4 Life-Saving Products to Help You Move Furniture Without Breaking Your Back

how to move heavy furniture yourself
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* Small tools to help you move big pieces of furniture
* Take care of your furniture (and your back) moving your things safely
* Choose from moving strips, dollies, pads and more

Have a move planned in the near future? Are you helping your kids move into their college dorms this back to school season? Instead of paying top dollar for mediocre movers, consider lugging a few items yourself (without any injuries) with these helpful products. These four game-changing tools are sure to make any moving process — whether it’s a cross-country trek or a minor move down the street — much less painful.

1. Allstar Innovations EZ Moves Furniture Moving Pads System

Got a few bookshelves or beds to move? This set’s got you covered. With one EZ furniture lifter and eight EZ furniture slides , you’ll have a much easier time lugging and hauling all that bulky furniture of yours around without having to worry about hurting your knees and back.

Allstar Innovations EZ Moves Furniture Moving Pads System Image courtesy of Amazon


2. HQD Direct Moving Straps 1-Person Lifting

This smart strap set lets you securely and safely move heavy items the easy way — without having to break your back. Simply attach the straps to any piece of furniture and carry them like you would a regular backpack. Each strap is made from sturdy polypropylene and can hold up to 500 pounds.

HQD Direct Moving Straps 1-Person Lifting Image courtesy of Amazon


3. TruePower Mover’s Dolly

Because every mover needs their dolly, this model by TruePower features sturdy rubber swivel casters and a handy carpeted surface so it won’t scuff or damage your belongings.

TruePower Mover's Dolly Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Forearm Forklift Lifting & Moving Straps

The Forearm Forklife Lifting and Moving Straps  measures roughly nine-feet-long and each strap is ergonomically made to help make it more comfortable to move furniture around. In fact, the unique design helps make objects feel up to 66% lighter than normal, according to the manufacturer.

Forearm Forklift Lifting & Moving Straps Image courtesy of Amazon