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Car Cleanout: 10 Products to Help Keep Your Car Organized

* Even if you practically live in your car, it doesn’t have to look like it
* Keep organized and manage clutter in your vehicle
* Cleaning, organizational, and kid-friendly products for your car

Whether you commute to work or have kids, most of us are probably spending more time in our cars than perhaps we’d like. Sometimes, it can even feel like we’re actually living in them–and it can start to look like it too. If your “car” has become more of a trashcan/closet on wheels, read ahead to learn how to keep your car chaos under control.

1. Gel Auto Vent Cleaner

This bizarre gelatinous form is actually slime-free and super beneficial when it comes to cleaning tough-to-reach spots in your car–especially those where allergy-inducing dust particles like hang out. The sticky, gel-like texture adhere to the surface, absorbing small particles that a paper towel or cloth probably wouldn’t be able to grab.

[caption id="attachment_76276" align="aligncenter" width="570"] Gel glue car vent cleaner Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


2. Backseat Trash Bag

If your car is beginning to look more like a trashcan on wheels than an automobile, you need this portable backseat trash bag right now. Especially if you let your youngsters snack in the backseat, this portable bag will help keep your car’s trash level at bay.


3. Traffic Stop Wallet

It happens to the best of us: you get pulled over, and when the officer asks for licence and registration, you frantically dig through your glove box trying to find the one document you need lost a slew of receipts, expire paperwork, and car service documents. This wallet helps keep everything you need when you get pulled over in one compact folder, so you won’t have to be anymore frazzled than you already are if you should get stopped.

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4. Car Headrest Hooks

Keep the floors of your vehicle clean and clutter-free with these helpful hooks that conveniently latch onto your headrest. Hang up your briefcase, your kid’s backpacks, and keep fragile groceries like eggs from shattering on the ride home with these helpful hooks. Plus, this set comes with a bonus of mini air vent dusters to keep your car vent spick and span.


5. iPad Holder/Seat Organizer

This multi-functional seat organizer keeps your essentials neat and accessible, while also keep the little ones entertained while on the road. If your kid has ever dropped your iPhone or left your tablet’s screen shattered after a torrid tantrum, you know that this iPad holder will be a lifesaver. It’s also great for holding snacks, toys and homework.


6. Car Swivel Tray

Perhaps you don’t want to admit it, but most of us indulge in the occasional fast food burger combo in the car from time to time. Regardless of what you’re eating, munching on anything other than gum can result in a big mess, either in your lap on your floor. This raised tray allows you to snack without distracting you from the road and preventing spills. Pop this in the backseat for long trips with the kiddos when a major spill is about 99.9% possible and you simply can’t bare the thought of having to pick up spilled

off the floor one more time.


7. Invisible Glass Reach & Clean Tool

Dirty windshields are not only embarrassing, but they’re also dangerous. Depending on the severity, dusty windshields can hinder your visibility greatly increasing your risk for wrecks. The Reach & Clean Tool is designed with an ergonomic handle and wedge-shaped pivoting head equipped with 3 washable, reversible, reusable bonnets to make auto glass cleaning faster and easier than ever. It allows you to clean even the toughest to reach crevices that you average cleaner at the gas station would never reach.


8. Car Seat Gap Filler & Organizer

If you’ve ever dropped your phone or keys into the abyss of the sides of your seats, you know that the feat of trying to dig them out can be tiresome, and just may result in a sprained wrist. These car seat gap fillers prevent this by catching miscellaneous items before they make to the underworld, while also doubling as a pocketed organizer for stowing important documents, cards, phones, and other things you want on hand.


9. Mini Car Vacuum

This handheld vacuum sucks away dust, crumbs, allergens, and anything else that’s been collecting in the crevices of your vehicle. Despite its miniature size and impressively compact design, this hand-held device boasts an impressive suction capability and thanks to the pivoting nozzle, lets you get into hard-to-reach crevices.


10. Expandable Car Clothing Hanger

Whether you commute for work or are embarking on an extended road trip, this heavy-duty clothes hanger allows you to maintain the closet that’s been taking over your backseat in an organized way. This sturdy hanger is ideal for those who travel for work meetings frequently and need to keep their business attire wrinkle free during a long commute.

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