Distinct Deadbolts: 4 Smart Locks for Your Home Under $100

Kwikset 10 digit Smart Lock
kwikset 10 digit smart lock
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* Affordable smart deadbolts
* Easy-to-install self-contained units
* Because keyless entry isn’t just for cars anymore

Even if you’re not trying to go full “smart house,” at the moment, there are a number of smart-ish conveniences that can be added to any home. A smart lock, for one, is a generally simple and affordable upgrade. And they often can be installed when you’re changing out worn old deadbolts anyway.

These “smart locks” help avoid the hassles associated with keys, by letting you open the door from a keypad. Some of these provide novel added security features too. After all, the “key” dates back to the literal iron age. Isn’t it time someone improved on it? Here are 4 smart locks that won’t break the bank.

1. Kwikset Powerbolt

An upgrade on the widely-used Kwikset 1-inch deadbolt, this “smart” version lets you re-key the lock yourself, and it also offers some cool convenience features, like letting you program a one-time-use code for house-sitting, contractors and more.

Kwikset Powerbolt Courtesy Amazon


2. Kwikset SmartCode

This smart deadbolt from Kwikset features eight programmable codes along with an option to set it to auto-lock after 30 seconds. It also has Kwikset’s “Re-key” feature that lets you re-key the lock yourself. Like the Powerbolt, this is a self-contained set up that doesn’t have to be wired in, making installation super easy.

Kwikset 909 Courtesy Amazon

3. Kwikset Smart Code 10 Digit

This smart lock has a 10-digit keypad, a 30-second auto lock option and is BHMA Grade 2 certified with a UL fire safety certification as well, making it virtually indestructible. Like other newer Kwikset smart locks, it’s made from a hardened and “bump resistant” material, making it harder to pick.

Kiwkset lock Courtesy Amazon

4. Schlage Deadbolt

This “commercial grade” deadbolt pairs the convenience and easy use of a smart keypad lock with a solid-feeling physical deadbolt knob, so you can feel the reassurance of it sliding into place.

Schlage Deadbolt Courtesy Amazon

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