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Make a Splash and Take a Dive With the Best Pool Toys

With activities like swimming, sunbathing and general chilling always available to you, it would be hard to claim that having a swimming pool at your disposal could ever be “boring.” However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to make them even more fun and exciting. Pool toys are a fantastic way to add extra dimensions to your pool environment. Whether it’s through playing games or competing with friends, adding the very best pool toys is a sure-fire way to make your pool time as enjoyable and entertaining as possible. 

When it comes to finding the best pool accessories for you, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Some of these major factors are:

  • Age of participants – Are your pool-goers kids, teens or adults? 
  • Swimming levels of participants – Can your pool guests swim and dive comfortably?
  • Number of participants – How many people does your pool toy need to accommodate?
  • Pool depth – Is it possible to stand up or dive in your pool?
  • Pool size – Is your pool large enough to allow for throwing games or for use as a ball court?

To further help you out with your decision, we’ve summarized some of the best pool toy options available for the different groups below.

Best Pool Toys For Children

Kids, more so than adults, love exploring every element of a swimming pool. Whether it’s jumping around the surface or diving to the bottom, you can guarantee kids in a pool are more interested in fun activities and toys than the average adult. With this in mind, the best pool toys for kids include underwater items like dive rings they can swim through or sinking toys that require retrieval. Other ideas include toys that glide to the surface when submerged or a motorized pool toy, like a water-capable remote control car.

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Best Pool Toys For Adults

Because lots of adults prefer a more subdued approach to pool life, it may be worth checking out the best pool inflatables which are better suited to in-pool relaxation. For pool toy fun, you’ll almost certainly want to add an inflatable basketball hoop to your set up for target practice and some fun one-on-one play. It’s also worth considering a water-filled ball for a unique pool addition which lets you pass, dribble and bounce it under the water.

Best Pool Toys For Families and Parties

When it comes to awesome activities for families and pool parties, there are few better than ones requiring group competition. One classic is pool volleyball which can be achieved using an inflatable net to transform your pool into a volleyball court. Another fun idea is to arm family members and friends with water blasters and enjoy a water fight of epic proportions.

Once, you’ve decided on the best type of pool toy for your pool, check out the selection below and find the one that fits your criteria.

1. Water Blaster Soaker Gun Pack

With a swimming pool nearby, you’ll have endless ammo for a water fight with this Water Blaster Soaker Gun Pack. It includes four lightweight water blasters which are 13 inches long and made from non-toxic, ABS plastic which gives them a soft, child-friendly feel. It also means they float in the pool, too. Each of the guns in the pack is one of four bright colors and sports a fun animal head, acting as the pull-and-push lever which fills and fires the water gun. Furthermore, in addition to the pool, these versatile toys can be used in other places, like the beach, lakes or any place you have a clean water source.

PROS: With four guns in the pack, this toy set allows all of your friends or family to join in.

CONS: Grumpy adults and teens may not enjoy the child-oriented design.

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2. GoSports Splash Hoop 360

In-pool sport is a fun way to pass time which is why having the GoSports Splash Hoop 360 is always a good idea. This floating hoop boasts a sturdy frame and includes a swish net for the satisfying sound when a throw is successful. The kit comes with the frame, a pump and two basketball-like inflatable balls. Plus, as assembly is quick and easy, you’ll be ready to get a game going in a matter of seconds. Additionally, for a little variation on the classic in-pool basketball hoop, you can choose the American Football hoop which provides a fun way to test your football throwing accuracy.

PROS: This is ideal for solo or group entertainment including pool parties.

CONS: Because it floats on the surface, this hoop is susceptible to tipping over when the water is rough.

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3. Aqua Mini Stingray Underwater Gliders

Kids and adults will love to play with these Aqua Mini Stingray Underwater Gliders as they glide, turn and boomerang through the water. To get them moving, simply push them down under the water and release them. On average, you’ll see about 10 feet of travel for every foot you push them under the surface, meaning in the largest pools, they can travel up to 60 feet. Each pack contains two eight-inch wide gliders which also incorporate adjustable wings. This feature lets you customize your glider for more interesting turns or unpredictable journeys.

PROS: Their self-propelled, underwater gliding provides a fun way to compete.

CONS: If you’re uncomfortable going underwater, you won’t make the most out of their design.

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4. Intex Pool Volleyball Game

The Intex Pool Volleyball Game is a great way to compete or play some recreational volleyball with friends and family in the pool. At 94 inches across, there’s plenty of net to create your two-sided court, while the sturdy 10-gauge vinyl material ensures it can withstand the rigors of a rowdy game of pool volleyball. You’ll also find adjustable anchor weights attached to either end of the net for security and stability during use. Additionally, the kit includes the all-important volleyball, which is made from a seven-gauge vinyl material, and a repair kit should any accidents occur.

PROS: The inflatable net is easy to install and includes weighted bags to provide stability.

CONS: The 94 inch width may fall short if your pool is particularly big.

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5. Biulotter 28-Piece Diving Toy Kit

If you believe variety is the spice of life, you may want to consider the Biulotter 28-Piece Diving Toy Kit as your choice of pool toy. It includes a whole range of different in-pool amusements, including pool rings, diving sticks, diving fish, diving balls and stringy octopuses. You’ll find hours of fun in this set for both kids and adults and many of the items serve as a great way to improve new swimmers’ diving skills. Furthermore, the kit includes a handy mesh bag for storing the toys and transporting them to your pool.

PROS: The variety of toys included in the kit provide hours of fun for families.

CONS: If you don’t like underwater play, you’ll struggle to enjoy this diving kit.

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6. Watermelon Ball

If you think bouncing a ball under water sounds like something you’d like to try, you definitely need to add this Watermelon Ball to your pool toy arsenal. Unlike the average pool ball, this nine-inch diameter ball gets filled with water instead of air, making it act completely different above and below the water’s surface. When filled, the ball weighs around 14.5 pounds, allowing for underwater actions, including passing, bouncing and dribbling. This unique pool ball is ideal for family fun and parties if you’re in a pool, on the lake or at the beach.

PROS: The ball’s unusual filling makes it act differently to the average pool ball.

CONS: The watermelon design is the only available option.

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7. Water Sports Swim Thru Rings

Another pool toy that makes going underwater more fun is this set of Water Sports Swim Thru Rings. The pack contains three different colored rings as well as a handy storage bag. The smart design of the rings allows them to collapse on themselves so they take up less space when stored. Each ring is 31 inches in diameter and has an attached cartoon-adorned, floating air chamber which keeps it upright during use and can be adjusted for your choice of depth level.

PROS: This is a great way to encourage underwater play in children.

CONS: You may need to clean and dry the rings to ensure a longer life.

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8. Pussan Gifts Amphibious Remote Control Car

When it comes to choosing a pool-capable gift for kids, it’s definitely worth considering the Pussan Gifts Amphibious Remote Control Car. This versatile remote-control device can take on all kinds of terrain, including land, sand, snow and water. This versatility makes it a great gift for kids with access to a pool. The fact it’s four-wheel drive and can run both ways up means there aren’t many things it can meet that will stop it. It also features a durable body made from non-toxic, wear-resistant material for durability as well as large rubber tires and shock absorbers to give the car an impressive climbing ability. In addition, the car is available in three different colors and the accompanying pistol-style remote control feels comfortable in hand.

PROS: The remote control car’s versatility lets it drive on land, sand, snow and water.

CONS: The recharging process is a little bit tedious and could be more streamlined.

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9. Driveway Games Floating Cornhole Set

This pool toy takes the wonderfully competitive, summer-friendly game of cornhole and makes it waterproof and buoyant. The game set comes with an inflatable cornhole board and eight waterproof, floating bean bags and one mesh carry bag to store them all. The bean bags are made of PVC fabric, stitched to be durable, and are filled with moisture-proof plastic pellets. The game board is equipped with a speed safety valve for easy inflation, and the whole game moves in the water to challenge your skills even more.

Pros: Easy to set up, built durable and waterproof, familiar game that’s a crowd pleaser.

Cons: Requires set up and take down.

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10. RichSmile Inflatable Pool Loungers

You can’t have a pool without some killer loungers to play with, jump through and sunbathe on in the summer. This pack includes three rings and one raft, each themed with bright colors for the summertime. All of the them are made of durable PVC material and are sized for young children.

Pros: Perfect for young kids, bright colors, durable material that’s made to last.

Cons: Not sized for older kids or adults.

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11. Banzai Spring and Summer Magical Mermaid Dolls

These mermaid dolls are each 5″ tall and come with bright colored hair, bikinis and tails for swimming in the pool all summer long. They’re great dive toys for young kids learning how to swim and very on-brand for pool adventures. They also have plastic hair rather than acrylic strands, making them way easier to dry off after swimming.

Pros: Small, portable, easy to play with.

Cons: Sometimes the bras pop off, but are easy to put back on.

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12. Poolmaster Active Xtreme Cyclone Swimming Football

This football from Poolmaster is made to be used in the water. It’s nine inches long and made out of an inflatable bladder with a lightweight foam layer over it. It’s covered in a water-resistant tricot fabric that makes it ideal for in and out of the water playing, and the stitching on top makes it easy to grip even when wet.

Pros: Made of thick, water-resistant material, durable stitching on top.

Cons: It’s much smaller than a regular football.

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13. SwimWays Finding Dory Dive and Catch Game

This Finding Dory-themed pool toys set is perfect for young kids learning to swim who also happen to love Pixar. You toss the dive characters into the pool and use the Mr. Ray net to catch them. It encourages reward-based practice and the toys are brightly colored so they’re easier for kids to see underwater. Each set comes with one Mr. Ray net and five dive characters, and the set is recommended for children ages 5 and up.

Pros: Fun, Disney-themed set for young kids, brightly colored characters and net to play with.

Cons: Smaller parts are not suitable for young children who may swallow them.

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