The 10 Best Shower Curtains for Sprucing Up Your Bathroom

best shower curtains 2019
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When it comes to designing your bathroom, there’s no doubt you prioritize the color and style of the sink, toilet and shower (or bathtub if applicable). When you walk into your bathroom, these larger items stand out and create the biggest impression on you or any visiting guests. With this “large items first” approach to decorating, another of the most important decisions to make is your choice of shower curtain.

While picking a shower curtain may feel like a throwaway decision which is simply the least objectionable option on the shelf, putting thought into your choice can help transform your bathroom decor from plain to striking. 

The process of choosing your shower curtain first involves understanding exactly what you’re buying and why. In addition to looking great and helping set the tone of your bathroom, your shower curtain provides a sense of privacy during shower or bathtub use. It also acts as a barrier to prevent wayward water from wetting your floors.

In addition to the shower curtain, you may also need to purchase a liner to provide an additional, waterproof barrier between your curtain and the water-filled environment. It’s important to note that not all curtains require a liner as some do both jobs, but a clear liner alone is a no go. It may function just fine by itself, but it really pushes the boundaries of what’s OK. It’s somewhat akin to having a toilet with no cover.

Below, we’ve put together 10 of the best shower curtain choices to give your bathroom a new lease of life. Options includes plain, one-color curtains, animal-filled options and budget-friendly choices.

1. AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain


If you’re looking for a simple, well-reviewed shower curtain to match your trendy bathroom interiors, look no further than the AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain . It boasts over 2,000 positive reviews from Amazon customers happy with their choice and is available in a range of one-color options and sizes, ensuring there’s a color to fit your needs. The design includes heavy duty clear stones in the base to keep it taught during use and prevent unwanted water leakage. In addition, it’s 100 percent waterproof, so it can be used as a liner for a more extravagant shower curtain, too. 

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2. LiBa Shower Curtain Liner


No matter whether you’re searching for a standalone curtain or just a waterproof liner, the LiBa Shower Curtain Liner fits the bill. This extremely popular option has over 7,000 five-star reviews from customers and comes in either a clear, frosted or white fabric finish. The liner includes 12 rust-resistant metal grommets for easy fitting on your shower rail, and it’s made from a non-toxic, chlorine-free material, which is better for you and the environment than many competing options.

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3. AmazonBasics Shower Curtain


The AmazonBasics Shower Curtain features a simple yet visually appealing striped design, which would look great with a range of bathroom styles. The curtain includes 12 plastic hooks for hanging, while the curtain itself is made from 100 percent polyester fabric and includes rust-resistant grommets to help improve its lifetime. It can also be used with or without a liner and can even be machine washed to keep it mold free and looking clean.

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4. Biscaynebay Fabric Shower Curtain


At 72 by 72 inches, the Biscaynebay Fabric Shower Curtain is a classy answer to privacy in the shower or tub. It’s available in a large range of designs, including all-one-color options and geometric patterns, meaning there’s definitely a style to suit your bathroom. It’s also made from a heavy weight, premium polyester, which gives it a quality feel and keeps it in place whilst you’re bathing. In addition, the fabric is capable of repelling water to extend its lifetime and can be machine washed on cold for easy maintenance.

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5. ARICHOMY Shower Curtain


With over 85 percent of Amazon’s users scoring the ARICHOMY Shower Curtain top marks, you can be sure it’s going to make you happy, too. The attractive curtain is available in red, blue, gold and green and made from an eco-friendly polyester which is water resistant and quick drying. The curtain also features 12 rust-proof grommets along the top for easy hanging using the included hooks. Plus, it has a weighted hem to keep it in place during use.

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6. Aimjerry Hotel Quality Fabric Shower Curtain


If you like the idea of a curtain sporting a design to keep your eyes entertained while you shower or use the bathroom, try this Aimjerry Hotel Quality Fabric Shower Curtain . Whether you love stripes, squares, cubes or some other kind of eye-catching geometric pattern, there’s something for you. The curtain is made from a waterproof, EVA fabric and also includes 12 reinforced button holes to make hanging the curtain simple.

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7. LuxeLife Shower Curtain


The LuxeLife Shower Curtain is made for users who are all about functionality. Using built-in pockets, this see-through curtain lets you mount smartphones, tablets and other devices facing inwards to let you watch your favorite programs while you shower or bath. Pair this curtain with an in-shower bluetooth speaker for better audio. In addition, for the more practical, the curtain can be hung with the pockets inwards, allowing you to store your shampoos, soaps and other shower essentials with ease.

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8. Ambesonne Wanderlust Shower Curtain


Why not make shower time a fun learning experience for you and your kids with this Ambersonne Wanderlust Shower Curtain ? Instead of a boring, one-color design or a simple pattern, this eye-catching curtain features a map of the world filled with animals in their geographically correct locations. The shower curtain is available in a range of sizes, includes hooks and doesn’t require a liner, either. It’s sure to impress your guests and give everyone somewhere to look while they’re using the bathroom.

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9. Eleroye Get Naked Shower Curtain


You might not need instructions for bathroom behavior, but that doesn’t stop this Eleroye Get Naked Shower Curtain from telling you to “Get Naked”. This truly unique design is made from a premium quality fabric, which is wrinkle-free, waterproof and quick drying. That means there’s no need for an additional liner. The curtain includes built-in grommets for easy hanging and is a fun and quality gift idea for friends and family.

best shower curtain eleroye Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Lush Decor Rowley Shower Curtain


The Lush Decor Rowley Shower Curtain is a high-quality curtain made from 100 percent polyester. It sports a calming, minimalist design, which features rows of birds sitting on horizontal wires and is available in a number of different options with different bird colors. The 72 by 72-inch curtain also includes button holes for easy installation and can be machine washed and tumble dried for easy maintenance.

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