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Get the Correct Angle Every Time With an Accurate Protractor

Helping yourself or your child get the best educational experience often means having the best tools. School supplies can quickly add up, leaving students and parents with big bills each year. Thankfully, some school staples don’t require significant monetary investments and still provide much-needed help in class. From elementary school until college, math and science students can benefit from a reliable and accurate protractor.

A protractor is a half-circle device that is typically made from clear plastic or glass. The protractor is a measuring instrument that shows degrees up to 180 or can be designed as a full circle. Some protractors include a swinging arm to help students draw angles and some protractors include a ruler along the bottom. Protractors can be bought on their own or with complimenting items, like a compass, pencil and eraser.

In addition to students, protractors are also used by professionals, including those in mechanical and engineering fields.

Which is the best protractor for your needs? Check out some of our favorites below.

1. Helix Universal Locking Compass and Protractor Set

Measure and draw angles and circles with the Helix Universal Locking Compass and Protractor Set. The useful and basic set includes a shatter-resistant protractor and a ruler with measurements in CM and inches. The compass includes a small pencil, which can be replaced with another pencil or pen, and can make circles up to 12 inches in diameter.

Pros: The tip of the compass automatically retracts when closing the compass legs for safe storage.

Cons: Helix does not come with a case for the set.

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2. Mr. Pen 15 Piece Compass Set with Swing Arm Protractor

For a geometry set that will take students from elementary school to college, we recommend the Mr. Pen 15 Piece Compass Set with Swing Arm Protractor. The comprehensive set includes frequently used geometry staples, including a protractor and a protractor with a swing arm. Three compasses are also included, as are small pencils and refillable lead to use with the compasses.

Pros: A mechanical pencil, pencil sharpener and eraser, which can be used in classes outside of the math field, are also included in the set.

Cons: The set comes with a reusable storage pouch, but students will still have to be cautious that the protractors aren’t broken inside in their backpacks.

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3. Maped Study Geometry 10-Piece Set

Measure and draw with accuracy using this 10-piece set. A clear plastic protractor is included in the set along with a ruler and two triangles. An ergonomically designed compass that can draw a 10-inch diameter circle is also included in the kit, as is a small pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser and lead refill.

Pros: The Maped comes with a plastic shatterproof protective case to help keep the contents of the case from being broken.

Cons: The protractor does not include a swing arm.

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