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Be Your Own Handyman With These Multi-piece Screwdriver Sets

Whether you rent a home or own it, are heading off to college and need to assemble new furniture, or want to try some fun art projects, having a screwdriver set is a right of passage into adulthood. Regardless of the task, from putting together a TV stand in your dorm room to fixing the battery pack on your laptop, screwdriver sets are a must-have item.

Coming in a variety of sizes to tackle all different types of projects, screwdriver sets are much more beneficial to own than individual screwdrivers. Often more cost-effective than buying one-offs on an as-need basis, screwdriver sets provide a wide variety of sizes and finishes, with a high-quality set lasting many years and through various projects.

Screwdriver sets can feel like overkill, especially for people who don’t spend a significant amount of time doing handy work, but thanks to their compact size and affordable price, screwdriver sets are still the preferred option for tool buying. Screwdriver sets also reduce the chance of beginning a project only to realize you don’t have the correct tools, causing a delay in completion and adding an element of frustration.

The screwdriver sets we’ve included on our list are durable enough for any job, while also versatile enough to cover a wide range of projects. So whether you’re the type to spend your weekends on home improvement, or the kind who only dusts off their toolbox when it’s absolutely necessary, you’ll find the right set below.

1. CREMAX Magnetic 10-Piece Screwdriver Set

This CREMAX screwdriver set comes with 10 different pieces, each one with a magnetic tip for easily attracting screws and an anti-rust blackening treatment.

Each screwdriver also has an ergonomic non-slip handle so you can work comfortably and diligently.

Pros: 10 pieces, ergonomic non-slip handles and magnetic tips.

Cons: Tips are not as narrow as other brands.

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2. CRAFTSMAN 17-Piece Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set

This set from CRAFTSMAN includes slotted and Phillips head screwdrivers for a variety of mechanical needs around the house.

They’re made of alloy steel, are very portable and have comfortable handles for maneuvering into tight spaces and tricky jobs.

This kit covers your bases when it comes to handyman work around your home.

Pros: Economical, full set, comfortable handles.

Cons: Diameters of the handles are smaller than other models.

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3. ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit

Laptops, smart phones, gaming consoles — you name it, this kit has the power to fix it.

Each screwdriver bit is made with chrome-vanadium steel and the unique non-slip driver is made from a single sheet of aluminum covered with silica gel.

The kit also includes a flexible shaft for larger electronics where the screws might not be easily accessible on the surface.

This comprehensive toolkit is also lightweight and easy to carry around from job to job.

Pros: 60-piece kit, high-quality aluminum, flexible shaft included.

Cons: Magnet on the tip of the bits is weaker than other brands.

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4. Apsung 110-in-1 Precision Screwdriver Set

Apsung has created a comprehensive kit for the masses with this Precision Set that includes 110 different manual tools for repairing electronics, eyeglasses and other items around the house.

The screwdriver shafts are made with chrome vanadium and a mixture of alloys that improve rust resistance and make the tools more durable overall.

The flexible shaft includes an extension rod that can lengthen out to 60 mm and strong magnetic tips help reach inaccessible screws without slipping. All of the screwdriver heads are also made with impact-resistant steel designed to last a while.

Pros: Wide variety of tools in one kit, made of impact-resistant steel.

Cons: Thinner handle lowers torque.

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5. EFFICERE 9-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

Each screwdriver in this set from EFFICERE is made with high-strength chrome vanadium designed to reduce wearing out and increase durability.

The tips and handles are manufactured precisely for easy holding and fastening with magnetic tips. They’re also designed to prevent fasteners from dropping off after screwing, and the cap has a swivel end so you can provide constant finger pressure while driving. The rubber grip is also non-slip to maximize your turning power even in tight spaces.

Pros: Variety of heads, durable chrome design, non-slip grip for easy turning.

Cons: Does not come with a box or bag for storage.

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