to get some stuff done. Simply pick a task and a timeframe, set the timer and knock whatever it is you have to do out of the park. The visual representation of time loss via the Pomodoro’s interface allows you to quickly finish tasks in a non-distractive format.

So whether you’ve got piles upon piles of laundry to fold or a paper that needed finishing last Friday, check out these Pomodoro timers that are sure to be your new anti-procrastinating BFF.

1. Time Timer MOD

Coming in four excellent silicone coverings, the Time Timer MOD is a nifty Pomodoro timer that can survive any desk fall. The red-on-white sectional countdown is easily visible, so no one will have a problem differentiating. We know you don’t want a noisy Pomodoro timer either, which is stellar because this one stays absolutely silent. The silicone exterior is also removable, so feel free to switch the color whenever you please.

Pros: This Pomodoro timer will survive a fall due to the silicone covering and is completely soundless.

Cons: This timer is definitely on the more expensive side.

Time Timer MOD Courtesy of Amazon

2. Yunbaoit Visual Analog Timer

While our last timer offered beautifully colored silicone attachments, the Yunbaoit Visual Analog Timer has its fun color choice built right in. This is awesome because it gives an alternative to the typical red-on-white coloration that comes regularly with Pomodoros. This timer is also ideal for quiet environments since it is not noisy. Overall, this one’s a unique way to handle time management!

Pros: It has unique color options and isn’t noisy at all.

Cons: Construction could be sturdier.

Yunbaoit Visual Analog Timer Courtesy of Amazon

3. OVEKI Kitchen Timer

Whether you’re five or 95, the OVEKI Kitchen Timer is a simple to use Pomodoro timer option suitable for anyone. This more modern take on our favorite timer doesn’t visually show time disappear in the regular pie chart format but instead has the same aesthetic of an alarm clock. Because it’s magnetic, it can stick to metal surfaces with ease, so it’s perfect for kitchen chores. Also, the dial is designed as the whole circumference of the timer, so simply twist the sides to get some work done.

Pros: Modern, sleek and magnetic alternative to older looking Pomodoro timers.

Cons: It doesn’t resemble your typical Pomodoro timer and looks more like an alarm clock. This could be a deal-breaker for some.

OVEKI Kitchen Timer Courtesy of Amazon

4. Znewtech Home & Office Timer

The Znewtech Home & Office Timer is more or less a classic, casual Pomodoro timer that works by rotation. Instead of a dial, simply turn it to the side and start counting. The countdown displays directly on the front in a straightforward, alarm clock format, unlike your typical Pomodoro timers. When times up, choose between high, low and silent alarm sounds.

Pros: Straightforward design with an interesting turn-to-start capability.

Cons: It generally isn’t the prettiest thing to look at, but hey, it gets the job done.

Znewtech Home & Office Timer

5. Digital Kitchen Timer

Looking for an affordable timer that can count up and down in big, bold lettering? Look no further than the Digital Kitchen Timer. While like our last pick, it isn’t the prettiest of them all, it has the same ability any other Pomodoro timer has at a much more reasonable price point. It comes with a stand for hanging out on your desk or counter as well as a string for hanging from a refrigerator magnet or wall.

Pros: It’s a super affordable option for anyone looking to purchase a Pomodoro timer.

Cons: It isn’t the most attractive and there overall isn’t anything too great about it. It works for what it is, but it might not be exactly what you had in mind when seeking out a Pomodoro timer.

Digital Kitchen Timer Courtesy of Amazon