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Let It Snow All Year Long With These Snowflake Window Clings

If cold weather for you consists of sunny 65-degree days, it can be a little hard to get in the spirit of the season. A great way to embrace the colder months is with seasonally-appropriate decorations. From bells to garlands, small decorations can go a long way. And if you yearn to look out the window and see snow falling, then consider some decorative snowflake window clings.

Our favorite decals include snowflakes of different sizes, plus smaller snowballs. They’re designed to easily attach to the window and come off clean. And the best part? They don’t use adhesive. The filmy material grips whatever it’s attached to, making clean up a breeze and making them reusable. As long as you store them properly, you can bring these snowflake window clings out year after year.

Besides windows, you can also use many of these decals on other smooth surfaces like mirrors, tiles and walls. With these affordable decals, getting in the snowy spirit is as easy as peel and stick. Read on for three great options.


What to Consider Before Buying Snowflake Window Clings

What surfaces will you place them on? They’re meant to easily stick to windows and bring a wintery effect to your home whether it’s viewed from inside or out. However, you can stick these to pretty much any smooth surface in or around your home, so the possibilities are nearly endless. Do you have spaces that need a little extra winter decoration? Do you have large enough windows to accommodate large snowflakes? We recommend mapping out where you’ll put them before purchasing.

What’s your design scheme for the rest of the home? Do snowflakes fit with that scheme? Consider which decorations you’ll be placing near your windows, and whether snowflake window clings match.


How We Chose the Best Snowflake Window Clings

We weeded through the many cheap, low-quality Christmas decorations available out there and decided on the choices below because they’re high-quality, easy to apply and last all season long. Many of them also don’t use actual adhesive, but rather are made of a material that naturally static clings to the window so it won’t leave behind a residue.

We also chose ones with fun patterns, a variety of snowflake sizes and shapes, and bright colors as well in case you’re looking for that. All of them also come at affordable price points, so you don’t have to shell out more money than you need to to get your home looking festive.

1. Moon Boat Christmas Snowflakes Window Clings

These clings from Moon Boat consist of 272 pieces, making it easy to decorate multiple windows. They attach to glass, walls, tile, metal, and a variety of other smooth surfaces. These clings don’t use adhesive. The thin, clingy material attaches and detaches easily without leaving any blemishes. The snowflakes vary by size, and there are small white dots that look like falling snow.

Pros: Various sizes, 272 total pieces, no adhesive for clean removal.

Cons: Can be hard to peel from the paper backing when initially attaching them.

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2. Sunboom Christmas Decorations Snowflake Window Clings

This pick from Sunboom comes with over 150 pieces, divided up in 8 sheets. It’s a good option if you want to decorate multiple surfaces. Plus, with 8 sheets, it’s a fun activity for a group of kids. The pieces vary by both size and design, offering aesthetically pleasing variation. Like the other picks, these decals don’t use adhesive, making clean-up much easier.

Pros: 153 pieces divided over 8 sheets, making it a good pick for decorating multiple windows and with multiple people.

Cons: Peeling off the sheet can be difficult.

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3. Garma White Snowflakes Window Decorations

This option from Garma varies by the number of clings. From this listing, you can choose between 81, 108 and 190 pieces. This prevents you from ending up with more clings than you have surfaces. The price shown is for 108 pieces. There are three different sizes and three different shapes, adding variance to the windows.

Pros: Available in different quantities, between 81 and 190 pieces. Contains decals of different sizes and shapes.

Cons: This option has fewer pieces than the other picks, and no round snowballs.

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4. TMCCE 235-Piece Christmas Window Snowflake Clings

TMCCE Store makes a great snowflake cling sheet pack that comes with 235 different decorative shapes that you can mix and match on your window. They’re made of high-quality, sticky materials that adhere to the window easily and are easy to pull off as well. The sheets come with 33 different kinds of snowflakes included, as well as other popular Christmas decor like candycanes, trees, mittens, reindeer and of course Santa Claus himself.

Pros: Variety of Christmas symbols beyond just snowflakes, easy to apply and take off, great value for the price.

Cons: The snowflakes are smaller on this window cling sheet than on other options.

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5. Outus 570-Piece Christmas Window Clings

Outus’ Christmas window clings come in a variety of shapes including snowflakes, spirals, stars and dots, all of which have a pretty transparent blue color to them. There are 12 sheets in the pack, and 570 stickers total that can be mixed and matched, or applied in a whole strip to save you time. They’re made of static PVC material that’s durable and reusable, and there’s no adhesive or tape needed in the application process.

Pros: Variety of shapes included, transparent blue color, easy to apply with no adhesive needed.

Cons: Depending on your windows, the blue color might not show up as clearly as white snowflakes do.

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6. DC-Beautiful Snowflake Clings Decoration Set

This snowflake cling Christmas decoration set from DC-Beautiful comes with 10 sheets of decorations and 318 snowflakes in total, so you’ll have plenty to create festive vibes in your home, business or office. These snowflake window clings are made to stick to any smooth surface, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes for a beautiful effect. They’re made of premium materials and have adhesion designed to not fall off easily.

Pros: Set comes with a variety of snowflake sizes and shapes and they’re made with premium adhesion material that won’t fall off easily.

Cons: Some snowflakes may be difficult to get off the sheet, but long fingernails should do the trick.

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7. Ivenf Christmas Decoration Window Clings

Who says you have to decorate your windows with only snowflakes? These Christmas-themed decorative window clings come in the form of snowflakes, candy canes, ornaments, Santa Claus, Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman. All of them can be cut and pasted separately, or applied together for a cohesive design. The set comes with four sheets, each one designed for a non-adhesive static cling that won’t leave a residue.

Pros: Pattern includes snowflakes as well as other Christmas decorations and characters, non-adhesive static cling design works on all surfaces.

Cons: Due to their being no adhesive, this option is not recommended for use on cars.

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