A Great Shower Caddy Can Organize Your Shower And Free Up Space

AmazonBasics shower caddy hangs under shower
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When your bathroom supplies get overwhelming you might be in need of the best shower caddy. A great shower caddy can help organize your shower space by better utilizing space that you don’t really use.

There are many different kinds of shower caddies. They all perform the same function of holding your shampoo, conditioner and body wash but where and how they do it depends on your needs and your particular shower.

Some shower caddies hang over the shower head itself or the shower door, others adhere to walls and some use tension poles to stand in a corner with multiple shelves.

Shower caddies tend to be made from metal or plastic. The majority of the larger shower caddy options tend to be metal, but smaller options like shelves are frequently made of plastic. Of course most metals will eventually corrode due to water exposure, so stainless steel shower caddies will be best for durability. But shower caddies made from other metals will still hold up for years to come and will almost certainly still deliver value in the form of shower space-saving and organization.

So if you’re finding yourself tripping over bottles or knocking your shampoo out from the shower’s tiny built-in shelf when you’re grabbing your conditioner then you might want to check out some of the best shower caddies below. Whatever your shower situation, we think you’ll find the best shower caddy for your needs.


1. Zenna Home Expandable Over-The-Shower Caddy


The Zenna Home Expandable Over-The-Shower Caddy is the best shower caddy for most people. It goes over the shower head, putting your grooming products right where you need them.

The shower caddy is also inexpensive and has surprisingly tall basket rails to make sure your products don’t accidentally tumble out. But the sliding baskets really make the Zenna caddy useful. Each of the four baskets can slide outward to better accommodate tall bottles. That’s really convenient when compared to running out of room on a caddy just because your bottle was too tall.

Overall, the Zenna caddy will give people the little bit of extra room they need to tidy up their shower space without breaking the bank. Among over-the-shower caddies, we think the Zenna caddy is the best shower caddy.

Pick it up in chrome or bronze to best match your shower.

Zenna Home shower caddy Courtesy of Amazon


2. Vailge Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy


We think over-the-shower caddies are probably the most popular option for most people, but the tension pole shower caddy is ultimately more useful if you have a lot of products, multiple people using the same shower or just have the space but not shelves.

The Vailge Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy will dutifully stand in the shower corner, where people never go, and hold as many baskets of products as space permits.

It ships with five baskets, which are also adjustable on the pole so you can move them up or down to accommodate bigger bottles as needed.

This caddy should also last you longer than others because it’s made from stainless steel and the pole uses strong tension springs to stay in place.

There is some light assembly required, but you could easily have your tension pole shower caddy up and running in five minutes.

If space and basket expansion are what you’re looking for, the Vailge shower caddy is the best shower caddy for you.

Vailge tension pole shower caddy Courtesy of Amazon


3. Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy


If you have a flat area of your shower, you might consider using a corner shower caddy. Corner shower caddies stand on the shower floor, so they’re lower to the ground and very stable in a decent corner. That makes them super useful for people with chairs in their showers or for storing shower products for kids.

The Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy has all those basics and a few simple features that make it a standout corner shower caddy.

It’s made from plastic and designed to be resistant to mold and mildew. The three baskets are sizable and can handle multiple big bottles each, and the package includes spacers to adjust the distances between baskets. If you have more vertical space, you can also buy this same caddy with four baskets instead of three.

A corner shower caddy is a great sturdy option to handle your extra products whether it’s in your bathroom or the shower itself. If you have the space or need the low height of the baskets, the Tenby Living Corner Shower Caddy is probably the best shower caddy for you.

Tenby living corner shower caddy Courtesy of Amazon


4. Kincmax Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf


The Kincmax Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf will make a cool, convenient addition to nearly any shower.

This set includes two shower caddy shelves that use an adhesive to stick and hook on to the wall, no tools necessary. The rails on the shelves are nice and tall too so you’re less likely to accidentally knock something out no matter where on the wall you put the shelves.

Fortunately the shower caddies are made of stainless steel so they should shouldn’t rust and should last for a long time.

We do wish they were rated to hold more weight since they only hold up to 15 pounds, but they’re not meant to be bulky and imposing and they will help give you some additional shelf space regardless.

Overall, if you want some good shower caddy shelves to stick wherever is convenient, then the Kincmax caddies are the best shower caddy for you.

Kincmax shower caddy sheelves Courtesy of Amazon


5. AmazonBasics Shower Caddy


What if we told you tht the shower caddy with the most unique and modern design was also one of the most affordable? If we told you the product came from AmazonBasics, you probably wouldn’t be too surprised.

If you’re looking for the best shower caddies but want something that isn’t completely made of ugly plastic, then check out this elegant option from the online retailer. Interlocking loops of metal frame this shower caddy, which is designed to hang from the showerhead. It doesn’t have as much storage space as some of the other options, but it does have a great design and price.

amazonbasics shower caddy Courtesy of Amazon


6. AOJIA Shower Caddy


If you’d prefer a shelf-style shower caddy on the cheap, you might consider the AOJIA Shower Caddy.

This aluminum caddy adheres to the wall though with a little more assembly required, holds up to 15 pounds and has an actual bottom to the basket with drainage slots, so it’ll dry quickly but nothing (hello, toothbrush) slips through the cracks. Four slidable hooks also make it easy to hang loofahs, scrubbers and washcloths easily.

The AOJIA Shower Caddy is the best shower caddy if you want something cheap and attachable to the wall.

AOJIA shower caddy shelf Courtesy of Amazon


7. iDesign Metalo Over the Door Shower Caddy


If you’re going to put a caddy over the shower door you might as well go big. The iDesign Metalo Over the Door Shower Caddy offers two big baskets and two small baskets to handle all your extra shower products with room to spare.

Suction cups will help secure the caddy to the door so it doesn’t move and that’s for the best if you want to use the rung at the bottom to hold a towel.

On the downsides, it’s not made of stainless steel, so we do expect it to rust, and over-the-door shower caddies plain just don’t work well for many shower setups.

But that’s not specific to the iDesign caddy, so if you’re looking for a ton of extra storage in your shower in a place you’ll never be standing, the iDesign caddy is the best shower caddy.

iDesign over the door shower caddy Courtesy of Amazon


8. Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy


It’s never a bad idea to have a mesh, collapsible, foldable shower caddy for the occasional trip, gym shower or for group living situations. Sure, these kinds of shower caddies might be staples for college dorms but that’s because they carry a bunch of shower products, dry easily and store easily.

The Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy pack of two should easily meet any of your caddy needs in those situations. Two sturdy handles make for easy carrying and you get eight side pockets and a spacious main basket for whatever you need to bring with you.

Overall if you’re looking for a basic caddy that will see you through a non-home shower situation, the Attmu Mesh Shower Caddy is the best shower caddy for you.

Attmu mesh shower caddies Courtesy of Amazon


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