Warm Any Room of the House with the Best Portable Heaters of 2021

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The colder months of the year are on the horizon, and while you might be caught up enjoying the summer heat, it’s wise to start preparing for when the lower temperatures get here. Centralized-heating systems can often take longer to warm up the house than we’d like them to, and winter blankets are only really useful when you’re sitting still. An easy answer to these two potential issues is to invest in one of the best portable heaters.

The best portable heaters can heat up the space around you without restricting your movement. Some models can also save energy and reduce costs on your usual heating bills. Portable heaters also allow you to cut down on your house-wide centralized heating by focusing on heating one designated, smaller room.

However, portable heaters do have some potential drawbacks. These include their tendency to overheat and their power-sucking use of electricity. So, when buying a portable heater this winter, make sure you do your research and choose a well-reviewed device.

Here are a few features to consider before selecting the best heater for you:

  • Safety – Most portable space heaters will shut off automatically once the temperature inside reaches your thermostat-chosen temperature or approximately 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Many also include tipping protection to shut them off if they fall or are knocked over.
  • Modes – Portable heaters often come with a set number of modes to provide a more user-friendly experience. However, some more advanced heaters may also include a built-in thermostat which allows you to choose the exact temperature you’d like it to achieve and maintain in the room.
  • Portability – How portable your heater is will depend on its weight, shape and overall design. Many models include a built-in handle for easier portability while some may even include wheels if they are on the heavier side. The heater’s fuel source will also make a difference as to whether you are restricted by a wired connection to a socket or not.
  • Noise – When shopping online it can be difficult to know the amount of noise you should expect when using your portable heater. Most devices state their decibel level so you know how much noise they will generate when on. Generally, if you’re looking to use it in a home, try to shoot for a model with a noise level of under 45 decibels. At this noise level, you’ll hardly notice when it’s in use, other than the warmth you’ll be feeling.

We’ve searched Amazon and The Home Depot for the best portable space heaters. During the pandemic, devices were in high demand and often went out of stock. Luckily, stock levels are starting to rise again. However, it may be a smart idea to order sooner rather than later, just in case there’s another mad rush coming anytime soon.


1. Vornado MVH Vortex Heater


The Vornado MVH Vortex Heater offers 1500 watts of heating power to raise the temperature in your room to comfortable levels. It works by using its signature Vortex heat circulation to evenly and quietly distribute warm air throughout your living space. There are three heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, as well as tip-over and overheating protection for added safety. This device boasts over 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and comes with a built-in handle to make transporting from room to room simple and convenient.

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater Image courtesy of Amazon


2. GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater


The GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heater is a versatile device that is well suited to the needs of the average household. Its compact design and user-friendly controls make it a great go-to, portable heater to have on hand when the temperature in your home begins to drop. Plus, it comes backed by over 30,000 five-star ratings from customers who love their heater. All in all, this is a great investment for heating your home as it comes in at just under $34.

portable heaters givebest Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Lasko Heating Space Heater


The Lasko Heating Space Heater is as compact as portable heaters come. This small size makes it a great option for placing on or near your desk as you work. It comes fully assembled and ready to be plugged in. The design also sports a particularly user-friendly on-and-off switch on the front. Although this portable heater is great in terms of being so compact, its simplicity does limit its abilities. You are not able to choose between multiple settings, unlike many of the other devices on our list.

portable heaters lasko Image courtesy of Amazon

4. Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater


Despite its miniature size, the Honeywell UberHeat Ceramic Heater is more than capable of keeping you warm during colder months. It features a simple, user-friendly design that allows you to choose between two heating settings to select your desired temperature. The small footprint makes it great for any space, making it one of the most portable options on our list.

best space heaters honeywell Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Atomi Smart WiFi Portable Tower Space Heater


WiFi and voice-enabled, this smart tower heater will have no problem keeping your home warm and toasty. Its smart capabilities allow you to operate and control your heater from your phone, Alexa, or Google Assistant as desired. This device can heat a room quietly in just a few seconds and provides worry-free overheat protection, a cool-touch exterior, and a tip-over safety switch to help keep you safe.

Atomi Smart WiFi Portable Tower Space Heater Courtesy of Amazon


6. Atomi Smart WiFi Tabletop Space Heater


Like the floor-standing model listed above, the Atomi Smart WiFi Tabletop Space Heater offers a similarly solid choice in a tabletop model. Use it in your office, bedroom, or living room to keep things nice and comfortable. It offers 1500 watts of power, 70-degree heat in two seconds all with the ability to control it with your smartphone, Alexa or Google Assistant. There’s an easy-read, digital touch-screen panel for simple hands-on control, while the accompanying Atomi Smart App offers fuss-free remote access.

best space heaters atomi smart wifi portable tabletop Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater


When it comes to portable heaters, we at SPY find it’s hard to top Dr Infrared’s latest. Not only is this thing damn good looking (which is saying something for a portable heater), but it’s incredibly easy to use. It boasts a heat output that can range anywhere from 50 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, wheels for easy maneuvering and even an included remote for the sloth in us all. And best yet? It’s incredibly quiet. In fact, we love Dr Infrared’s portable space heater so much, we wrote an entire article about it. If you’re only going to get one heater off of our list, this is a great option to pick.

portable heaters Image courtesy of Amazon


8. GiveBest Programmable Space Heater


The GiveBest Programmable Space Heater mounts directly around the socket you plug into. The device sports a compact design which is handy if you want a device that can easily be moved from room to room. The smart design also allows you to rotate it around 180 degrees to ensure it can fit into the socket. If you’re not looking to invest in a large portable heater and want something compact yet effective and user-friendly, this is the choice for you.

portable heaters givebest Image courtesy of Amazon


9. RAINBEAN Space Heater with Humidifier


Why choose to only have a portable heater when you could have a portable heater and humidifier all in one? The RAINBEAN Space Heater with Humidifier combines all the warming power of a portable space heater with the moisture-providing technology of a humidifier. Both features of this device can work independently or together at the same time, providing a warmer environment that isn’t excessively dry. This is great news for people who suffer from frequent dryness during the winter months or hate the extra dry air usually provided by space heaters.

portable heaters rainbean Image courtesy of Amazon


10. ISILER Space Heater


If portability is your priority, check out this ISILER Space Heater. It’s compact, powerful and comes complete with a large and convenient handle. This brightly colored, well-reviewed device also includes tip-over protection so it will automatically cut out if it gets knocked over. Furthermore, the heater heats up in as little as two seconds and features an adjustable thermostat for better control over the room temperature.

portable heaters isiler Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Andily Compact Portable Heater


The Andily Compact Portable Heater takes a back to basics approach which covers the most necessary requirements of a heater, without any extra frills. It has an indicator light to show when it’s powered on, and two large dials which control the thermostat and the preprogrammed modes. Although this heater isn’t the most advanced in terms of design, it is a truly reliable and budget-friendly choice.

portable heaters andily compact Image courtesy of Amazon


12. TRUSTECH Air Circulator Fan


The TRUSTECH Air Circulator Fan allows you to angle the projection of heat upwards or downwards within a 45-degree range. Not only is this fan great for warming the area around you, but its cooling mode is also great for lowering the temperature and keeping you cool on a hot summer’s day, too. Furthermore, it has a built-in handle and is compact in size to ensure that you can take it anywhere with ease.

trustech portable heater Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Gaiatop Space Heater


Featuring a fun and funky design, the Gaiatop Space Heater will give any room a blast of heat and style. Equipped with PTC technology, this portable heater is both efficient and energy-saving. It very quietly heats up in seconds and has three different power levels to choose from, letting you achieve the best level of heat for your environment. Additionally, one included option is summer mode, which engages a flow of cold wind to keep you cool during the sweaty months.

gaiatop space heater Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Texsport Portable Outdoor Propane Heater


You can take this Texsport Portable Outdoor Heater with you just about anywhere, as it runs off propane cylinders and not electricity like many other heaters that would need a nearby plug. The cylinders can be sourced from your local camping shop or similar. For safety, this heater has a large paddle foot base to keep it sturdy and a shut-off valve for if the flames go out. For campers, hunters and outdoorsmen, there’s no better portable heater than the Texsport Propane Heater.

texsport portable heater Image courtesy of Amazon


15. ASTERION Ceramic Space Heater


The sturdy circular base and oscillating action of this ASTERION Ceramic Space Heater mean it can cover whole rooms without needing to be constantly moved around. It has five built-in modes, including low and high heat settings, along with a fan-only option. You can use the included remote control to adjust the heater’s motion which is able to turn up to 72 degrees. For an easy-to-use heater that can heat up a wide portion of a room in seconds, this is your pick.

ceramic space heater Image courtesy of Amazon


16. Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy Heater


Do you need a portable heater that can withstand outdoor extremes? Or just a new portable heater to keep you warm around the house? Either way, Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy Heater is here and ready to raise the temperature of the space around you. This portable heater has a built-in safety shut-off in case of any knocks. It can also run off a remote gas supply or a propane cylinder, meaning you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere. Additionally, the handle makes it easy to carry, and the plastic housing keeps your skin safe from burns if you accidentally bump into it.

mr heater buddy portable Image courtesy of Amazon


17. ProCom PCC80V Propane Convection Heater


The ProCom PCC80V Propane Convection Heater is industrial both in style and in nature. The 360-degree metallic casing allows for heat to be released in all directions. It’s the ideal portable heater for outdoor and indoor construction use due to its heavy-duty design. But just because it’s portable doesn’t mean it can’t heat a large space. The 40,000 to 80,000 BTUs can actually fill up to 1,900 square feet with toasty warmth. Just be sure to only use it in an area with proper ventilation for your safety.

procom propane convection heater Image courtesy of Amazon


18. Hampton Bay Powder Coated Propane Patio Heater


Some portable heaters are designed to sit on the floor, while others can sit on the table. The Hampton Bay Bronze Tabletop Propane Patio Heater is very much the latter. In fact, it’s built to keep you and your BBQ guests chatting into the dark of night while staying plenty warm. The use of propane cylinders for energy ensures there are no wires attached with this portable heater, so you can keep it on your patio or take it on your next camping getaway.

portable heaters hampton bay Image courtesy of The Home Depot


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