Tied Up: The 3 Best Rope Hammocks for Summer Swinging


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You don’t have to spend your summer living in a dacha or at some “country house” with a vast yard overlooking a placid river in order to enjoy the amazing relaxation of swinging in a hammock. A rope hammock is not only one of the nicest ways to sit and chill, but it’s also arguably the easiest type of seat and/or bed to pack up and carry with you. Portability is, after all, part of why hammocks were created in the first place, and why they found such use on boats and on the stereotypical tropical island beaches. These rope hammocks can make your backyard, deck or patio a far more inviting place to hang out, as well as give you a comfortable place for your summer reading.

1. Quilted Fabric and Rope Hammock

This 2-person hammock combines the idyllic ease of a traditional rope hammock with the comforts of quilted padding. It even comes with a small head pillow. Adult sized, it’s rated to 450 lbs and 78 inches in length.

lazy daze hammock Courtesy Amazon

2. Pawleys Island DuraCord Hammock

A classic style rope hammock, this well reviewed model from Pawley’s Island is distinguished by its marine varnished white oak spreader bars and strong, long-lasting yet non abrasive DuraCord netting. It has a bed length of 82 inches and includes zinc-plated hardware for outdoor installation.

Duracord rope hammock Courtesy Amazon

3. Freestanding Rope Hammock

What if you want a rope hammock in your back yard but you’re a little short on trees? Or maybe the trees you do have are too close together, or not close enough? Well then, this rope hammock has the benefit of including a light and sturdy metal stand.

rope hammock with stand Courtesy Amazon