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These Self Watering Planters Are Great For People Lacking Green Thumb

* This cool contraption helps you keep your house plants alive
* Fill up its built-in reservoir, and you’re set for up to 12 weeks
* They make great house-warming gifts as well 

Plants are a great way to add some life and color to your home or apartment, but sometimes life, vacations and last-minute dinner plans can get in the way of looking after them. Lechuza has created a self-watering planter that have built-in wick systems that can keep plants hydrated for months. Fill its built-in reservoir, and the plant will be sustained for up to 12 weeks, and an indicator will notify you when its time for a refill. As the planter all ready comes fully stocked, you can avoid the hassle of re-potting as well.

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Image Courtesy of The Grommet

This is also a great safety net to have if you’re going out of town, since you don’t have to worry about making a friend come over to keep your house plants alive- simply fill the reservoir and go. Made in Germany with injected-molded plastic, these high quality planters have a longer life span than other cheaper options on the market. If you’re not in the market for foliage, consider purchasing one as a unique gift for your next housewarming party.