The 12 Coziest Bed Sheets on Amazon That’ll Stop Your Tossing and Turning

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Buying bed sheets can be an overwhelming process, and since preference for sheet sets is such a personal and subjective experience, buying based on reviews doesn’t always feel reliable. Each material has a different weave, benefit and texture, but overall, you’ll want to invest in a set that’s long-lasting and soft in addition to being aesthetically pleasing. Shopping for bedding used to be strictly a department store errand, but now it’s an Amazon buy: bigger selection, overnight delivery in most cases, and easier returns should you need to. The best bet sheets live on Amazon — here’s how to make it an easy and rewarding process.

How to Buy Sheets on Amazon

It’s easy to get lost when you’re shopping for sheets on Amazon, simply because there is such a huge selection. Rather than get glazed over and simply click on a set that you’ll end up disappointed by, use these different criteria to find the best sheets on Amazon:


Cotton reigns when it comes to sheets, but there are several kinds of cotton to choose from. Egyptian cotton is traditionally the most luxurious due to its long fibers that create a smoother and more durable feeling. Percale cotton offers a cooler and freshly starched feel, while sateen is a heavier fabric with a more slippery and smooth feel. Flannel offers the ultimate coziness, while linen is a tad more course but holds up well over time with a boho-chic look. Silk, eucalyptus, and bamboo sheets, on the other hand, are naturally cooler and boast beauty benefits.

Thread Count

Many people assume that a higher thread count means a softer sheet, but this isn’t always true. Thread count is simply referring to the amount of vertical and horizontal threads within a square inch of the fabric. While thread counts over 300 can sometimes offer a more supple feel, quality, type of cotton, and fineness are also important factors to pay attention to. For instance — if you like crispness, a 300-count percale is ideal, but if you want warmth and softness, jersey is better, and with that material, thread count isn’t relevant.


Reviews can help you see how to manage the level of care required for your bed linens through buyers who have already experienced them in trial and error. For instance, will the sheets fade over time, develop holes, or come loose on your mattress? Are they cooling for those who experience night sweats, or are they better for those who easily get cold? Checking reviews can help you can a more rounded idea of the sheets and if they’re right for your bedroom and needs. The best reviews are often the ones with customer photos. Glamour shots are one thing, but customer photos often capture the true look of the sheets, for better or worse.

New bedsheets don’t just elevate your bedroom decor — they help you sleep better after a hard day of work and make you more comfortable throughout the night. While it’s impossible to put a price tag on precious sleep, a superior bedsheet doesn’t always have to come from a high-end home store. Instead, we carefully researched the best sheets on Amazon to bring you high quality at an affordable price.


1. Threadmill 100% Cotton 600-Thread Count Sateen Weave Bed Sheet Set


There are all kinds of cotton available online, but one of the most popular weaves is sateen, which has a smooth yet crisp feeling that you’ll feel comfortable wrapping yourself in year-round. With deep pockets, Threadmill’s fitted sheets on Amazon won’t slip off the corners like others on the market have a tendency to. These soft sheets are available in several colors and have the ability to stand up to multiple washes without any bleeding, pilling or thinning.

Threadmill 100% Cotton 600-Thread Count Sateen Weave Bed Sheet Set Courtesy of Amazon


2. Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set


If you’re looking for softer, silkier sheets and better temperature regulation, look no further. Eucalyptus is one of the best cooling fibers you can invest in. What’s more, they’re responsibly made, soft to the touch, and completely moisture-wicking, so you never have to wake up sticky from hot sweats again. In the summer, use them on their own or pair them with a light blanket, and in the winter, double down with a heavier comforter.

Sheets & Giggles Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set Courtesy of Amazon


3. Sweave 100% Egyptian Cotton 400-Thread Count Percale Sheets


Percale is a similar kind of cotton to sateen, but it’s a little more crisp and cool with a matte finish. This percale sheet comes in luxurious long-staple Egyptian cotton and has a 100% eco-friendly creation process. These sheets on Amazon don’t wrinkle easily, but to prevent them, you can line dry or put them on a low heat setting in the dryer. One reviewer says, ”They are a heavy sheet set that keeps you warm without causing you to overheat.”

Sweave 100% Egyptian Cotton 400-Thread Count Percale Sheets Courtesy of Amazon


4. LBRO2M 100% Bamboo 1800-Thread Count Sheet Set


Bamboo sheets are like the perfect hybrid between soft jersey and cool cotton. The process of making them is also more sustainable than cotton. Buyers love how durable this set is and have it doesn’t snag or fade, unlike cotton sheets which deteriorate much more easily. If you have sensitive skin, these bamboo sheets on Amazon are also a sensible and breathable choice that won’t aggravate you throughout the night. Delivered in an attractive box, these sheets also make a classy gift, so stock up while you can!

LBRO2M 100% Bamboo 1800-Thread Count Sheet Set Courtesy of Amazon


5. Stone & Beam 100% Cotton Flannel Bed Sheet Set


While they’re not as popular in the summer, flannel sheets on Amazon are a cozy addition to any bed in the cooler seasons. They have that unbeatably cozy texture that’ll make you want to hibernate in them all day long, and this option from Stone & Beam is sold in an array of understated colors rather than the cabin-style plaid sheets that flannel sheet sets are most commonly found in. Manufactured in Portugal, this indulgent product feels just like velvet on your skin.

Stone & Beam 100% Cotton Flannel Bed Sheet Set Courtesy of Amazon


6. S VICTORY SYMBOL 100% French Natural Linen Sheet Set


Linen is a versatile and moisture-wicking material that breathes cool through hot nights but still keeps you cool. Some people might consider them pricey, but they’re a lifetime investment that keeps getting softer and softer with each wash. Due to the painstaking process that harvesting flax for linen sheets, they’re more expensive but significantly longer lasting and more durable than cotton. Still, if a laidback aesthetic isn’t your vibe, keep in mind that linen does wrinkle easily.

S VICTORY SYMBOL 100% French Natural Linen Sheet Set Courtesy of Amazon


7. Candoury Satin Bed Sheets Set


Satin has a similar texture and appearance to silk, but costs a fraction of the price and transforms your bedroom into an instant hotel room. Satin has the same benefits as silk, like waking up with less frizzy hair and more luminous skin. Apart from making your skincare routine similar, these 600 thread count satin sheets on Amazon will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, so go ahead and treat yourself. However, because the material is slippery, you might want to use clasps to tie everything down.

Candoury Satin Bed Sheets Set Courtesy of Amazon


8. Bedsure Microfiber Bed Sheet Set


Microfiber is by far the most budget-friendly material you can opt for, but don’t worry, these sheets on Amazon are just as comfy as more popular materials, and allow you to stock up on multiple sets if you don’t like frequently washing your sheets. While they’re not necessarily cooling, microfiber sheets are ultra-soft, and these ones by Bedsure exceeded expectations for thousands of buyers, especially with their decorative touch of a finished ruffled edge that lines the sheet.

Bedsure Microfiber Bed Sheet Set Courtesy of Amazon


9. SLEEP ZONE Jersey Knit Sheet Set


Sleeping in jersey sheets feels like your favorite worn-in tee from college that always brings a dose of nostalgic comfort. It cocoons you in softness and doesn’t feel cold to the touch, which some people complain about with other kinds of cotton. These bedsheets from Amazon are stretchier with a matte finish, which helps them stay on your bed all night, ensuring you don’t have to worry about too-small or excessively baggy sheets — just stretch to customize for a smooth fit.

SLEEP ZONE Jersey Knit Sheet Set Courtesy of Amazon


10. THXSILK 19 Momme Silk Sheets


Nothing compared to top-grade silk sheets — although cheaper imitations offer a comparable experience, none can wick away sweat or boast the long-lasting qualities of authentic, high-quality silk. Silk is a popular choice if you share a bed and one person sleeps hot while the other is always cold. It has the ability to adjust to body temperature, reducing that not-quite-right feeling that keeps us tossing and turning in the middle of the night. If you’re really looking to class it up in 2021, these are the best sheets on Amazon to buy.

THXSILK 19 Momme Silk Sheets Courtesy of Amazon


11. CGK Unlimited Extra Deep Pocket Sheets


Nothing could be more frustrating than sheets that keep popping loose from the corners and ending up halfway up your bed overnight, and that’s a more common issue now with deeper mattresses or ones with built-in mattress toppers. Those beds need sheets with very deep pockets, like these highly rated ones from CGK Unlimited. With super-deep pockets ranging from 18 to 24 inches, these microfiber sheets will never end up around your waist in the middle of the night. They come in 19 colors and in every size from full to split king set, and they have nearly 60,000 Amazon reviews with an average score of 4.5 stars.

CGK-Unlimited-Deep-Pockets-Sheet-Set Courtesy of Amazon


12. CGK Unlimited Twin XL Sheet Set


Guess what? Beds and bunk beds in college dorms are not twin-sized: they’re Twin XL. Same 39-inch width, but 5 inches longer than a standard twin. Don’t be the people driving away from college dropoff with a sheet set that doesn’t fit and a kid sleeping on a bare mattress. Like their Extra Deep Pocket Sheets, these sheet sets from CGK Unlimited are made with microfiber and come in a wide array of colors. They also have deep 16-inch pockets which will come in handy if you’re using them on the top of a bunk bed set.


CGK-Unlimited-Twin-XL-Dorm-Sheet-Set Courtesy of Amazon



Updates: This review was last updated on June 23, 2022, at which time we added more information to the “How to Buy Sheets on Amazon” section. We also added the CGK Unlimited Extra Deep Pocket Sheets as “Best for Large Mattresses: and the CGK Unlimited Twin XL Sheet Set as “Best for Dorms.”


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