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This $90 Robot Vacuum Works For Carpets, Tiles and Hardwood Floors

* Robot vacuums are all the rage and make cleaning your floors effortless
* These intelligent machines guide themselves and work on a range of surfaces
* This smart automatic home robot is available for less than $100

If you’ve always wanted an “automatic home cleaning robot” but have never been able to justify the expensive price tag, then this budget-friendly alternative could be the answer to your Jetsons-like dreams. The

is available from Amazon for under $100. It sports a similar design to more expensive models, like Roomba, while providing a comparably effort-free cleaning experience around the home.

Whether you have tiles, carpet or wooden floors in your home, this smart robot vacuum will keep them clean and under control. It also boasts enhanced climbing abilities to move between different surfaces along with an easy 1-touch power button for simple use. Plus, the low-profile design allows the 2.9-inch-high robot to clean under beds, tables and other furniture items throughout your home.

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To maximize the vacuum’s reach, Pure Clean has installed 2 side sweeping brushes, which direct floor dirt into the path of the vacuum. Plus, you never need to worry about your robot vacuum driving off ledges or down the stairs as it features anti-fall sensors. In addition, the vacuum has been made with a tough protective bumper housing to deal with any unexpected bumps along the way.

As the vacuum cleans, the internal HEPA filter helps maintain air quality by ensuring the dust particles remain inside. The intelligent design also features no brushes around the suction area of the vacuum to prevent clogging from pet hair, which is a common problem experienced with other competing rotating brush models.

Furthermore, the Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum is available in two color options, white or black, allowing you to choose the color that best suits your interior palette.

Say goodbye to the energy expended of the days of pushing a vacuum around the house, and say hello to sitting back and watching your self-driving robot clean your house for you.


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