The Smart Toilet Is Officially a Thing and Here’s Why We’re Installing One In Every Bathroom

Every Home Needs A Smart Toilet
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Whether you’re looking for a way to ease the stress on your septic tank, want to be more environmentally friendly by cutting down on paper waste, need an easy way to stay clean and sanitary, or just want your daily trips to the bathroom to be more relaxing, a smart toilet with bidet functions will make the bathroom your favorite room in the house. Prepare to finally catch up on your reading.

Smart toilets boast a long list of features, including many bidet sprays like feminine and posterior. In some cases, they also have added benefits like heated seats and self-cleaning nozzles. Popular in Asia and Europe, smart toilets and bidets aren’t often used in North America, but thanks to the increase in affordable and easy to install options, that’s changing.

Stephanie Aldridge
1 year
A smart toilet is on my wish list of things I want in every bathroom of my...

Smart toilets are ideal for a variety of reasons. By cleaning with water, smart toilet use less toilet paper and sometimes none. This is great for saving money and the environment, with less paper waste. It’s also good news for homeowners who live in areas that use septic tanks, which can easily get clogged by toilet paper and flushable wipes and result in costly fixes.

Stephanie Aldridge
1 year
A smart toilet is on my wish list of things I want in every bathroom of my…

Smart toilets also improve hygiene. Rather than using toilet paper and constantly wiping sensitive areas and risking leaving excrement behind or moving it around your undercarriage, bidets offer a more sanitary option by cleaning the area with water. The three bidets we’ve included in our list of favorites have self-cleaning nozzles, which means you don’t have to worry about who used the smart toilet before or after you.

Having the option of a bidet function is ideal for women following labor or during menstruation, but it’s also great for men and children who want to keep themselves clean and free from the risk of infections.

The smart toilets we’ve included below can be installed without a plumber and take up the same amount of room in a bathroom as a traditional toilet. Check out our top three picks below. You (and your parts) will thank us.


1. GenieBidet Seat

Featuring a self-cleaning nozzle and a soft close finish, the GenieBidet Seat is an easy and comfortable addition to any bathroom.

Pros: The GenieBidet has an adjustable spray that can be switched between soft and robust and a separate self-cleaning nozzle for rear and feminine use. The GenieBidet maintains a cool temperature of water for a soothing feeling. Add the GenieBidet on top of your regular toilet in under 45 minutes, with a 90-degree hose included allowing for a clean installation that doesn’t require wiring or electricity.

Cons: Because the lid of the GenieBidet is lightweight, customers advise against sitting on it when the lid is closed. Customers also note that they would prefer an option for warm water. The GenieBidet is our most economical option but doesn’t have many of the features of the Bio Bidet or SmartBidet.

GenieBidet Seat

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2. Bio Bidet

The luxurious Bio Bidet makes trips to the bathroom feel like a spa thanks to Cleansing, Bidet and Drying options, as well as heated water and a seat heater.

Pros: The Bio Bidet allows users to customize their bathroom experience by selecting options from the unit’s control panel. Users can choose from the front and rear warm water cleansing, an anti-bacterial feature, a massage, adjustable water, and seat temperature, a kid’s wash, and a drying feature with three temperature options. The control panel includes a light to make it easy to read even in the middle of the night. The Bio Bidet comes with a reservoir tank that keeps water warm for on-demand use, with a low energy consumption design.

Cons: The Bio Bidet is our most expensive option. Some customers complain that the drying function is too time-consuming to use.

Bio Bidet

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3. SmartBidet

Control functions like water temperature, seat temperature, water dryer, and more with the easy to read controller on the SmartBidet.

Pros: The SmartBidet allows for total customization thanks to its remote control, which includes four levels for water and seat temperature, five levels of nozzle position, an oscillating function for a more extensive wash, Turbo, Feminine and Posterior wash settings, a dryer mode, and an energy saver mode. The SmartBidet is a soft close toilet and has a retractable self-cleaning nozzle.

Cons: Because the SmartBidet is electric, it must be connected to an outlet. Customers note the seat must be kept on at all times to keep the water in the tank warm.


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