The Best Smart Locks to Make Your Home More Convenient and Secure

best smart locks
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Even if you’re not trying to go full smart house, at the moment, there are a number of smart-ish conveniences that can be added to any home. A smart lock, for one, is a generally simple and affordable upgrade. And they often can be installed when you’re changing out worn deadbolts anyway.

Smart locks not only provide protection for your home, with event logs and the inability to “pick” your own lock, but also add convenience for travelers and renters. Smart locks make it easy to create unique access keys to lect your Airbnb guest, friends or family, in the door without you having to meet them to provide physical keys. You can also set schedules to automatically lock and unlock your home.

The best smart locks provide a number of different ways to access your home. You are going to want to look for ones that not only provide access via WiFi, but keypads for when you don’t have your phone handy, and voice AI integration to lock and unlock your door without having to leave your couch.

Smart locks are one of the easiest ways to make your home a little more secure, and a little smarter. Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best smart locks for sale in 2020.


1. August Home Smart Lock Pro +


Easily attach the August Home Smart Lock Pro + to your existing deadbolt to make it a trusted and useful smart lock. August Lock Pro + works seamlessly with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for a variety of voice command options. Beyond voice AI, geofencing uses your phone’s location services to automatically lock the door when you are away and unlock it as you arrive back home. The lock also connects via Bluetooth or Z-Wave, in case you need to access the lock without an internet connection. It’s a fully loaded lock that’s easy to install and use.

smart locks august Courtesy of Amazon

August Home Smart Lock Pro +

$158.00 $229.99 31% OFF

2. Yale Assure Lock SL


The Yale Assure seamlessly combines the analog and digital worlds. With connectivity to WiFi to access the lock and change the code whenever you need, but also with a handy number pad for the times you don’t have your phone, you’ll never be locked out of your home (unless you completely forget your pin and are without phone). There’s no need for any additional keys, but this does replace your existing deadbolt (unlike August Smart Lock Pro). But like August, the Yale Assure Lock SL also features integration with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Smart locks yale assure Courtesy of Amazon

Yale Assure Lock SL

$270.21 $299.00 10% OFF

3. Wyze Lock WLCKG1


Without a physical key lock or number pad, the Wyze Lock relies completely on WiFi and the Wyze app to control the smart lock. Through the app, you can see a complete history of locking and unlocking events, as well as a door detection feature, which tells you if your door is ajar. All you need is a screwdriver to turn your dumbbolt (too mean?) into a smart lock. Oh, and it’s about $110, which is roughly $100 cheaper than most smart locks.

smart locks wyze Courtesy of Amazon

Wyze Lock WLCKG1


4. Yale Assure Lever


Completely replace your deadbolt with the Yale Assure Lever. Through Bluetooth, you can have the lock automatically unlock when you approach the door, but when you don’t have your phone, you can use the number pad to gain access. It can be integrated with all the major voice AI players (Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri), and you can grant access to trusted family and friends by creating virtual keys, or by creating a schedule for the door to automatically lock and unlock. The install process and price are a little more intensive, but it’s a great smart lock with a lot of features.

smart lock yale assure lever Courtesy of Amazon

Yale Assure Lever


5. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt


If you have a screwdriver handy, you’ll have everything you need to install this smart lock. It essentially “snaps” onto your deadbolt, making the install process easy. Speaking of easy install, it connects to your WiFi without the need for any additional adapters. It has a slim profile but packs plenty of smart features inside. For starters, integration with Alexa and Google Assistant (sorry, Siri), as well as impact sensors to let you know if someone is trying to break in. You can also create up to 100 access codes which makes it great for Airbnb’s and rental properties.

smart lock schlage Courtesy of Amazon

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

$209.94 $249.99 16% OFF

6. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro


When you want multiple unlocking options, including the James Bond-like fingerprint scanner to open your door, the Ultralog U-Bolt Pro has you covered. You have the option to control the lock with your phone, use the nice rubber-digit number pad, use a key, or scan your finger to gain access. Add Alexa and Google Assistant into the mix, and you have an ultra-smart lock with plenty of access points. Ultralog is a company you might not know much about, but it is one you should start paying attention to.

smart locks ultraloq Courtesy of Amazon

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

$199.00 $249.00 20% OFF

7. Schlage Sense


Sturdy and reliable, the Schlage Sense provides a number pad, app and physical key lock to secure your home. With a WiFi adapter (sold separately), you can connect to both Apple HomeKit devices and Amazon Alexa (“Hey Google, we’re sorry”). The app lets you manage access codes, set auto-locking schedules as well as view an event history (when the door was opened and locked). It’s a fairly straightforward smart lock device compared to others, but it is one of the highest-rated with 4.3 stars on Amazon.

smart locks schlage sense Courtesy of Amazon

Schlage Sense

$182.50 $229.00 20% OFF

8. Google Nest Yale Lock Smart Lock Deadbolt System


“Hey Google, lock the front door.” The Google Nest Yale Lock integrates seamlessly with other Google smart devices and Nest. You’ll receive notifications when someone tries to tamper with the lock, when the battery is getting low or if the battery loses power. With the app, you can create unique passcodes for people you trust as well as renters. And when you don’t have your phone handy, you can use the pin pad to unlock your door.

smart locks google nest yale Courtesy of Amazon

Google Nest Yale Lock Smart Lock Deadbolt System


9. Kwikset Powerbolt


An upgrade on the widely-used Kwikset one-inch deadbolt, this “smart” version lets you re-key the lock yourself, and it also offers some cool convenience features, like letting you program a one-time-use code for housesitters, contractors and more.

Kwikset Powerbolt Courtesy Amazon

Kwikset 99070-101 Powerbolt 2 Door Lock Single Cylinder Electronic Keyless Entry Deadbolt Featuring SmartKey Security in Satin Nickel



10. Kwikset SmartCode


This smart deadbolt from Kwikset features eight programmable codes along with an option to set it to auto-lock after 30 seconds. It also has Kwikset’s “Re-key” feature that lets you re-key the lock yourself. Like the Powerbolt, this is a self-contained set up that doesn’t have to be wired in, making installation super easy.

Kwikset 909 Courtesy Amazon

Kwikset 99090-018 Signature Series Deadbolt, Pack of 1, Satin Nickel



11. Kwikset Smart Code 10 Digit


This smart lock has a 10-digit keypad, a 30-second auto-lock option and is BHMA Grade 2 certified with a UL fire safety certification as well, making it virtually indestructible. Like other newer Kwikset smart locks, it’s made from a hardened and “bump resistant” material, making it harder to pick.

Kiwkset lock Courtesy Amazon

Kwikset 99130-002 SmartCode 913 Non-Connected Keyless Entry Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Door Lock Featuring SmartKey Security, Satin Nickel



12. eufy Security Smart Lock Front Door


WiFi is convenient, but it’s not totally secure. That’s why this option from eufy, Anker’s home-focused sub-brand, uses Bluetooth instead. You can use the app to easily unlock the front door. Is your phone dead? Use the keypad. Forgot your code? A good old fashioned key will get you inside (and once you’re inside, charge your phone and write down your code).

smart lock Image Courtesy of Amazon

Eufy Smart Lock


13. Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock


This smart lock from Sifely gives you a few different ways to get inside. You can use the app, and if you have multiple locks, you can easily lock and unlock them using your phone. There’s also a fingerprint panel, a keypad, and a fob. You can also use a key to unlock the door.

smart lock Image Courtesy of Amazon

Sifely Smart Lock

$129.99 $199.99 35% OFF

14. SimpliSafe Smartlock


SimpliSafe has emerged as one of the top brands in home security, and this sleekly designed smart lock is a great option for any home. It has a convenient keypad to unlock your door, but it’s not too convenient for would-be intruders. It notifies you via the app after someone has made five failed attempts, and after 15 attempts, the door stays locked for 30 minutes. The lock is compatible with the rest of SimpliSafe’s system, and you can unlock the door using your phone, the pin pad or a key fob.

smart lock Image Courtesy of Amazon

Simplisafe Smart Lock


15. Alfred Touchscreen Smart Door Lock


One of the sleekest options on this list, this smart door lock from Alfred has a touchscreen pin pad that pops up once pressed, leaving a blank panel at all other times. It’s designed to replace your deadbolt. You can set up to 20 unique pin codes, as well as single-use and time-sensitive codes, making it a great option if you regularly have guests. The Bluetooth app allows the door to unlock with a single touch.

smart lock Image Courtesy of Best Buy

Alfred Smart Lock


16. Lockly Secure Pro Smart Door Lock


This smart lock from Lockly offers a variety of different entry methods. You can use the Bluetooth app, enter using the keypad or even open the door using your fingerprint. The lock is available as either a deadbolt or as a latch, and it comes in a few different finishes like matte black and satin nickel.

smart lock Image Courtesy of Amazon

Lockly Smart Lock


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