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Document Your Travels With the Best Scratch Maps

After over a year of staying put, many of us are itching to travel. And what better way to document all of the adventures to come than with a scratch map?

In case you’re not familiar, scratch maps are those large maps that allow you to scratch off the top layer of the places you’ve been to reveal a different color, which then sets it apart from the rest of the cities and countries you haven’t made it to yet. Basically, you can look at the map and easily see everywhere you’ve been and everywhere you still need to go. Many of them are thoughtfully designed with black, metallic or multicolored accents to look cool no matter how many or few countries and/or states have been scratched off. It’s a fun, interactive sort of decoration that you’ll be excited to hang in your home.

If you’re looking to show off your worldliness or inspire yourself to travel more, these are some of the best scratch maps for displaying or just keeping track of your escapades as the world opens back up for exploration.


1. Roll-Down Scratch the World Map Print


This is a classic, extremely detailed world map that you can use to scratch off the destinations you’ve visited. The colors revealed underneath the bronze countries are on the more subtle side, so the more you scratch off, the more it just looks like a standard world map. It makes a great gift for any serious travel enthusiast, and it comes in two sizes.

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Courtesy of Wayfair

2. Scratch Map Deluxe


The black background and gold map with a solid, rainbow assortment of colors to reveal underneath make this the most stylish scratch-off map on the market. You’ll be extra excited to plan trips because it means finding out which color is underneath that destination, and it’ll look great on display in your home.

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Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

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3. Gold Dreamer Scratch Off World Map


If you want something that will look beautiful and artsy once you’ve made your way around the entire world, this is the scratch map for you. It’s a more simplistic map which also means it looks more elegant, and beneath the gold foil lies a lovely watercolor print. It’s interactive like any scratch map, but also a true piece of art.

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Courtesy of Etsy

4. Scratch Map Original Scratch off Map


Luckies of London designed and manufactured the original scratch-off map in 2009. It’s slightly less metallic than most others that came after, so it has a nice subtle aesthetic. Underneath the foil is a muted multicolor print, so it becomes colorful the more you reveal without appearing too bold. It’s a great classic choice as far as scratch-off maps go.

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Courtesy of Amazon

5. Black Enno Vatti 7 Wonders Scratchable World Map


This is another scratch-off map with a black background and gold foil with rainbow coloring beneath, but the colors below the gold are particularly bold and bright, almost neon. It also includes some scratch-off icons at the bottom to offer a little info about the seven wonders of the world. It’s definitely a map that’ll make a statement if you put it on display.

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Courtesy of Wayfair

6. Scratch Off World Map Poster


If you want a reliable scratch map that’s gotten thousands of five-star reviews, this is a safe and affordable choice. It’s very detailed without feeling too cluttered, and the font and colors add a bit more fun. The borders are clear, all of the states are outlined and all of the world’s flags are pictured at the bottom.

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Courtesy of Amazon

7. Muted Multi-Color World Map


Another very artsy option, this scratch map has a rare silver foil covering a beautiful, muted multicolored print. There isn’t too much going on, only general country labels, so it doesn’t feel cluttered. It’s a piece of decor that’ll add a nice cool tone to space, eventually revealing the lovely colors underneath.

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Courtesy of Waypoint Wanders

8. Original Travel Journal – Scratch Off World Map Diary


A scratch-off world map diary is a great alternative if you want something more manageable that allows you to tackle one region at a time. You can still choose to display each of the eight regional maps individually or keep them in the travel journal to take with you on your trips.

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Courtesy of Amazon


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