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Sit and Sleep Comfortably With a Supportive Sofa Bed

Having space in your home for guests is a great way to help your friends and family save when they travel. But having enough room for all of your guests isn’t always possible. As real estate prices go up, the size of homes people are able to afford go down. Many people are also opting for smaller homes as a way to use fewer environmental resources and save money for things like education and travel. Thankfully there is a way to host guests without turning your dining room into a bedroom. With a sofa bed, homeowners can enjoy a comfortable sofa and when necessary, a comfortable bed for their guests.

Sofa beds are a great way to not only give your guests somewhere inviting to sleep, but they can also improve the value of your home when it’s being used as a rental. We like sofa beds for small homes and apartments, as well as dorm rooms and RVs.

Sofa beds are also a great option even if you don’t plan on entertaining guests. Is your partner sick in bed with a cold? Keep some space at night and stay healthy by sleeping in the living room on your sofa bed.

Get two great pieces of furniture for the price of one with a comfortable and convertible sofa bed.

1. DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

The term sofa bed typically conjures images of bulky couches with built-in mattresses that are difficult to pull open and push close. The affordable DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed offers a modern and minimalist approach to sofa beds. The futon style couch is wrapped in faux leather and available in a variety of colors with options in velvet and linen. A tufted design and slanted chrome legs make this an eye-catching piece of furniture. The couch can be adjusted into several positions, including a lounger and fully flat. Users can also purchase the matching ottoman, chair and chaise for a finished look. Even with its sleek design, the DHP has an impressive weight limit of 600 pounds.

Pros: Minimalist and modern design, matching pieces available, high weight limit.

Cons: The couch is firm and does not provide much cushioning.

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2. Novogratz Brittany Sectional Futon

If you’re living in a small space and still want to have ample seating and the convenience of a convertible couch, we recommend the Novogratz Brittany Sectional Futon. The multi-positional Novogratz looks like a traditional sectional, complete with padded armrests. The back of the sectional can be lowered into sections, creating a chaise lounger and a fully functioning bed. Available in gray, green and blue linen (shown here), the modern couch features attractive wooden legs and a ribbed tufted cushion back. The Novogratz can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth and has a weight limit of 600 pounds. Novogratz also makes several matching items, including an ottoman, chair, a futon and a twin and queen sleeper sofa.

Pros: Ample seating, matching pieces available, fast and easy assembly.

Cons: Users may want to add a mattress pad for extra comfort.

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3. Best Choice Products Modern Faux-Leather Convertible Futon Sofa

For sofa bed that you will actually want to sit on, we recommend the Best Choice Products Modern Faux-Leather Convertible Futon Sofa. The futon puts comfort and usability at the forefront of its design, including armrests and a middle console that is designed for holding drinks. The middle drink holder can also be flipped up to allow users to fit more people on the couch at once. The back fully reclines and the armrest can be removed for a comfortable bed option. Ideal for small spaces, the futon has high-end looking chrome legs and is easy to put together.

Pros: Drink holders, armrests on each side, designed for small spaces.

Cons: Unlike the first two options on our list, the Best Choice futon has a max weight limit of 500 pounds.


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4. Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed

If you’re short on space but want a piece of furniture that can pull double duty, we recommend the Milliard Tri-Fold Foam Folding Mattress and Sofa Bed. The mattress extends to a full length of 78 x 38 inches and is 4.5 inches thick. Great for dorm rooms, RVs, kids’ rooms and gaming rooms, the folding mattress provides a small backrest that makes it double as a sofa. Users can add extra pillows for more comfort in order to turn the mattress into a traditional sofa. Made with certified high-density foam that won’t sag, the lightweight mattress is great for travel, compact for easy storage and the cover can be removed and is safe for the washing machine.

Pros: Lightweight, easy to store and machine washable cover.

Cons: Unlike the other sofa beds on our list, the Milliard does not replace a traditional sofa and is not as comfortable to sit on when folded.

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