Keep Bugs and Leaves Out of Your Pool With One of The Top-Rated Pool Covers

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When the temperatures are high, the sun is in the sky and you’ve slipped into your new swimming shorts all ready for a dip in your refreshing pool, there’s nothing worse than getting to the water’s edge and discovering leaves, bugs and debris floating around. Stop this nightmare situation from happening to you by choosing one of the best pool covers for your pool. These simple, and often budget-friendly, additions can help protect your clean pool water from a number of unpleasant obstacles which might prevent you from jumping straight into your refreshing pool water.

Principally, a pool cover only really needs to cover your pool and prevent unwanted bugs and debris from reaching the water. However, like most things, you can get more than just the basic model with some added features built-in. For example, choosing a solar pool cover over a standard option can help raise and maintain the temperature of your pool water. When it comes to choosing the best pool cover, here are a few additional benefits to keep on the lookout for:

  • Shape/Fitting – Most standard above-ground pool covers feature a pull-string closure to securely hug your pool’s outer. Solar pool covers are a little different in this respect as they sit flat on the surface of the water, transferring the heat from the sun almost directly into the water. This different style of fitting means it’s important to choose the right size to fit your pool. This way no water is uncovered and accessible to bugs and falling debris.
  • Temperature Management – Unlike standard pool covers, solar pool covers are able to increase the temperature of the water by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This is done using thousands of tiny bubbles built into the cover. These bubbles retain heat from the sun and pass it into your pool water. It’s worth noting that clear solar covers are better suited to non-heated pools over colored options.
  • Evaporation – The right pool cover can prevent your pool water from evaporating. If you live in a particularly warm or sunny area, this can make a noticeable difference to the height of your pool water. Hence, this is one of the main reasons why it’s important to ensure your pool cover fits correctly.

So, if until now you’ve been leaving your pool water exposed to the elements, bugs and other debris, it’s time to start protecting it. Below you’ll find a range of the best pool covers to put a barrier between your water and the nasty stuff. We’ve included covers for all shapes and sizes of pool. Read on to find the right one for you.


1. Intex Round Easy Set Pool Cover


The Intex Round Easy Set Pool Cover range is available in a variety of sizes to suit most above-ground pools. These snug-fitting pool covers come backed by over 16,000 five-star ratings from Amazon users who love the job this cover is doing for their pools. Furthermore, the smart design of the cover incorporates a number of drainage holes to avoid water accumulation on top to maintain the cover’s position, even if it rains.

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2. Trademark Supplies Waterproof Tarpaulin


If you’re simply looking for a pool cover to protect against bugs and debris, it doesn’t need to be more complicated than the Trademark Supplies Waterproof Tarpaulin. It’s available in 19 different rectangular or square sizes, each of which features built-in corner grommets, allowing you to attach bungee cords or ropes to secure it in place. Plus, not only does this pool cover come in a variety of sizes, it has a range of available thicknesses, too. You choose from lightweight to ultra heavy-duty, depending on your preference and the conditions you expect it to have to endure.

Trademark Supplies Waterproof Tarpaulin, best pool covers Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Summer Waves Quick Set Ring Pool Cover


For a back-to-basics option, consider the Summer Waves Quick Set Ring Pool Cover. This aesthetically pleasing pool cover incorporates a high-quality protective layer to stop debris and bugs from ever getting close to your pool water. It also features an integrated rope that can be pulled tight to create a more secure fit around your pool top. To top it off, this pool cover comes with a storage case for the parts of the year when the pool is packed away or the days when it’s in use during almost every daylight hour.

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4. Blue Wave Oval Above Ground Pool Cover


The very task of finding an oval-shaped pool cover can be a challenge in itself, but luckily the Blue Wave Oval Above Ground Pool Covers makes things simple. To ensure there’s one to fit your pool, this cover comes in a large range of sizes. Plus, oval covers allow for a four-foot overlap to help ensure you have plenty of material to create a secure fit and cover every inch of your pool. Furthermore, they also feature integrated grommets which are built into the rim and come with the cable and winch system which can be used to create a secure hold for your cover around the top of the pool.

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5. Intex Solar Cover


Now that solar pool covers like this Intex Solar Cover exist, it’s hard to imagine life without them. The genius combination of protection from debris and technology to warm your pool is an addition you’ll wonder how you did without. Rather than featuring a pull string edge like more traditional pool cover options, this design sports a fixed shape that sits on top of your pool water. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you order the right size for a correct fit with no overlap or gap around the edge.

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6. Blue Wave Bronze Rectangular Pool Cover


If you’ve ever experienced the nightmare of having your pool cover being blown away by the wind, then you’re going to love the Blue Wave Bronze Rectangular Pool Cover. This rugged polyethylene cover is tough enough to withstand heavy winter weather and also features integrated water tube loops. While the water tubes are sold separately, they are a worthwhile investment for anyone worried about hazardous wind as they add greater weight to the cover edges and make it more secure.

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7. Sun2Solar Blue Rectangle Solar Cover


The Sun2Solar Blue Rectangular Solar Cover is made up of thousands of tiny bubbles which are capable of retaining the sun’s heat and minimize water evaporation. The cover is available in either transparent or blue, depending on what best suits your tiles or lining. Plus, it’s also possible to cut this pool cover into the exact shape of your pool if it’s something out of the ordinary. If you do choose to trim your cover, ensure the bubbles are facing down when tracing and cutting as this is how it will need to sit during use.

sun2solar blue solar pool cover Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Robelle Winter Round Pool Cover


Robelle 3524-4 Winter Round Pool Covers come in a range of colors and sizes to accommodate all kinds of circular above-ground swimming pools. Each cover is made from heavy-duty polyethylene which prevents water from passing through, as well as creating a barrier from falling debris. The cover is supplied with a winch and cable system which can be used to secure the cover in place for longer periods. If you’re hoping to extend your pool season this year, especially into some testing seasonal weather, this could be the pool cover you need.

robelle winter round above ground pool cover Image courtesy of Amazon


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