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Blow Me Away: 6 Chic Fans to Glam Up Any Space

* Personal fans that provide personal comfort
* These fans will keep you cool and comfortable in style
* You won’t be embarrassed to leave these out in the open

Although not always the first thing you think about when trying to decorate a room, fans or air circulators can be an integral part of your space not only functionally but stylishly as well. We have found 6 fans that are not only top of the line when it comes to performance but are designed to stand out in any room or office.

Use it to circulate stale air around the room, to cool down after cooking up a storm, or just as a decorative piece.

1. Vornado Personal Fan

Vornado’s Pivot Personal Air Circulator is the newest addition to the Vornado family. Utilizing Vornado’s signature vortex action air circulation, this compact size fan is the perfect addition to a desk or nightstand. The Pivot is designed to look similar to a stylized jet engine and its chic copper color will make it stand out in any room or office.


2. Vornado Personal Vintage Fan

If vintage style is more your speed, the Vornado VFAN Mini Personal Air Circulator will be right up your alley. This fan brings together vintage metal construction with modern Vornado multi-directional airflow performance. With its mini size and 2-speed settings, this fan will add retro-inspired styling to any room of your choice.


3. Deco Breeze Copper Fan

Deco Breeze’s Table Fan is a slightly bigger personal fan that adds a touch of modern sophistication to any interior. This fan is whisper quiet with an oscillating and tilt head and intense copper color that will instantly enhance any home decor.

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4. Stadler Household Fan

The Stadler Otto is an ultra quiet, industrial strength fan that is handcrafted from wood. This stunning fan will not only stand out as a focal point in any interior space but will function at the highest level as well. Otto’s components are hand-picked by a design team of Swiss engineers that guarantees quality to exceed customer expectations.


5. Vornado Vintage Fan

Another Vornado Fan option is the Sr. Pedestal Vintage Fan. This classic metal designed fan provides whole-room air circulation with 3-speed settings and a full action pivot head for multi-directional flow. Of course, we could not leave out mentioning the classic retro design and cool green color that will be the focal point of any room.


6. Deco Breeze Standing Floor Fan

The Deco Breeze Standing Floor Lamp is similar to its table lamp (see above) but stands 55 inches tall for full room cooling. The fan features a whisper-quiet, 3-speed motor that is as powerful as it is stylish.

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