Shoe Box Shuffle: 6 Better Ways to Store Your Shoes

Best Shoe Storage Boxes: How to
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* These boxes organize and protect your shoes
* No more digging around for the right pair
* Walk-in closet not required

Most of us have more shoes than our closet can fit. This leads to a mess of scuffed shoes, and tough mornings trying to pick out the right pair for the day. Using the boxes your kicks came in can organize your shoes a little better, but those deteriorate quickly, and also make it difficult to find the pair you’re looking for.

What most people don’t realize is that upgrading your footwear storage is actually easy, and doesn’t require a walk-in closet remodel. Clear shoe cubbies can solve these storage woes for as little as $17, and require very little set-up. Here’s 7 of the best options you can buy right now on Amazon.

1. ONEDONE Plastic Shoe Boxes

These colorful containers from Onedone are stackable and clear, so you can organize them however you want.

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2. IZTOSS Shoe Storage Containers

Iztoss’s handy shoe boxes are made of a transparent plastic and they buckle together for easy stacking. They also feature a unique design that prevents them from tipping over in your closet.

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3. Miusco Clear Foldable Shoe Storage Boxes

These boxes have a minimal design that allows you to fold them up when not in use. This means you won’t be wasting space when you get rid of some shoes, but you’ll always be ready for more.

Shoe Storage Boxes Stackable Image courtesy of Amazon


4. IRIS Easy Access Shoe Box

The easy access flap on these Iris boxes make them extra convenient, because you just flip it up and pull out your kicks.

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5. SONGMICS 7 Tier Shoe Rack

This shoe rack from Songmics allows you to store up to 36 pairs of kicks, and has a cover for protecting your shoes. It’s the highest rated option on our list with almost 1,500 reviews, and makes the best pick for people with a big collection of shoes.

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6. Ironland Stackable Shoe Boxes (12-Pack)

Another great choice for people with lots of shoes is Ironland’s 12 pack of clear, stackable containers. You get more than twice the storage of their 5 pack, while only paying $12 more.

Shoe Shelf Storage Containers Image courtesy of Amazon