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Get the Perfect Fit With a Ring Size Adjuster

A ring size adjuster is a great way to ensure your rings fit your finger comfortably. Buying a ring that is the perfect size can be difficult. If it’s a piece of costume jewelry or a less expensive ring that is not made with gold or platinum, it can be difficult to resize the ring at a jewelry store.

For more expensive rings, like engagement or wedding rings, you’ve likely had it properly sized when it was bought, but hand sizes change over time. Plus, taking your ring to a jewelry store can be expensive and it means you’ll be without your ring for a period of time, which may be a no-go depending on upcoming events (you don’t want to risk not having your wedding band in time for your ceremony).

Other kinds of rings, such as those you might buy at vintage stores or flea markets might be one of a kind, so you can’t necessarily ensure they’re the right size when you buy them. When it comes to getting the perfect fit for your favorite ring, a product you might not have even heard of that’s well worth looking into is a ring size adjuster.

What To Consider Before Buying a Ring Size Adjuster

A ring size adjuster is not a silver bullet for all of your ring sizing woes. If your ring is too tight, these products are unfortunately not going to help. However, if your issue is a loose ring that’s spinning around on your finger or sliding up and down, a ring size adjuster can be a helpful solution.

Ring size adjusters are inexpensive and easy-to-use pieces of plastic that are designed to make oversized rings fit perfectly. They fit on the inside of the ring, shrinking the circumference and effectively tightening the ring around your finger. The adjusters easily come on and off a ring and can be bought in specific sizes and often cut to the correct length. They typically sit at the bottom of the ring, so they’ll be discreetly hidden on a part of the ring that most people won’t see.

What We Looked for When Choosing the Best Ring Size Adjusters

There are a couple of different kinds of ring size adjusters. One kind is a spiral coil that wraps around the bottom of the ring. These are more secure, but they’re not totally invisible. Another option is a small strip that slips inside the inner diameter of the ring. These are totally discreet, but they can eventually slip off. Each has its pros and cons, and we’ve included both kinds of ring adjusters on this list. Check out some options below.

1. 5 Stars United Ring Size Adjuster

Whether you have a large collection of rings or want a set that will work for the whole family, we recommend the 5 Stars United Ring Size Adjuster Set. Included in the set are six ring adjusters measuring two mm thick, which are designed for thinner rings up to three mm thick, and six ring adjusters measuring three mm thick, which are best suited for larger rings that are up to five mm thick. The adjusters are made using high-quality TPU silicone that is safe for skin and won’t cause irritation or an allergic reaction. The adjusters can be clipped with scissors to achieve the perfect fit. We also like that the set comes with a polishing cloth.

Pros: Large set with two size options, made with high-quality TPU silicone, includes a polishing cloth.

Cons: The adjuster may become stained if worn while preparing food or painting.

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2. GWHOLE Ring Size Adjuster

Keep your ring in place without a trip to the jewelry store thanks to the GWHOLE Ring Size Adjuster. Designed to last through several uses, the adjusters in this pack of four are made with high-quality and durable PVC. Two size options are available, including a two mm and three mm option that will work with thin and thick rings. The GWHOLE adjusters are designed to reduce ring sizes by 1 to 1.5 sizes. Each adjuster is four inches long and can easily be trimmed and used for up to three rings. We also like that the set comes with a polish cloth.

Pros: Two size options, durable PVC design, includes polish cloth.

Cons: The adjuster may begin to uncoil after a few uses.

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3. Litumfen Ring Size Adjuster

If you have a lot of rings or you expect you might lose a few of the adjusters, this pack consists of 60 ring size adjusters in two different styles. There’s an insert design that sits on top of the inner part of the ring, and there’s a spiral style that wraps around, similar to the top option from 5 Stars United. In total, 60 pieces are included.

Pros: Good bulk option. Includes two different styles of ring adjusters.

Cons: Since they’re different sizes, some of them may end up going unused.

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4. Ring-Fit Ring Sizing Strips

Unlike other options from brands like Feramox and GWHOLE, these ring size adjusters are made from a foam material with adhesive, rather than the silicone favored by other brands. That means these will be softer and more comfortable. However, they may slip off over time. This kit includes 12 adjusters, so you can replace them as needed.

Pros: Soft foam material for more comfort. Fits inside ring for complete invisibility.

Cons: Will likely loosen over time and need to be replaced.

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5. Ringo Invisible Ring Size Adjuster

For a ring adjuster that doesn’t involve twisting or cutting, we recommend the Ringo Invisible Ring Size Adjuster. The comprehensive set includes 20 ring adjusters with five sizes to choose from, ranging from XS to XXL. The discreet adjuster is easy to apply and users simply bend and snap it into place. In addition to the adjusters, the set also includes a cleaning brush, a cleaning cloth, a travel pouch and a ring sizer to help determine your correct size.

Pros: Several accessories included, subtle adjuster, no cutting or trimming necessary.

Cons: The Ringo comes off every time a ring is removed and has to be reinserted for each use.

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6. Feramox Invisible Ring Size Adjuster

For a subtle answer to oversized rings, we recommend the Feramox Invisible Ring Size Adjuster. Feramox sells its ring adjusters in a set of eight ranging from a size XXS that fits rings up to 1.5 mm thick all the way up to a size XXXL that fits rings measuring up to 10 mm thick. Made with soft flexible TPU that is gentle on skin and won’t cause irritation, the Feramox adjusters have a unique design that fits inside the band and is virtually invisible when being worn. The set also comes with an adhesive strip to help keep the adjusters in place on the ring. Unlike the top 5 Stars United pick, this option is completely hidden from view.

Pros: Discreet, many size options available, includes adhesive tape.

Cons: Like many plastic ring adjusters, the lifespan of the Feramox may only be a few months.

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