Keep Your Pool Clean Between Chlorine Sessions With the Best Pool Brushes

best pool brush
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Proper maintenance of your swimming pool is important. The idea of showing off your finest cannonball into a dirty pool just isn’t as appealing as splashing into a clean one. As with any household chore, to deliver the best results, you need the best tools. To keep your swimming pool in tip-top condition, ready for your daily swim or next pool party, you need one of the best pool brushes. 

As one of the flagship features of your home, your swimming pool should always be looking its best, especially in summer. Regular cleaning with a pool brush will ensure the walls and floor of your pool are dirt-free and ready to dazzle. Following a chlorine cleaning calendar treats the water itself but will not dig into the corners to rid dirt build-up like a pool brush can. So, to really stay on top of your pool’s sanitary state, you’ll need to put in a little elbow grease from time to time. We recommend brushing as needed rather than doing so daily.

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Features to Look For When Selecting the Best Pool Brush:

Width – Most pool brushes have a width of 15 to 18 inches. Some smaller options are available which are well suited to steps, sectioned-off areas and built-in jacuzzis. In general, you’ll find these brushes are designed for use on large open spaces. Some feature curved edges to enable a better reach into corners.

Bristles – The best type of material for pool brush bristles is dependent on the surface of your walls and tiles. Stainless steel brushes are highly durable and really dig into dirt, but they can cause damage to softer surfaces, such as vinyl, for which a nylon brush would be better suited. However, metal options are great on concrete and tiles.

Attachments – Although most pool brushes don’t include a pole, they are designed for easy connection to a separately purchased one. Check the width of the neck and the type of clip to ensure your pole and brush will be a match.

While there are alternative cleaning tools, such as pool vacuums and pool skimmers available, it’s always a good idea to have a manual brush around to clean your swimming pool. Below, we’ve swept up the eight best pool brushes available to buy on Amazon. There are a range of sizes and bristle types to choose from as well as some alternative designs, too. All of them are well rated by customers and are sure to improve the appearance and hygiene of your swimming pool.


1. Greenco Pool Brush


With super strong bristles and a 20-inch-wide head, the Greenco Pool Brush is an all-around great choice for spot cleaning your pool. Although the pole isn’t included, the attachment clip is designed for easy connection to all standard designs. And, the curved edges on either side of the brush enable it to better reach into corners to eradicate dirt. Plus, this is one of the best-reviewed options on our list.

best pool brush greenco Image courtesy of Amazon

Greenco Pool Brush

$16.72 $19.99 16% OFF


2. Milliard Pool Brush


At just over $10, the Milliard Pool Brush is a bargain investment with a lot of cleaning power. The heavy-duty, stainless steel bristles ensure an in-depth clean, and the 45-degree angle of the handle attachment makes for a comfortable user experience. As the bristles on this brush are tougher than most, you shouldn’t use it to clean vinyl pools. However, for tiles, concrete or micro-cement, this brush is ideal.

best pool brush milliard Image courtesy of Amazon

Milliard Pool Brush



3. Godmorn Pool Brush


The Godmorn Pool Brush is well suited for use in both home and commercial environments. It’s 18 inches wide and has nylon bristles, making it ideal for cleaning jacuzzis and baths, too. The attachment clip installed into the reinforced pole joint is designed for a quick and easy connection to your pre-existing pole. Plus, the curved sides of the brush make it easier to tackle corners.

best pool brush godmorn Image courtesy of Amazon

Godmorn Pool Brush



4. Milliard Hybrid Pool Brush


The combination of nylon and stainless steel bristles on the Milliard Hybrid Pool Brush makes it great for use on concrete pools. By using a mix of the two materials, this brush offers a less harsh scrub than all-metal options. This helps to avoid unwanted damage. Additionally, the 17.5-inch-wide brush has curved edges on either side to enable a better reach into corners for a more thorough clean.

best pool brush milliard Image courtesy of Amazon

Milliard Hybrid Pool Brush



5. Lalapool Pool Brush


With nearly 4,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, the Lalapool Pool Brush is a reliable choice. The 18-inch-wide head has curved edges for reaching into the corners of your pool or Jacuzzi, and the durable aluminum neck boasts a universal clip for connecting to most poles. As the bristles are made of nylon, this brush is well suited to all types of pool lining, including vinyl and other more fragile coverings.

lalapool pool brush Image courtesy of Amazon

Lalapool Pool Brush

$14.95 $18.99 21% OFF


6. Aquatix Pro Pool Brush


To help you stay on top of your cleaning schedule, the Aquatix Pro Pool Brush includes a digital pool maintenance planner. The brush itself boasts stainless steel bristles designed for a tough and consistent clean to get rid of all the dirt and marks on your pool floor and walls. At 18 inches wide, this standard-sized brush will cover a decent amount of pool lining surface with every push and pull.

aquatix pro pool brush Image courtesy of Amazon

Aquatix Pro Pool Brush



7. The Wall Whale Classic Pool Brush


The Wall Whale Classic Pool Brush is a popular choice among pool owners thanks to its very unique design. It utilized a whale tail attachment which resists against water to help you apply increased pressure, resulting in a tougher clean. Measuring 18 inches wide, this is a generously sized pool brush. All of these features mean it is able to clean using up to 10 times the force of standard models.

the wall whale classic pool brush Image courtesy of Amazon

The Wall Whale Classic Pool Brush

$27.99 $31.94 12% OFF


8. Swim Time Pool Brush


With orange, blue and white bristles, the Swim Time Pool Brush’s 360-degree design means there aren’t any hard edges that might damage the lining. The domed edges on either side of the brush are ideal for digging into corners that would otherwise be hard to reach. Furthermore, the bright orange strip of bristles running through the middle of the brush gives you a clear sight of exactly where your brush is, even if it’s deep in the water.

Swim Time Pool Brush Image courtesy of Amazon

Swim Time Pool Brush

$27.76 $43.95 37% OFF


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